FBI Memo re: FBI Agents Experience and Observations While Touring Camp Delta, Guantanamo.

FBI memo detailing FBI agents experience and observations while touring Camp Delta, Guantanamo. This memo is related to ACLU RDI 4893, 4895 and 4896.

Non-legal Memo
Wednesday, September 15, 2004
Monday, January 1, 2007

•••0, 4.1
FO.302 (Rey. /0-6-95)

Date of transcriptionb69/15/2004
b6 -1,2 . 1 Supervisory. Spe_ciaa, agent ( SSA) r ,
b7C -1,2 SOD: I INational Center for the Analysis of Violent Crimes (NCAVC), FBI AcadeMy, Quantico, Virginia, was interviewed regarding his knowledge of any aggressive treatment, interrogations, or interview techniques at Guantanamo Bay,. Cuba (GTMO). After being advised of the identiti of the interviewing
b6 -1
Agent and the.purpose ofthe . interview, SSA !provided the

b7 C -a.
following information in response to thirteen special inquiry d

s TOY assignment' to GTMO began in the middle of '

and ended in late October 2002.
teamed with SSAI.dI also. from NCAVC, od

of whom were responsible for providing behavioral analysis assistance to b6 -1 law enforcement and military personnel conducting interrogations b7C -1 of detainees. While d
never participated in detainee
interrogations, he .sometimes observed them. Also, when
requested, he reviewed background files of the detainees to
assist in the fOrMation of interview strategies. ..

pritary point of contact was ,civilian.contrac or employed by.the military, who was responsible'for the interrogations at GTMO. Idb6 -1

b7C -1
military reservists who conducted theinterrogations of the

detainees. SSA Id'exhibited "bizarre

behavior", meaning he displayed a range of emotions -and often
"lost it" or became very angry when something insignitiCant

b6 -1
did. witness aggressive.treatment, interrogations
b7C --1
or interview:tec niques employed on detainees at GTMO
b6 -4
inconsistent with FBI or.DCJ polity/guidelines -on two occasions.
b7C -4
The first incident occurred with detainee numbed —land the
second incident occurred with an unknown detainee.

When arrived at GTMO, number wwas incarcerated in the Naval Brig. d
in a darkened ce 1 to d he
b6 -1,3,4
planned to have military personnel interrogate number for 24b
b '7 C -1,3,4
hours in an attempt to get him to cooperate. When
objected to this technique,'b'said the technique had been
appro ired by "the Secretary" who' b'understood to be
at Quantico, VA

Fat # 297A-HQ-A1327669-A 301 Date dictated N/A
b6 -1
b7C -1
by SSAI I Lairb
This document contains neither recommendations nor conclusions of the FBI, It is the property of the FBI and is loaned to your agency;

FE1-3020/..ev,10-645) •

b6 -1 b7C -1 Continuation of PO-302 of _I , Da 09/14/2004 , Page
Stet-et-at -Rumsfeld. - -After zome-discussion-and -inptfiem

-and with oo

the decision was made to provide numberd
since e had been on a self induced fast for a few days. Number

ndid eat the food, but still refused to provide any information during his interrogation. He was subsequently moved to a plywood interrogation but in Camp X-Ray. While in Camp X-Ray, number0 was aggressively interrogated by military b6 -1, 3, 4 reservists at the direction ofId
I During the b7C -1,3,4 interrogation, the reservists yelled and screamed'at number 7 Additionally, a German Shepard was positioned at the door of the interrogation but and made to growl and bark at the detainee. At one point one of the. interrogators placed a Koran in front of numberLjwhile number=was seated in a chair. The interrogator then straddled the Koran, at which point the detainee became very angry, -but still refused to.provide any information.
I witnessed a second incident
which involved a detainee who had been duct taped. Id

Late one evening,Id


lwere in an observation room, located between two
interrogation rooms, watching military personnel conduct an
interrogation. At some point,id

'entered the room and told
to come with him as he wanted to'show him something.
accompanied d

Ito another observation room, located down the hall, where several Military Police were observing an interrogation. When he entered the .observation room, observed an unknown detainee with a full head.of hair an b6 -1,3 beard whose head was wrapped in duct tape in the adjacent b7C -1,3
•interrogation room. There were two interrogators in the room
with the detainee. Idif the detainee had been

spitting at the interrogators or,ex z .ting belligerent , behavior
toward them. I Ireplied no, and then told d

d] the
detainee's head had been duct taped because he would not stop
quoting the Koran. I Hid not approve of the treatment of

the detainee and asked'd

Ihow he planned to remove the duct
tape, but[djthen exited the

'never answered him.d
observation room and returned to his quarters.

Based on conversations withldbelieved


Department of Defense authorization for the permi e use of
harsh/aggressive interrogation techniques may haved

Come from Secretary Rumsfeld. On several occasions when db6 -1,3
I questioned
about the techniques utilizeddsaid it had beend

b7C -1,3
approved by "the Secretary", whodun•erstood'to be
Secretary Rumsfeld. With the excep ion of [d

I s comments




FD-302u(Rov. 10-6‘95)

b6 -1 b7C -1

Continuation of FD-302 of opt' 09/14/2004 ,Page d
regarding the-had-no knowledge or— -

understanding of Department o efense (DOD) authorization for

b6 1 , 3
the permitted use of harsh/aggressive interrogation, techniques.

b7C -1,3
Furthermore, SSA I Ibelieved1d

dIhad the authority tod
approve-interrogation techniques, including the use 'of the duct
tape on the unknown detainee.

had no contact with interviewees during his
tenure at GTMO. He also stated he had no pictures, audio, notes
or other documentation which depicted or described aggressive d

b6 -1 treatment, interrogations or interview techniques employed on d
b7C -1
detainees at GTMO and had no knowledge of anyone else who was in
possession of such items. 1d

'had no additional information
related to the treatment of detainees at GTMO. -

Upon his return from GTMO,1d

1 along with
related the aforementioned incidents to SAC .Stephen R.iey-d

b6 -I
'drafted an EC dated 11/22/2002, which outlined the

Also, d

b7C -1
aforementioned events, was approved by SAC Wiley, and
subsequently forwarded to CTD Executive Management.