FBI Memo re: Interview of Detainee at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay

Interview of a detainee at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay. The detainee when interviewed stated the "guards [at Camp Delta] were teasing the detainees and because of the noise they were making he was beaten in the leg and mouth". The summary also includes the detainee's opinion of the Taliban and his identification of persons by way of photographs.

Non-legal Memo
Monday, May 19, 2003
Tuesday, May 17, 2005

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On May 19. 2003.1
'was interviewed at Camp Delta, U.S. Naval Base, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
by FBI Special Agentsi provided I lation.
provided the following information:

IlI advised that he has pain in his right leg. He is inl )cell block next to) jiThe guards were teasing the detainees and because of the noise they were making he was beaten in the leg and mou . He has been given some medicine for his injury' 'admitted that he spilled water on the guard before he was beaten. 'stated that what has happened, has happened, and did not request any action from the interviewing agents. He just wanted to make the interviewing agents aware of the situation.
'was arrested by American forces
went to fight jihad because of a fatwa he heard)
He feels that the Taliban cheated him because he
was fighting the Northern Alliance which was not a cause he believed in, therefore it was not really a jihad for him.

who is a detainee here at Guantanamo Bay
'has not used the nam (11e has used the name) as a nickname. iis his family name.
only at Camp Delta
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about the stupidity of the Taliban. They were having sex with everyone, even young boys and girls.
An individual in cell' pried to commit suicide by hanging himself.
because according to Islam, suicide will cause you to go to hell. It is against Islam to kill yourself without reason.

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was shown a photograph of as a b7D -1 veracity testi recognized the p oto as an in•ua state a is name is
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He was a shown a photo from a video dated 8:1:2000 of two unknown individuals in a meeting where Usama
Bin Laden spoke. He did not recognize anyone in the photograph. He was shown photographs of)
IHe did not recognize the photographs. Copies of the photos have been
placed in a IA envelope.

'did not recognize any of the following names:1
lb6 -3,4
When) 'leaves Guantanamo Bay, he plans to go back to) )He will disregard anyone who b7C -3,4 suggests that he fight jihad. He feels that it was a stupid idea to follow the fatwa.
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11R;11 '-I8-1111CLASSIFIED

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