FBI Memo re: Interview of Detainee at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay

Detainee began the interview by saying he was under stress because he had not heard from his family and did not know how they were doing. He went on to confirm the details of how and where he was capti\ured in Afghanistan. Detainee denied any knowledge of activites related to any other detainee at Camp Delta. Detainee requested the letter from his family be given to him.

Non-legal Memo
Tuesday, October 22, 2002
Tuesday, May 17, 2005

FD-302 (Rev. 10-6-95)
Investigation on at
File # Date dii

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CLAssiFID!BY6157901111/BcV4J4f.44-mr. ,. 4151

b6 -1,2,3,9 REASON 11„4C, ) DECLASSIFY -0W-01=19-=2030
b7C -1,2,3,4 10/22/2002
b7D -1
OOctober 22, 2002,1DLO1
b7F -1
was interviewed at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay,
Cuba. PresentDDI CITF

for the interview was S
(NCIS), SAIDI FBI. and Linguistic Cell,
JTF GTMO 170, who interpreted)

began the interview by saying he was under
stress because he had not heard from his family and did not know
how they were doing. ID!said that a guard at Camp Delta,
several weeks before, told him he had mail, but that it could not

b6 -1,3,4
said that

be given to him until after it was translated. I D

b7C -1,3,4
he was still waiting for the letter, and was bothered because it had not yet been delivered to him. After Special Agent b7D -1 told him that we would check on the location and status of the
b7F -1
decided to participate in the
interview. ID'began Ly saying that with the passage of so
much time, he has forgotten much of what he told his previous
interviewers, although all the information should be in his file.

questioned letter, D

Dconfirmed basic biographic and family data,
which appears in an FBI 302 dated 05/10/02. I

b6 -3,4
b7C -3,4
nentioned in an FRI 302 dated
'713' 7,1 ..:
7F -1

b6 -3,4,5
b7C -3,4,5

(S )
b7D -1
b7F -1
Guantanamo Bay,"Cuba
265A-MM-C99102 10/22/2002


b6 -2
SA?. L NCS' b7C -2 SA I, FBI
b6 -1
HEREIN Id RImuixtiabOmiguasq
b7C -1
DOJFBI 003280

On •

Contin D 4

b7C -3 ,4

,page D 'said that although he is notD

certain of the location, he was either jailed in Sherbeghan or in b7D-1

Mazar-B-Sharif.1Dsaid that he was later transferred to a

b7F -1

detention facility in Kandahar, where he stayed for three or four
months before being sent to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

said he never bcre arms against anyone and
participated in no fighting at ail.Dsaid he did not know

(S) said he does not speak with bi any of his neighbors at Camp a and that no one in particular b6 -3,4 led prayers in his cell block. 'did not know what cell or
block he is currently lodged in Dsaid that he did not

b7C -3,4

know how any of the detainees at Camp Delta could be passing

b7D -1

information and messages amongst themselves. Dsaid he did
b7F -1 not recognize a photo depicting'

to a more extensive interview b6 -3 4
because he in is on medication for' and it was not

was not subjectedD


b7C -3,4

deemed wise for reporting agent, participating agent or the D

b7D -1

interpreter to stay in the room with him for a longer period of D
time.D b7F -1

DOJFBI 003281