FBI Memo re: Detainee Interview: Qala-e-Jangi Prison Up-rising, Afghanistan

<p>FBI Letterhead Memo (LHM) in response to DoD (CITF) (RFA)- FBI agents' interview of an unnamed detainee who recalls being at the Qala-e-Jangi prison facility during the prison uprising against US Forces. Identified several individuals in the Kadahar photo book during the interview, including Osama Bin Laden. The unnamed detainee remembers two American prisoners; and being threatened by US soldiers to not be allowed to leave if either of the prisoners spoke an unidentified (redacted) language. Also, recalls being afraid to speak because guards would severely beat anyone who spoke. Additionally, recalls being scared and being shot/wounded during the uprising.</p>

Non-legal Memo
Wednesday, December 31, 2003
Tuesday, December 14, 2004

".'l I 0'--.... I U.S. Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation In Reply. PlcJSC Reier III fIle No December 31, 2003 b6 -3,4 b7C -3," b7D -1 b7F -1 b6 -3,4 In response to Department of Defense (DoD), Crlmlnal b7C -3,4 IDyeS~lgatlye Task Force (CTTF), Request for Assistance (RFA) b7D -1 _ .1 the Federal Bureau of Invest1gat1on (FBI) 1S b7F -1 ~p~r~o~V~l~l~n~g~~~n~e~~ro:lowlng ;etterhe;: memo,andum (LHM) for dlssemlDatlon toL • __ Jfor use 1n the prosecut1oD of captIoned eta1nee. b6 -3,4 On the aaents caDt10ned below IntervIewed b7C -3,4 b7D -1 oWIng b7F -1 ~____~Iwas at the Qala-e-Jangl prlson faclllty durIng the pr1soD upr1slng agalDst the US Forces. but advlsed that he d1d not flght aga1nst the US Forces I I remembered 2 AmerIcan b6 -3,4pr1soners The f1rst Amerlcan was slttlng behInd hlm 1n a b7C -3,4 separate llne,l Idld not know the name of thIS Indlvldual and b7D -1 was not able to descrIbe thIS 1ndlvIdual I Istated that the IndIvldual shouted that he was an AmerIcan and spoke Engl1sh, b7F -1 however the guards lould sfverely beat anyone who spoke, so nobody answered hlm. _advIsed that he has not seen thIS IndIvldual SInce the uprIs1ng. I _----......I-__---111mmed1ately IdentIf1ed Photograpn! I b6 -3,4 I as the man WhlCh sat ~hlmIn the prlson, b7C -3,4 although he dld not know hIS Dame. adv1sed that he remembered the AmerIcan because he was t e only whlte prlsoner b7D -1 that he really saw durIng hIS stay, and because he ~as se~ted b7F -1 next to thIS Indlvldual durIng the prlSOD uprlslng.[ jadvIsed that he was lnslde of a basement durIng the uprIslng, and he , dIdn't remember much from the uprIslng except gunfIre and darkness p-------. b6 -3,4 I Istated that he o,d remember 2 AmerJ can s~ld,ers b7C -3,4 that spoKe to hIm as)lng hIm 1£ he spoke EnglIsh 1..._______1adVlsed b7D-1 b7F -1 ThlS document contalns nelther recommendat1ons nor conclus1o~S of the FBI It 15 the property of the FBI and 1S loaned to your agency. 1t and ltS contents a:-e not to be dlstrlbuted outs1de your agency DETAINEES-2036 ...LL D1E'Ja:'-:Nl'!tJl'I CONTAlHEI' HEREZN Ia UNC!..AESln~!I :":.0"''1:.' f'1C_~r.._,,.r.rI4 .~-J' a:"I. e-'QrA,,:i:lt"17) ..... .;,., n4 _~.,_ II -U:'.." DOJ FBI·001771 1 thatl Itold them that only the people that sPokeDb6 -3,4 would be let out, so nobody adm~tted to speaking Engl1sh (or any b7e -3,4 other languages). The taller of the two Amer1cans was over SlX b7D-1 foot tall, "older" w1th Ilte colored ha1r, wearlng c'y,J'a~ clothes. I lobserved th1s Amer1can speaking wlth I I The b7E'-1 other Amer1can was less than 6 feet tr)l apf carrled an AK-47 machlne gun Durlng the prlson rlot,_ _observed the Amerlcans returnlng flre at the Uzbek soldlers b6 -3,~ L...__..Ilwas asked to reVlew the photo books and adVlse b7e -3,4 the agents of any lndlv1duals Wh1Ch he recognlzed b7D -1 b/F -1 In the Kandahar Photo book he recognlzed the follow1ng lndlvlduals ladvlsed that he was extremel~ scared durlng the prlson r~l-o---t-a-n-d~was wounded (shot lnl I He stated b6 -3,4 that he would be more thaD happy to speak Wl h the agents agaln b/e -3,4 especlally 1£ he remembered anythlng eLse regarding the events biD -1 1nside of the prlson b7F -1 2 DETAINEES-2037 DOJ FBI-001772