FBI Memo re: Interview of Detainee at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay

Interview of a detainee at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay. The detainee stated that since being turned over to American custody he has not been mistreated. However, he did complain that in Bagram, Afghanistan his handcuffs were too tight around his wrist. Also, he stated that American soldiers at an unspecified location shoved him, pushed him and sat on him. He had not experienced mistreatment in Cuba.

Non-legal Memo
Tuesday, September 24, 2002
Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Date transcription Investigation onD at File #D Date dicta by
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b6 -2,3,4 On September 24, 200 interviewed by Special Agent (SA) DCITF, (NCIS)and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The interviewDwas conducted in Pashtu, with D Iw,wasicfrF (NCIS) at Camp Delta, Linguistic Cell, CTF 170,
b7C -2,3,4 famishing translation from English' I At the beginning of the interview, SAI at this
b7D -1 interview was a continuation of the interview conducted on 20Sep02 (see FD-302 dated 20Sep02). voluntarily
provided the following information:

b7F -1
said that except for his having been conscripted to serve, neither he nor any other family
b6 -3,4
members were supporters of the Taliban.Dstated that he is not familiar with Al-Qaeda.I D!stated that he
b7C -3,z
has never seen'OSAMA BM LADEN and has only heard about him from listening to the BBC on the radio. [ D
stated he is not familiar with what Osama bin Laden has done, however if the world says he is bad, then he must be bad. b7D -1
b6 -3,4 b7F -1
b7C -3,4 never seen and does not know MULLAH OMAR. pinion of OMAR is the
b6 -3,4
b7D -1 same as that of sama in den. b7C -3,4 b7F -1
provided the names of the Taliban leaders (that he knew of) in his village: b7D -1
b6 -3,4 b7F -1
b7C -3,4 leader of the squad to which was assigned after his conscription
b6 -3,4
b7D -1
a commander/leader on the front line facing the Northern Alliance. 1wInever sadDand only heard
b7C -3,4b7F -1
people say he was a leader up on the front line.
b7D -1
b6 -3,4
DICommander/leader of Taliban in the district!DProvince). b7F -1
b7C -3,4 I
reported directly to MULLAH OMAR.
b7D -1 . . b6 L3,4
b7F -1 advised that none of these individuals are at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. stated these were all iglevel people and when the fighting started they ran. b7C -3,
b7D -1
!described his Taliban conscription in •he following manner
b7F -1
members of the Taliban went to the village representatives D b6 -3,4,5 to conscript people to serve for one month b7C -3,4,5 in the Taliban forces.'D 'were not Taliban members.
IwI explained that the Taliban would routinely go to that family to get people for conscripted service. Every year
b7D -1
different families would be forced to send male members of their family to serve a one month tour of duty with the
b7F -1
Taliban. The only way to avoid service in the Taliban was to pay a fee of 50,000 Afghanee, which was less than one U.S. dollar. Prior to this period of conscription,' D'had never before been forced to serve in the Taliban.
Once,D'was notifiedDthat he was conscripted, he went, the next day, to b6 -3,4 District, where he reported to the Taliban
b7C -3,4
b70 -1
b7F -1
09/24/2002DGuantanamo Bay, CubaD
2 65A-MM-C99102 D 09/24/2002
b6 -2
DATE, 12710-2004 • BY 61579DMH/SCEI"gig,0470/74151'
b6 -3,4
FD-302ansp2-6101-C 1.0i 11')
b7C -3,4
• Continuation of FD-302 of
On b7D -1

b7F -1
b6 -3,4
though he was treated like an Arab because American soldiers were pushing/shoving him around, sitting on him, using
b7C -3,4
harsh language (interpreter indicated thanD(probably meant the tone of the voice), and the handcuffs were squeezing the wrist bone. SindDihas been in Cuba, he said that he has been treated very well and has had no b7D -1 problems. b7F -1
b6 -3,4
I !advised that during his various detention periods to include his time at Camp Delta, he has not b7C -3,4 heard anyone mention that they were affiliated with the Taliban or Al-Qaed does not know if anyone was paid when he was turned over to the Americans.
b7D -1
b6 -3,4 b7F -1
was shown photos from the photo books and Identified the following individuals: b7C -3,4
b7D -1
GTMO Photo Book #24: no detainees recognized.
b7F -1
GTMO Photo Book #28: recognized as the old man'D 'no other detainees recognized.
Jun02 Chalks Photo Book:
just moved to his blocliDI located D(has not heard anything about this DP.
same block,) 'heard this was'w
recognizes from block; never talked to DP.
recognizes from block; never talked to DP..
b6 -3,4
b7C -3,4
recognizes from block; never talked to DP.
b7D -1
recognizes from block; never talked to DP.
Inratprii (acknowledges DP via greetings. Knows DP's name Is
in same block; never talked to DP.
in same block; never talked to DP.
I knows DP ac I Ifrorn the Bamyan prison.)
D(knows DP as Same story a4
Held prisoner in Bamyan; one of the last to be bought into holding cell (last of 27).
Arrested with)D Does not know in which block DP is located. Has not talked to this person since being heal prisoner wan nun in n. myan.
FD-30232116511241024_ c 9 910D2
b6 -3,4
Continuation of FD-302 ol 09/24/2002.2
On b7C -3,4
, Page

b7D -1
b7F -1
stated that American forces likely know 'stated that he
where this post was located. D Iwas the commanderdid not receive any type of training while he served with the Taliban. I Dof the squad to which he was assigned, however he was never around the post very much.
stated that he never once fired his weapon.I the was armed with one Kalas nikov rifle and one magazine
b6 -3,4
holding a total of 30 rounds. There were no other weapons at the post except for eight other Kalashnikov rifles. b7C -3,4 never saw any foreigners (i.e. Arabs, Pakistani's, etc.) at the post 'recalled the following eo le were at the post b7D -1 whim:(D Neither of theseDtwo individuals are at Camp Delta andlDI does not know what happened to them) DI
b7F -1
la Taliban commander had gone to meet the Nem Alliance with hopes of making arecalled being told that)DI subsequently heard DJhad fled to save himself.
surrender deal for both his people and himself" D
Shortly after hearing that the Taliban fell.)

During the detainment period, bought out to be beaten and often
'advised that they were treated harshly. Periodically the prisoners would be
they were not fed.

tatedDthat when they were placed into the makeshift prison inams_the prisoners were la senior official with the Northern Alliance.' 'advised that while
under the overall control of ) incarcerated. he and the other prisoners went through simple interrogations before being turned over to the immediate custody ofl I their jailor inside the prison. During this period, the pris9ners were beaten with the butts of b6 -3,4,5 Finished with them,'Dland his fellowprisoners
rifles and endured several more interrogations. After) DI another Northern Alliance commander. During the transfer process from Do
b7C -3,4,5 wereDturned over to) fellow prisoners stayed inside the same prison and simply switched rooms or buildings.
land hisDD
b7D -1
I 'said his hands and feet were tied and he was placed in a large room with
While under the custody of) b7F -1 other eo le. The total number of people in the room was fourteen. Approximately two days after being held by'said that
otherprisoners were placed in the room with him britging the total to 27 men held. I Dwould periodically bring money, food, and toiletries to the prisoners.
!saw Americans a few times. On one occasion he noticed
While being held prisoner at BamyanjDAmerican people takinictures and others who appeared to be journalists taking pictures. The last time the Americans
b6 -3,4
stated they took hair samples saliva samples, and interviewed/interrogated the prisoners.
came to the prisonDpD
b7C -3,4
and before he could finish telling how he had beenDuring this visit, one of the interpreters started talking to Dopined that the interpreter, b7D -1
conscripted into Taliban service, he was told to be quiet an toin omen( D
who speaks 'D' was trying to tell
who D Pid not fully understand whaDb7F -1 stated that some of his fellow prisoners were let ga, but he was sent from Bamyan to Baghram, where he
was put into American custody.

said that after being held for a time at Baghram, he went to Kandahar where he was placed on
b6 -3,4
stated that he has never been severely mistreated while in American custody,
an airplane and roug t to uba D
b7C -3,4
tated that he felt ashowever, in Baghram the handcuffs were p ace on his hands too tightly. In Kandahari D
b7D -1
b7F -1
b6 -3,4
FD-302argsp2.6101— 79 102
Continuation of FD-302 of
b7C -3,4 09/24/2002.4
OnD , Pagew b7D -1 b7F -1 Held prisoner in Bamyan with him.
S9W DP in nrisnn in KandaharJ knows DP is frorri. 'Never knew DP prior to capture. I
b6 -3,4
,knows DP is from I. I Never knew DP b7 C -3 , 4 prior to capture. b7D -1 b7F -1
Saw DP in prison in Kandahar;) knows DP Is from'.I Never knew DP
prior to captur e.j