FBI Memo re: Detainee Interviews at Camp Delta and Camp X-ray, Guantanamo Bay

<p>Detainee describes Qala-i-Jangi prison uprising outside Mazar-e-Sharif, Nov. 25 - Dec. 1, 2001. Detainee states he was shot, but does not state by whom.</p>

Tuesday, December 16, 2003
Tuesday, December 14, 2004

U S. Department of JustIce Federal Bureau of Investlgatlon In Reply I'led5~ RclLr tll r,le No December l6, 2003 b6 -3,~ b7C -3,4 b7r:: -1 b7F -1 b6 -3,4 On LI_______""""""' """"""'~-_r-----,.?....I was lntervlewed b7C -3,4 at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba p'rovlded the b7D -1 follow1.ng lnformat1.0n b7F -1 b6 -3,4 b7C -3,4 b7D -1 b7F -1 b6 3,4 b7C -3,4 b7D -1 b7F -1 ~================================~~ b6 -3,4 b7C -3,4 ~------------------------------------------------------------------~ b7D -1 b7F -1 ThIS document conta1ns neIther recom:nenCJatl·;)n5 nor ccr.C~U5~ons of the FBI It 15 '::he property of the FBI and IS loaned to your agency. ,~ a~d :ts ~ontents dr~ no: rc oe dIstrIbuted outsIde your aqency .~L:' !"lEO~~";T~O}·J C':::·~·TA:UED DETAINEES-202l :lEp.:m tIH::­ rz .....~nn;;r, :P.Tl! :1~-3C-2C04 BY 6"-S79D~1E!/3'::l!i;:j" 04-(:-01-415: DOJFBI-001758 I b6 b7C b7D b7F I b6 b7C b7D b7F I They -3.-'.5 -3,-'.5 -1 -1 -3. ~ -3,4 -1 -1 L--w-e-r-e-~t-n-e-n-.~'C"'a"""Ll-,e""n""'~t"'o~t~n~e"""K~ia""Ll"a'="""~Je~n~g~~""-~p~r~~"'s~o~n=-~a~n~a'"ln""~e=-""w~a"'s~p""~la ced l n the basement along wlth approxlma'Cely 500 other people I I I ~ndlcated that the next morn~ng he was taken out to the f~eld and h~s arms were tled. He then heard an exploslon and gunflre. Durlng the f~ght~ng, he stated that he was shot He lndlcated that he was able to push h~mself back to the bu~ldl.ng and seek shelter ~n the basement. After several days In the basement, everyone surrendered and they were then taken, In large metal contalners, to Shebergan by Dostum's Forces Just prlor to the Kala Jeng~ prlson uprlsl.ng,1 Ilnd~cated that he dld b6 -3,4 observe Dostum's Forces shoot~ng lnJured men who were stlll b7C -3,4 allve. He stated that he dld not observe an one oet shot whlle b7D -1 at b7F -1 nen t.aKen Bay, Cuba. I b6 -3,4 ~__________~________~d~e.n~J~e~d~~a~~}(~lnVOlvement wlth I _ I He ~nd~cated that he has never b7c -3,4 ~b-e-e--n--t-o-rl----------------------~h~ad no other pertlnent lnformatlon tob7D -1 relate He agreed to speak a: a future date and answer b7F -1 add~tlonal quest~ons 4 DETAINEES-2022 / '7Lf§ DOJFBI-001759