FBI Memo re: Interview of Detainee at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay

Interview of a detainee at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay. The detainee became violent with MP's on the way to the interview room when the guards attempted to search him. The detainee stated that he considered the search as a violation of the detainee's religious beliefs at Camp Delta. He stated that if searches continued "blood would run in the cells throughout camp. All brothers would violently oppose any attempt to conduct [such] searches". "All camp detainees", he stated, "would begin this opposition over the next couple of weeks". The interview concluded with the detainee stating that he would not cooperate with the interviewers "in a hundred years".

Non-legal Memo
Wednesday, April 2, 2003
Tuesday, May 17, 2005

FD-302 (Rev. 10-6-95)

Investigation on at

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b6 -3,4 On 04/02/2003,
was interviewed at Camp Delta, U.S. Naval Base,

b7C -3,4
Guantanamo Bay, Cu a.! 'translation services were provided by
b7D -1
a military linguist.
b7F -1 b6 -3,4
Prior to the arrival ofl 'the interviewing
agent was informed by military escort personnel that Ihadb7 c
b6 -3,4 become violent during his transfer to the interview room. b7D -1

b7C -3,4 b7F -1
'became combative and vigorously opposed the
b7D -1
efforts of the guards to conduct a routine pre-interview body
b7F -1 search.
b6 -3,4

b7C -3,4 aggressively opposed their efforts to search
his lower abdomen/genital area and began spitting on the guards.

b7D -1
b6 -3,4
b7F -1

is arrival to the interview room, it was apparent
b7C -3,4
that was livid. He continued to oppose the guards and
b7D -1
had to e con rolled to complete the lockdown of his shackles.
b7F -1 b6 -3,4
After an extended pPriedIIwas asked b7C -3,4 what had occurred. At first, I reused to answer, b7D retorting that the interviewing agent and translator could find out

what had occurred on their own.
b7F -1
l subsequently slated that he and his broiherS 1=r6—?*I
opposizud the searches that' they were-puf Ehrouah ov. the grour4s . that 1,7c -3,4 they-violate4 their:religious beliefs w
not specify
b7D -1
which portion of the search they specifically opposed.
b7F -1
How could the United States' Icontinued, claim
b6 -3,4
to be the land of the free, where everyone_could,speakfreely and
b7C -3,4
practice their religion freely when the 4etaineeis. religious b7D -1 beliefs were violated.fn.pamp Delta. b7F -1
stated that if the searches continued blood would r n in the cells throughout camp. All brothers, b6 -3,4 stated, would violent attempt to conduct t e b7C -3,4 . All camp detainees, :tated, would begin this
b7D -1
opposition over the next coup e o wee s
b7F -1
04/02/2003 Guantanamo Bay, Cuba DETAINEES-3985
265A-NY-C99102-AA481, 265A-NY-280350 04/02/2003
b6 -1

b7C -1 ALL INFORMATION, COUTAIIslEmi HEREIN IS UNCLASSIFIED DATE- 12-:•133-2004 BY 61579DFilliBCE/ ecfc 04—CV-4151
DOJ FBI 003339

b6 -3,4
FD-302awssnzirl-C9902-AA481, 265A­
Continuation of FD-302 of b7C -3,4
On 4/02/2003 2
Page b7D -1

b7F -1
b6 -3,4

questioned what camp officialsI

they b7C -3,4
detainees had in their possession. According to)I


b7D -1
had taken everything from them.I

b7F -1
In his view, the searches were meant to anger the
detainees so that they would resist and give the camp guards a
reason to execute them like they had executed a brother earlier.

b6 -3,4
Attempts to have identify specifically what he b7c and his brothers were oppose to met with negative results.Ib7D -1 b6 -3,4 b7F -1
subsequently stated that he would not, in

b7C -3,4
hundreds of years, ever cooperate or answer any questions.

b7D -1 b6.-3,4
An investigative b7C -3,4 left the room and observed Ifrom a remote location.Ib7F recess was called. The interview teamI
b7D -1
b7F -1
b6 -3,4
'moved to the carpeted floor and conducted aIb7C -3,4 ritual prayer. When completed, he remained on the carpet and stared at the wall.
b7D -1 b6 -3,4
b7F -1 b7C -3,4
Upon re-entry of the interview team,' immediately returned to the seated position on the chair.Ib7D -1
b7F -1
b6 was advised that he should not allow the anger b7C -3,4 of a single day make him forget the message of previous sessions. Cooperation was in his best interest]I'remained silent.
b7D -1
b7F -1
DOJFBI 003340