FBI Memo re: Interview of Detainee at Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan

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Documentation of detainee interview at Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan.ÿ Mentions Paracha's name as the person being interviewed.

Sunday, May 2, 2004
Tuesday, December 14, 2004


(Rev 08-28-2000)
Precedence::ROUTINE Date::05/02/2004
To: Counterterrorism Attn: ITOS1, CONUS1, SSA
Islamabad TRRS, TRRS, Legit IOSI IOS -1,5 -1,5 b6 b7C
New York SA

From: Counterterrorism
ORS/MLDU/TDY Bagram, Afghanistan
Contact: TDY-SSAI

b6 -1

Approved By:

b7C -1

Drafted By:


315N-NY-285984 315N-HQ-C1406946-E b6 -3,4 b7C -3,4
b7D -1

b7F -1
Synopsis:(11) Documentation o I

b7D -1
interviews o at Bagram Air Field (BAF),

( b7F -1

b6 -1,2,3,4

0 :

Details: :SLIr""-1,2,3,4
Agent ( SA

Special land Iqt

b7D -1
USA, Military Inte ligence (Mi),linterviewed'
b7F -1

hereafter referred to as!

b6 -3,4
(U) On lwas asked whether he had

b7C -3,4
thought about Interviewing Agen s comments regarding a need to be

b7D -1
truthful and candid in all aspects of interviews I 'stated

b7F -1
ON 03-3:7-2004

DZCLASSIFIED.•E7 61579 ,,M1f1ECSigjg

/67 3


To Counterterrorism From Counterterrorism
Re (U)315N-NY-285984, OS/02/2004

that he had been completely candid and that he could do no more

Interviewing Agents bluntly told! 'that he had not been b6 -3,4

truthful and his conti of candor was the reason he b7C -3,4

remained where he was steadfastly insisted that there

b7D -1

was nothing he has hid rom investigators the entire time he

b7F -1

has been in custody

Interviewing Agents spent some time remindlna
Icf his transnarent and frecuent contact with!

b6 -3,4



Interviewing Agents logically laid out tne acts of his b7C -3,4

associations with Usama Bin Laden (UBL) and how that led to b7D -1
interaction with! I Interviewing b7F -1

Agents also interjected with comments made byl 'which
showed' 'overall complicity

(U) ›1‹ After a lengthy time,! 'finally admitted b6 -3,4

that he knew all along that when he was dealing with b7C -3,4
'that they were associated with Al Qaeda (AQ).

I b7D -1

However,' continued to deny that he knew was

b7F -1

associated with AQ The interview was concluded


By design, the mood throughout the1
vi w was hostile Interviewing Agents refused to allow

misdirect or deny known facts Interviewing Agents
also maintained an aggressive attitude toward Lhroughout
the course of the interview Furthermore, Interviewing Agents

b6 -3,4

advised! 'they felt his simple denials were childlike and

b7C -3,4

that it was shameful I

Interviewing Agents •e ieve that lis egotisticalb7D -1
and enjoys playing the role of mentor. With' 1 being told b7F -1
that Interviewers saw him so negatively, future statement by

might be influenced so he could avoid this negative
perception Interviewing Agents believe! 'feels that to
state he knew was AQ would be tantamount to signing a
confession However, even ifI 'never provides truthful
statements on the topic oft this fear of being viewed as an
intellectual or ethical inferior may drive him to be more careful
about making untruthful statements in other areas.

40 was reinterviewed
b6 -3,4

Interviewing Agents wanted to see how Parachals attitude had
changed after the hostile nature of the last i t-b7C -3,4
was greeted and asked how he had been feeling stated b7D -1
that he had been experiencing dizzy spells and s ortness of

b7F -1


To Counterterrorism From Counterterrorism

Re: 11.11 315N-NY-285984, 05/02/2004 b6 -3,4
b7C -3,4
b7D -1
breath Tntg+I-V1 ° ing Agents spent a few minutes discussing b7F -1
further! health
(1D- :r was then asked to talk about his

b6 -3,4

attitude toward tie TaTibanI 'stated that throughout
history Pakistan and Afghanistan were so closely linked that theyb7c -3,4
could not be separated' 'advised that the Taliban was the b7D -1
onl roup that has been able to bring stability to Afghanistan.

b7F -1

believed that the Taliban maintained law and order and
success ully controlled the drug trade within Afghanistan

b6 -3,4

CU) 1 i stated that Islam is a flexible religion

b7C -3,4

Ta iban's only problem was that Lt was not flexible.
explained that Afghanistan was not an educated society so b7D -1
e only means to properly control the population was through b7F -1
religion which the Taliban did do successfully

b6 -3,4

(II) 444(r_ I
then broadened the topic and discussed

b7C -3,4

Islam in relation to other religions of the Book (Christianity
and Judaism).' 'stated that Islam forces no person to b7D -1
change his religion and that actually Muslims have a b7F -1
responsibility tto protect non Muslims.


Iwas asked to discuss his views on
personal jihad versus group jihad I 'stated that his view
of a personal jihad was for one to maintain self control and b6 -3,4
contribute what one can to society Group jihad was in the b7C -3,4
defense of the Islamic State. In a sovereign state with an army

b7D -1

no need for group jihad by the civilians. Furthermore,

b7F -1

stated that group jihad is authorized against the
government which poses the threat but not against the innocent or
civilians. Jihad in defense can be in the form of physical power

(action), tongue (verbal), or simply condemnation within one's

M) -

in the Islamic State ruling peacefully with persons of other
religions and the belief of group jihad only in defense against
an attacking government, what did he think of actions carried out b6 -3 '4

LI—'Iwas then asked that based on his believe

b7C -3,4

by UBL and AQ. I stated that UBL had no authority under
Islamic Law to proclaim jihad. Interviewing Agents continued and b7D -1
advised that though UBL did not have such authority he was in b7F -1
league with others that did have the authority and supported
UBL's jihad proclamation Interviewing Agents asked if
he wished to see Christie /lAt'nn Muslim's because o t e
violent actions of a few Ireiterated that he wished



To Counterterrorism From Counterterrorism
Re 315N-NY-285984, 05/02/2004


Muslim and non Muslim could live peacefully was told b6 -3,4
that if this were truly his wish he could not logical y support b7C -3,4
UBL or AQ I 'remained quiet during much of this discourse

b7D -1

but finally agreed that what UBL did was harmful to the Islamic

b7F -1


(U) ,..lev‹. At his point the interview was concluded.
Interviewing Agents did not notice any harmful effects as a
result of the adversarial nature of the previous interview

spoke freely to Interviewing Agents and did not mention b6 -3,4
the previous interview 1 OAS been in isolation for b7C -3,4
several months and it is apparent' 'needs and enjoys the

b7D -1

interaction these interviews bring. Interviewing Agents feel

b7F -1

can be pushed fairly far and it will not cause him to
cease speaking with Interviewing Agents

M)' In general, Interviewing Agents believe'
relies on the fact that Interviewers do not have the knowledge to
refute many statements he makes I I is free to make

b6 -3,4

comments on various topics in an authoritative manner and has
thus fa,-nor peen challenged on his interpretation of the facts b7C -3,4
When' challenged on the statements he makes and those b7D -1
challenges are backed with other evidence,' 'loses the b7F -1
control he feels during the interview Interviewing Agents
believe asking:'questions in which the Interviewers have
solid evidence to refute any possible lies and constantly
challenging) is the best approach to use at this stage


with him.

Set Lead 1: