FBI Memo re: Interview of Detainee at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay

Detainee states he was initially questioned by members of his home government who told him that "the United States is very weak and in financial ruin because of the Trade Center bombing". Detainee also stated that the delegation told him that the "United States cannot afford to keep and feed the few hundred prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba anymore". However, the detainee went on to say that will be turtored if sent home and requested political asylum in America or "some other western democratic country". He said he knows that "America is best democratic society and the American people are happy, live well, have civil rights, and are respected". The detainee also stated that he was concerned for his family and that they are in danger because his government is oppressive. The detainee stated that "while at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, America has been very nice and has treated him really well" although he does state that one time the air conditioner was turned cold on him during an interview, and another time he missed a meal due to a prolonged interview. The dertainee concluded by saying that he is not a terrorist and has no such feelings towards America.

Non-legal Memo
Monday, November 11, 2002
Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Fb-1302 (Rev, 10-6.43)
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Investigation on at
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On 11/11/2002, was
interviewed Base. Guantanamo Bay, Cuba,

at Camp Delta, U.S. Naval
b6 -1,2,3,4 I (FBI) and SAI U.S. Army

by SA'
ly7C-1,2,3,4 Criminal Investigative Command. Also present during the interview
was Lanuage Specialist,' 'who translated the interview.

b7D -1
appeared to be in good physical and mental health. b7F -1 VO un arily provided the following information:
stated that came in to t
interview room seech.

and startedgiving him a threatening

advised that' 'told him 'Government is

very cannot stand up and protect'

strong and the United States I
'stated that 'told him that the


were brought in
to find out what the detainees' stories were advised that
'told him that the United States is veweak and in

United States did not have any translators, s


financial ruin because of the Trade Center bombing. stated
that the delegation told him that the United States cannot afford
to keep and feed the few hundred •risoners in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba,

b6 -3,4 anymore and the Americans asked to come and find out their stories. told him to
b7C -3,4


cooperate and ce-;;;;;Im advised that state• that the

b7D -1

that he would be r-
Government soon.' that if the United States were in

delegation told him d back to

b7F -1 'stated financial trouble, he) (would help and work far—. their food, so they can stay in Guantanamo
and offset some of
l advised that the

the finical troubles of the United States.

Americans can chain them up and they will o w atever work the

United States wants them to do.

'told him that the United
States released all of 'detainees' information
(statements, true'names, family information, addresses, and

b6 -3,4

advised that the
b7C -3,4 .0inwp taken by the

photographs) to Government.

1 picture of himself.
b7D -1 Americans.

knew infOrmation that
was only shared with the Americans. advised that this

b7F -1

information was given to the Americans in confidence, because they
thought the Americans were their friends and the
United States would not give it to advised

11/11/2002 Guantanamo Bay, Cyba

265A-MM-C99102 11/11/2002

b6 -1

b7C -1 DATE .!12t1 iit2 "4 CV-4151'
DOJFBI 003287


tO2the Arabs and the Arabs have some unknown, stupid

' Contintm

On sw I is fightinglff6r10402reedom ol
Pap the( 'people and their country,


stated that the .fty,

have no civi rig ts, no equa no jobs,
no freedom, and lArc killing their eo le and culture. b6 -3,4
I are using the b7C -3,4

'stated that land, oil, and
natural resources to become a powerful county. stated that

137D -1

is the reason w he left his home and went tolive in caves in


Afghanistan. stated that he had to learn to fight and try
to save his peo le before it is too late. I (stated that the
are the 's only enemies.

stated that back home, he used to listen to the United
States freedom channel, Radio Free Asia, on the radio.
advised that Radio Free Asia gives so much hope to the and
insight into the United States' democracy and freedom.
stated that Radio Free Asia would gLve them new that'
would not release.

and he does not consmer Tlmmselt a smart man.


know that America is the

'stated that he is smart enough to
best democratic society and the American people are happy, live
well, have civil rights, and are respect ed. asked if the
interviewers had listened to our o stated that
American songs are always happy and music and books are all
sad, depressing, and abo t the strugg the poor.
stated that America and societies are ni nd day, in the
way people live and the way they are treaced. advised that

b6 -3,4

while at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, America has been very nice and has

b7C -3,4

treated him really well. I (stated that he knows that the

b7D -1 United States is the only country that will stand up to the
tyrannical governments that practibe enocide and protect the poor

b7F -1

and weak people around the world. advised that his life is
simple and he does not mind being sent backand dying in his own
country for a worthwhile cause of freeing his

people. d

stated that .e does not want to be sent back) (to dieor no reason. I (advised that he would rather go to the United States or some othrt!!!!rrn democratic country, where h can claim political asylum. stated that if he goes back to they will kill him for being a part of(
stated that
if the Americans will wash his hands, he will wash the (stated
face.d States'

advised that if the Americans will grant him
and the other detainees political asylum, he would be
he ni ed States until he dies. I (stated that

indebted to
would never attack the United States or Americans,
because why would you attack a friend. advised that
I feels friendly towards the Unite States and wants its
help.' has only one enemy and that is

'stated that

b6 -3,4

b7C -3,4

b7D -1

b7F -1

DOJFBI 003289

FD-30 [1 wact %routing at him and threatening him.
• Contin
afraid thatI ikbte2geolng to 2

, Page hurt him, but he dTd not say anything to them. I 'advised that at the first interview with i I he was brought in at approximately 2 p.m. and was kept tc 8 p.m., that night. stated that he missed dinner and he was not able to eat. advised that on the second interview,) (kept him in the interview room for approximately seven hours and turned the air conditioner down cold to make him freeze. I (advised that he did not speak tol j on the second interview.' advised that rtold him that just because he was not answering their questions in Guantanamo Bay, did he think he could Stav iet when Government gets him home to
stated that 'told him when he gets ome o
b6 -3,4 that he will talk under torture. On the third interview
stated that he wa arcastic when he answered some of the

b7C -3,4

s questions. advised that asked

b7D -1

him if the United States had a translator. Estated
b7F -1 that he told( ("no" an t.at the United States have an
n who speaks) I stated that(


er of U.S. soldiers that were at Bay, Cuba.
advised that) told him that since he did not
e leve in the cooperation between and the United
States declarin

a terrorist
organization, 'brought in an American that read a
statement dec aring the above.

asked some of the other) detainees, it they knew

advised that' I told him that)
Government had been in contact with all of the) rn detainees'
families. I (stated that( (policy toward the
people is killing them.) (advised that the land is
rich with oil and very fertile, that is why the me want it.

I !stated that the easiest wayfor eep
I (is to kill all of the people. advise a
by the United States releasing a is ersona in ormation to _.
(that has put his family in danger. stated that since

b6 -3,4

(visit, all of the etainees are


b7C-3,4 becoming mentally depressed and unstable, o the mental stress
of worrying about what Government has done to their

b7D -1

families. advised that he is worried about his family and

b7F -1

is sure that Government has seized his family's home,
put his parents into t e streets, placed his brothers in prison, or

killed his family. stated that( (did not
verbally threaten his family, but the told him what city and
neighborhood his family lives in. LIadvised that the

"(told him that mone can buy any story that
Government would want. stated that told hhi
that they can pa two people to say that they saw commit
terrorist acts. stated that . (accused him of

being a terrorist, knowing USAMA BIN LADEN, and being a part of Al-

b6 -3, 4

I stated that he had never heard of Al-Qaeda, until he


I has no

b7C heard of it from the Americans.

b7D -1

b7F -1

DOJFBI 003288

FD-3 Cont
On , Page
b6 -3,4
b7C -3,4
b7D -1
b7F -1

and then he was turned over to the

stated that he is not a terrorist. 1 (stated that
thel have the same trust and faith in America that they have
always had. !stated, that this issue is not about the lives
of the' 'detainees, but what the United States is oing to do

b6 -3,4 with the) 'detainees, that will influence the nation.
!advised that! !turned over

b7C -3,4

'shot and killed them on the bor er.

b7D -1

stated that even thou h is a fellow Muslim nation, t e
b7F -1 nation hates for giving the
stated "please on make the!' nation be disappointed
in the United States by turning usl !detainees) over to
advised that he still has faith and trust in
America and please do not return him to

DOJFBI 003290