FBI Memo re: Interview of Detainee at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay

Interview of detainee at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay. The detainee initially refused to leave his cell for the interview, but was then brought to the interview room my Military MP's. The detainee complained about his conditions at Guantanamo and his leg shackels being too tight. The detainee refused to cooperate in the interview and continued to complain about his conditions (non-specific). When he was confronted with false statement he previously made, he said he made them because another prisioner told him to lie when in American custody. The interview concluded with the detainee stating he would be more forthcoming in the future and that he did not wan to die in Cuba.

Thursday, February 20, 2003
Tuesday, May 17, 2005

FD-302 (Rev. 10-6-95)


Investigation on at Frle # Date dil by This document contains neither recommendations nor conclusions of the FBL it is the property of the FBI al
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b6 -1,2,3,4

b7C -1,2,3,4 02/20/2003
b7D -1 was interviewed at
b7F -1 Camp Delta, U.S. Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba by Special Agents

provi e• 'translation as needed, however the
majority of the interview was conducted in English.

UNCIS) and) )(FBI).

b6 -3,4

Prior to the interview, Military Police 0
ADVISED that (refused to leave his cell. was b7C -3, ,
removed from his cell and delivered to the interroga

b7D -1

b7F -1

complained about his treatment, the living
b6 -3,4 conditions, an t at his leg restraints were too tight. MPs
b7C -3,4 checked the leg restraints and determined they were properly

secured. Following the MPs assessment,)

Istated he would

b7D -1

not speak until the restraints were loosened.) Was given
b7F -1 the opportunity to ask the MPs to loosen the restraints, however he
refused. The MPs exited the room and the interview commenced.

Throughout the interview,) )continually returned b6 -3,4
to his mistreatment by MPs. I'cited the promises of

b7C -3,4
previous interrogators as the reason he would not talk or

b7D -1

cooperate.) )expanded the previous comment stating

b7F -1

previous interrogators told him his case was finished and he would
be released soon.

!was advised that cooperation would be speed his I release I
ana tnat ne needed to be truthful to interrogators.
b6 -3,4

confronted with the inconsistencies of his previous


b7C -3,4

st.olIeb'. I 'acknowledged that he provided false accounts
b7D -1 in the past, Duc it (told him to

was because
lie to the Americans once he was in our custo y.

b7F -1

not elaborate which stories were false and which were truttaul,
however he did say that he has already provided a truthful account.

b6 -3,4

'advised that he would provide an accurate account
of his life, travel, and relationships during the next interview. b7C -3,4
advised that he did not want to die in Cuba.

b7D -1


b7F -1

DATE 12-03-2004,BY 61579DMH/BCE/edc'04-CV-4151

02/19/2003 Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
265A-MM-C99102 AA 204 02/20/2003
SAI b7C -1 b6 DETAINEES-3967

DOJFBI 003321