FBI Memo re: Inquiry Regarding Activities of FBI Personnel at Abu Ghraib Prison from October through December 3003

Memo from Inspection to Counterterrorism re: Inquiry re Activities of FBI Personnel at Abu Ghraib Prison during Oct 2003 - December 2003. the memo states "Synopsis: Provid e summa of the results of 14 interviews conducted to date by the summary
Inspect on Division in association with captioned inquiry." Contents redacted.

Non-legal Memo
Tuesday, May 18, 2004
Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I AGP EC 051904 Dran . -xi Page 2 b6 -1 1 t b7C -1 p0,0Mertertorism Division From ;Inspection Rei 297-HQ-A1327RZ-E 05/1.6/2QQ.4 ,I utRAL burLAU OF INVESTIGATION !I ' 'Ii 1 1 ; DRAFT I Precedence: ROUTINE i Date: 05/18/2004 TO: Counterterrorism Division Attn: T J Harrington, Deputy Assistant Director, Operational Support, Room 4330 I director's Office I Attn: Assistant, oom 142 Special b6 -1 b7C -1 ' , General Counsel I ' Attn: Valerie E Capron', GeneralCounsel, Room 7427 Froth: Inspectivn b2 -1 Contact:I b6 -1 b7C -1 Appi:oved By: I b6 -1 b7C -1 oraf' ted By:I Case ID #: 297-HQ-A13276697-E • ALL'INEWWXkla'=NTAINET.ititle:.COUNTERTERRORISM DIVISION, HEREIICISUNCIAS2IFIED DA7:1.1540.61.7,:,0151.11-V,Eck/61iY04 1 !4•1-4.151: INQUIRY REGARDING ACTIVITIES OF FBI PERSONNEL AT ABU GHURAYB PRISON DURING OCTOBER 2003 - DECEMBER 2003 , Synopsis: Provid summary e summa of the results of 14 interviews conducted to date by theInspect on Division in association with captioned inquiry It should be noted that CTD I' DETAINEES-1790 DOJFB1-002372 XXXXXX OPCA-20 (12-3-96) jl.XXX XXX XXXXXX FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION FOIPA DELETED PAGE INFORMATION SHEET Page(s) withheld entirely at this location in the file. One or more of the following statements, where indicated, explain this deletion. Deletions were made pursuant to the exemptions indicated below with no segregable material available for . release to you. Section 552 Section 552a . (b)(1) . (b)(7)(A) (d)(5) . (b)(2) . (b)(7)(B) . (j)(2) . (b)(3) . (b)(7)(C) . (k)(I) . (k)(2) . (b)(7)(D) . (k)(3) . (b)(7)(E) . (k)(4) . (b)(7)(F) . (b)(8) . (k)(5) . (b)(4) (k)(6) . (b)(9) .. (b)(5) . (k)(7) . (b)(6) Information pertained only to a third party with no reference to the subject of your request or the subject of your . request is listed in the title only. Documents originated with another Government agency(ies). These documents were referred to that agency(ies) . for review and direct response to you. Pages contain information furnished by another Government agency(ies). You will be advised by the FBI as I to the releasability of this information following our consultation with the other agency(ies). Page(s) withheld inasmuch as a final release determination has not been made. You will be advised as to the I disposition at a later date. ItIPages were not considered for release as they are duplicative of beTfi (NeesIM13 Page(s) withheld for the following reason(s): I rit The following number is to be used for reference regarding these pages: incit - De—rAiNees XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX X Deleted Page(s) X X No Duplication Fee X X for this page X XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX X XXXXX XXXXXX DOJFBI-002373 'Bum xxxXXX