FBI Memo re: Interview of Detainee at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay

Interview of a detainee at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay. The detainee accused Pakistani Police with giving him electric shocks and U.S. troops of beating him. He said he was yelled at by interrogators in Kandahar and then admitted to lying to them because if he didn't say what the interrogators wanted, they would continue to beat him. He was then shown a photo of himself taken by American troops in Kandahar and asked to point out where any bruises or signs of a beating the detainee then admitted to lying about the beatings.

Non-legal Memo
Monday, April 14, 2003
Tuesday, May 17, 2005

04/14/2003 206
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was interviewed on A• ril 10, 2003 at Camp Delta, United States e, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba by S • Federal Bureau of Investigation SA Eb7D -1 aval Criminal Investigative Services Ara •ic/English translation was provided by b7E. -1
After being advised of the purpose of the int erviewl ! provided the following
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b7C -3,4 as interviewed as a follow up to a polygraph examination that he had taken on
b7D -1 04/02/20

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A the inning of the interview' }was shown the book "September 11 - A Testimony.
when shown the initial photograph of one burning tower, with an airplane approaching the er asked if the airplane was a military plane. He was informed that it was commercial.' Ib6 -3,4 ad previously not seen an ictures of the attacks and his only exposure to them was a story b7C -3,4
on Pakistani radio that spoke of aprayer service in Mecca; Saudi Arabia for
b7D -1
the victims' !ase w y BIN LADEN (UBL)committed the attacks? He asked
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why UBL hated America and why he killed innocent people? When told that UBL had committed the attacks in the name of Islam, esponded "T:aat's a lie." His comment was reflective of his belief that the attacks were not consistent with the true meaning of Islam and were not made to refute what the interviewer had told him.
When confronted about his difficulties with the polygraph es eciall on questions that centered around I his being in Afghanistan and receiving military trainin insisted that lie told the truth and
b6 -3,4
accused the polygrapher of "Playing with the machine.' was told that no such thing
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happened and it was enforced on him that there was no doubt that the interviewers knew he was lying. as told by a Red Cross worker that the "polygraph is a lie" and is not an, accurate test. . .- .
b7D -1
described the Red Cross worker as male, long moustache, salt and pepper hair, speaks b7F 1 Arabic but is not an Arabi lwas again told that the polygraph is an accurate test and that the 1
. .
Red Cross workers are not investigators and should not advise him on his case. I
ontinued to insist that he was telling the truth. He first stated that he never went to b6 -3,4 Afghanistan and immediately followed that with a question, "What would be the problem if I did go? It's
b7C -3,4
an Islamic country."' I was told that there would be no problem with him going.
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b6 -3,4 i 'accused Pakistani Police with giving him electric shocks and U.S. troops of beating him. He said he was yelled at constantly by interrogators in Kandahar and then admitted lying to them.
b7C -3,4
Itold the interrogators in Afghanistan that he had :one to Afghanistan with two traveling
b7D -1 -
companions to bring food and perform charity work. lied to the interrogators in Kandahar
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because he felt that if he didn't say what the interrogators wante , t ey would continue to beat him.
b6 -3,4
as then shown a photograph of himself taken by s in Kandahar and asked b7C -3,4
o poin ou w ere any bruises or signs of a beating were located then admitted to lying
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about the beatings.
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continued to be uncooperative and insist that he was innocent and not lying now.
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,was told that if he did not cooperate the interview would be terminated. The interview was
b7C -3,4

then ended.
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04/10/2003Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
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34/10/2003 2
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