FBI Memo re: Interview of Detainee at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay

Interview of a detainee at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay. The detainee describes the prison uprising at Qala-i-Jangi Prision outside Mazar-E-Sharif between Nov. 25 and Dec. 1, 2001 where he witnessed several prisioners and one American killed. The detainee stated that he saw an American, identified as Mike "Johnny" Spann dead and entwined with a prisioner who was rioting and was killed by Spann in close combat.

Non-legal Memo
Tuesday, December 16, 2003
Tuesday, December 14, 2004

LS Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Invesugallon II: Reply...lease ReIer 10 rlit. No December 16, 2003 b6 -3, .. r-______________________---,b7C -3,4 L-______________________________________________ ~~;~ :~ On I was b6 -3,4 ~nterv~ewed a~ camp be~ta, Guan~anamo Bay, Cuba.i iwas b7C -3,4 adv~sed that he was be~ng ~ntervlewed to obta~n deta~led b7D -1 ~nforma~lon regardlng the prlson uprlslng at Mazar-e-Sharlf b7F -1 ~______~lvoluntarlly prov~ded the followIng lnformatlon i Ire~tera:ed Informat~on Drovlded In preVlOUS l!"!tervlews 1 I I b6 -3,4 ~~__-~__-~-~~~~-s-t-a-t-e~d~t~h-a~t~h-e-w-a-s~l-e~d~t-o~D-~e~!T~1-e-v-e~b-y------b7C -3,4 var~ous people that A_ghanlstan was ~ cure IslamIc state and he b7D-1 could prac~~ce re'19~on -Freely I laareed In theory w~th F-1 -b7 the Tallban style of rule In Afghanlstan I I b6 -3,4 b7C -3,4 b7D -1 b7F -1 I I 1,...,...,111r'1 n,..," r."r",1' ",r\Qr,f,r ,nfnrm",t-,,.,n r"",...,;jrnlna b6 -3,4 b7C -3,4 b7D -1 b7F -1 Thl.S document conta1n5 nelther recomrnendatlor.s nor conclu51ons of the FBI It 15 the property of the FBI and 15 loaned to your agency, 1t and lts cont~nt~ are not to be dlstrlbuted o~t51de you: agency DETAINEES-2017 DOJFBI-001754 b6 -3," b7C -3,~ b7D -1 b7F -1 Upon ar~lvlng at Mazar-e-sharlfj lexplalned that I as each of the p~lsone~s got off the tru2ks ~hey were sea~ched thoroughly by General DOSTUM's soldlers Afte~t Igot off the truck he heard an exploslon and reallzed that one of the soldlers blew hlmself up wlth a grenade. At thlS pOlnt, the b6 -3,4 soldlers ald not conduct thorough searches of the prlsoners, b7C -3,4 lnsteaa they began hurrYlna the :rlsoners lnto the basement of the Qala-e-Jhangl prlson I _ Istated that he dld not b7D -1 remember much from hlS flrSt nlg t ln the basement No b7F -1 slgnlflcant events occurred that he recalled.' 'stated that he dld not hear or overhear (thlrdhand or otherwlse) about any false flag of surre~der or plan of attack When they were put In the basement,l Istated that he (as well as the other orlsoners) reallzed that they had been trlcked lnto surrenderlng I loplned that the Uzbeks, who were led byl 1(descrlbed below), had nothlng to lose because upon thelr surrender they would all be sent back to Uzbeklstan WhlCh meant a death sentence for them. When questloned as to how he knew thlS about the Uzbeks,l Istated the Uzbeks made co~~ents of thls sort prlor to the surrender, but he never heard anyone talk about a "fake surrender" or plan of attack I 'stated that In addltlon t~ I he belleves there was a MULLAH In the basement, but ne crowned ln the basement I Icould not provlde nay lnformatlo~ related to the MULLAH ~~____~lexPlalned the next Mornlng (the day after the I arrlval at Mazar-e-Sharlf) the DYlsoners were belng led out of the basement by ethnlclty I ladvlsed that he thought the Arabs were led out f :lrst ther. the PaklstanlS I I lndlcated b6 -3,4 the Uzbeks were the last group to come out the basement When ~----~~ b7C -3,4 ~______~Iwas led out of the basement, he estlmated t~at there were approxlmately 100-150 Uzbeks stlll In the basement. ~ I b7D -1 recalled that when he came out of the basement, some of the b7F -1 soldlers looked amaz,::d by the number of prlsoners that remalned In the basement. I Iwas led out of the basement ~nd placed on hl.s knees ln the fleld (courtyard) approxlmately 25-30 meters , away from the entrance/exlt to the basement of the prlson I ~xplalned the exploslon l.n the basement occurred 2 DETAINEES-2018 /73 CJ DOJFBI-001755 b6 -3,4 b7C -3,4 biD , approx~mately 15-20 m~nutes after he was brough~ out to the ­ b7E' -1 f~eld I 1stated he was placed on the front Ilne next to some TaJ~ks (N:I) Whlle In the courtyard,1 lexplalned ~hat he heard the exploslon come from the basement area. I Istated tna': he was certaln the exploslon occurred In the basement because of b6 -3,~ the sound of the exploslon and he was later told about the bie -3,4 clrcumstances surroundlng the exploslon. Accordlng tal abiD -1 young Uzbek male located In the basement threw a grenaoe at one bif-1 of the wlndows on the flrst floor of the bUlldlng. The grenade hlt the wlndow and bounced back down lnto the basement, WhlCh caused the exploslon. The young Uzbek was nlcknamed MAGDY, WhlCh translates to one who wlll flgh: the antl-Chrlst MAGDY dld not surVlve the exploslon In the courtyard,1 Iexplalned that he notlced a tall, falr (llght) complexloned male stan~Joq 10 ~~e center of the courtyard, In front of the prlsoners L Jstated thlS lndlvldual had an assault rlfle wlth a strap hanglng over hlS shoulder I I further descrlbed thls lndlvldual as wearlng blue Jeans, a short dark colored lacket, 28-30 years of age, no faclal halr, and short halr I Istated he dld not hear thlS lndlvldual speak I I stated that he notlced another lndlvldual talklng to tne bzbeks The Uzbeks were telilng thlS lndlvldual they were "Tarta~;11 and that they would tell hlm anythlng he wanted to know t Idescrlbed thlS lndlvldual as follows. tall, muscular bUl ct, Jeans, short Jacket. plstol on hlS hlp, no rlfle, and thlS lndlvldual spoke fluent! I b6 -3,4,5 Whenl Iwas shown the CNN vldeo of the pn.son uprlslng at bie -3,4,5 Mazar-e-Sharlf, he could not ldentlfy the lndlvldual ldentlfled b7D -1 as I , but he lndlcated that the person ldent~fled In the b7F-1 vldeo as Mlke "Johnny" Spann looked Slml1 ar to the guy he descrlbed as holdlng the assault rlfle .1 1could not say for certaln 1£ lt was the same person he descr~bed. In the v1deo, Spann was shown holdlng an assault type rlfle across hlS shoulder.' 'ad¥Jred that he thought these two lndlvlduals were RUSSlans i .dld not know these two lndlVlduals were Amerlcans untll he arrlved at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba I When the exploslon In the basement occurredJ_~~____~ stated people on the roof started shootlng lnto the fleld. b6 -3,4 stated that two TaJ~ks seated beslde hlm were sp~~o~t______, b7e -3,4 .explalned rhat the lndlvldual that was speaklngl b7D -1 --w-a-s--J-u--m~ped by an Arab or Paklscanl male, but the armed m-a--n--s~h-o-t~ b7F -1 the prlsoner. People began runnlng and chaos ensued. i I 1ndlcated that he notlced the other lndlvldual (the man wlth the 3 DETAINEES-2019 DOJFB'-001756 rlfle across hlS shoulder) runnlna towards the build1ng (nrlson) through some of the pr1soners I I clal.med that some-of the prl.soners Jumped toward the man and othfrs trlPPjd the man when b6 -3,4 he was ruTInl.ng. I Istated that he_ _ was shot, whlle b7C -3,4 seated on ~he ground, ~qUentlY lost conSC1ousness. Upon b7D -1 galnlng conSCl.ousness, lndl.cated that he crawled towards b7F -1 the basement and notlce t e man that had the assault rlfle, lylng on the ground near the entrance of ~he basement, tangled wlth a prl.soner as 1f they had been f1ghtlng I lassumed the man was dead r-------------------------------------------------------~b6 -3,4 r -----.......--.. b7C -3,4 . b7D -1 l F==========================================================:b7F -1 I b~~-~f' ~.__________________________________________~======~________~t7F -1 The lnterVl.ew was termlnated to alloJ lafternoon b6 -3,4 prayer, however, he was advlsed he would be l.ntervlewed agaln b7C -3,4 Wl thln the next few days b7D -1 b?F -1 4 DETAINEES-2020 DOJFBI-001757