FBI Memo re: FBI Investigative Analyst Memorandum on Detainee Treatment at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay

FBI Memo from FBI Investigative Analyst who toured through Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay. The Agent states that he did not have any substantive contact with Military Police or other U.S. government personnel at Guantanamo regarding detainee's condition or treatment, and no allegations of misconduct or mistreatment by U.S. personnel was formally brought to his attention by interviewees. He does recall hearing about a rumor, wherein a male detainee was purportedly dressed in female clothing, make-up applied and involuntarily given a lap dance by a female prison guard, either at the direction or personal performance of Military Interrogators. Related to ACLU RDI 4904.

Non-legal Memo
Tuesday, September 7, 2004
Monday, January 1, 2007

FID-31)2 (Rev. ll)-6-95)
pert76:27032 acq
:13 1:1:111/0
-1 -2 71:1L, 143grAW-"-­
peg :litT:Ot.
Date of transcription -09/07/Z004
On-(19/07/240.4 c INVESTIGATIVE_ANALYST (IA) I_ b6 a.z2 date of birtfq 1 Social Security Account Number b7C -1,22
was advised as to the . identity of the interviewing Agent and as to the purpose of the -interview, TAI 'then provided the following information:
IAL 'entered on dut with the Federal Bureau of
b6 -1,22
b7C -1,2 Investigation (FBIfl on and is currently employed as Investigative Analyst in the Los ngeles Field Office. -
During the approximate time period of May 13, 2003
through June 26,-2003, IA iwas on a temporary duty
b 62assignment at Guantanamo Eay, -Cuba (GTMO) in, support of Operation
Enduring Freedom. His primary duty during this assignment was as a

b7C -1
liaison between the FBI and the U.S. Military, primarily with the United States Army. Other than.routine administrative support, IA provided the military with information regarding FBI in erviews.and other 'BI investigative information as requested.
IA was not a member of any interview or
b6 -1 interrogation team, did not witness any-aggressive interrogation
b7C -1 techniques used on detainees, and has no first hand knowled e of

any improper techniques being used on detainees. TA advised he was not aware of Department of Defense (DOD policy regarding interrogation techniques, is not aware of any violation of DOD policy, and cannot identify anyone who might be aware of any violation of DOD or- FBI/DOJ interview/interrogation policy.
b6 -11AI1is not. in possession of any pictures, video,
b7C -1 notes or other ocumentation which depicts or describes aggressive
treatment, interrogations or interview techniques employed on
detainees'at GTMO, and is not aware of anyone else who might be in
possession of such items. -

b6 -1
2 'did pot have any substantive contact with
b7C -1
Military Police or other U.S. government personnel at GTMO
regarding detainee's condition or treatment, and no allegations of
misconduct or mistreatment.by T..S. personnel was formally brought
to his attention by interviewees.

Investigation on 209 /07 /2004 _as (telephonically)"
File 297-HQ-A1327669-A Date dictated 09/07/2004
b6 -1
VIC -1

by SSA
This document contains neither recommendations nor conclusions of the FBI. It is the property of the Fa: and is loaned -to your agency; 'it and its contents am not to be distributed outside your agency-
DOJ FBI 3667

FD-302a.(Rev, 10-6-95)

b6 -1
b7C -1_
Continuation of FID-302 of 4 ,4n 09/67 /200 4 . Page _2

b6 -1 —_ Idid advise however, that he heard a rumor

b7C -1_about a male detainee being dressed in female clothing with mate-up applied, who was given an involuntary lap dance from a prison guard at the direction of.military interrogators
The rumor in1is



was a tactic used to oreax the detainee aWn and gain his
cooperation. All 1

icotiltd not remember where or from whom he

b6 -1 .....
heard the rumor. AII1'could provide no further information

b7C -J.----
concerning this rumor.