FBI Memo re: Detainee Interview at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay

<p>Detainee interviewed at Camp Delta, Guantanamo does not complain of his own treatment, but does relate a story he heard occurred at Guantanamo where a female interrogator removed her blouse, embraced the detainee from behind and put her hand on his genitals. The interrogator was on her menstrual period and she wiped blood from her body on his face and head. He said he asked one guard, "Why do you hate me?" The guard responded, "If I could; I would kill you."</p>

Non-legal Memo
Monday, April 21, 2003
Monday, January 1, 2007

. . „ FD-302 (Rev. 16-6-95) 1-' FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION • I-Internment Serial-Number ISNdII an Egyptian male, was interviewed-at.Camp• b6 -1,3,4 Delta, United States Naval Ease -Guantanamo-Bay, Cuba, -.by:Special b7C -1, 3, 4 b7D -1 Agents I 1 .of the •Federal Bureau of Investigation and b7F -1 1.61 the United States Army. Criminal .- Investigations Division... Contract linguist' 1 .interpreted between .Aralic••and English. The • following ocCurred during the course ..Of the two7hour :.interview:• . . The • first fifteen minutes -of the 'interview occurred in English.- 1 1 said he :learned ;what, English he knows at the b6 —4 University of Calro,--Egypt. He appeared to have . approximately a 2 • izoc -4 - level command Of English On .a 5 scale.-• He smiled frequently . and • b7D -1 •' r Made some .attempts . at. humor. -1 I said he had been interviewed. 1:17 . —1 by a man this morning. The int erviewer would not say what agency . - he -represented.. - ,After Ismall..talk, I 'requested' the intervieW continUe . an Arabic. . .. •b6 —4 .. ,- . .• • I 1 -e seroUs' and said he learned after- corning' . .. becam i b7C -4 • b70 -1 , to Camp:Delta that the -Egyptian -government has accused hitt of being b7F -i part o a. 19.95 plot to assassinate President MUbarek.. They also say :,he is 'part of an organization . • call eel Al Wa' ad.. He then said he wanted' to desuribe. what the Egyptian government -is like.. He said in" 1.981, • a -1.a.W was passed -in. Egypt.. Which -sayb hp can be. tried in .• . Rgypttwithout:anr.rights and:Without a lawyer, and that the death penalty can be •imposed-on him. -:this law:Places'ciirilians Under' military law...:He.believes -people should be tried by civilian . courts, not military courts. He also said the Egyptian 'government conducts operations such as bombings-and blames them ,onIslamic• - • groups to justify their actions against such groups_.• This happened under past. administrationa_in Egypt 'also.. - b6 —4 b7C —4 I 'said the accusations of the Egyptian government b7D againsthim, such as his .alleged part in the assassination plot, -b7F —1 are not true.' He reasoned that, if these things Were true, he would have been arrested by Egyptian authorities! while he was in Egypt. After all, he said, it was not as if the allegation. were 7----that--head_tobbed_ a. bank, it was a plot to kill the President of Egypt . Yet he was able to fly out of Ciri-O--uTir ---,577-a-titr-pa-s-sport----: -in his true. name. It was only, after he traveled to Afghanistan and • RESPONSES 209 -investigation an 04 /2 I./20 03: . at Guantanamo Pay, Cuba File 10 2 6 SA7M14 - C9 3 . Date dictated 0(4/21/2003 '.02 Si733 .AA 40 • b5-1 b7c —1 by • This docurnent contains neither recommendations nor conclusions of fir F1:1) It is the property of the FBI and is loaned Jo your agency; .it and its contents are not to be distributed outside your agency. - DOJFBI 3765 FD-302a 'o6 -4 265AMM7C99102. SUB. AA za C -4 b7D -1 b7F -1 • :Continuation of FD-3d2 of 04/1/2003 , Page • . .was arrested that the allegationS were, made: He believes he is on •of many who were arrested as a response tb the September 11,'29D1' attack& in order to :show that the United 'States was doing -something about the •attack8 . . b6 -4 b7C -4 said Ilehas found all the'interrogators'to be b7D -1 liars .Heoes not trust any df them He gave an eXamPle . cf the . b7F -1 . _I behavfor of , Americans. A detainee returned 'from aninterrogation . ,Hesaid.a female interrogator,. with blood on his.face and'head. -after'not getting cooperation frot:hin, , called foUr guards:intothe room. While the guards held him, she-reMoved her blouse, embraced the detainee froM behind and put -her hand on -his genitals. The interrogator was on her menstrual period and 'she wipedblood from • • herbodyon his 'face and head Hesaid . he asked one guard, Why .dip you hate' me?P The guard respbridedif .I could,: I would kill you." ' b6 b7C . complained no.one' has told him what he is b7D -1 accused of doing. He is ready to. : be tried if'there'iS evidence b7F -1 against him. He offered that theie,are three Possible outcomes for ' him: He wili'fate a militarY. tribunal 2 He will bereturned to -Egypt, where be will face.life - • .mprisonment and torture-He will released, to a country where he Can claim , political asylum • He• said he understands the impact of the-September 11 • attacks But he complained about the treatment . he has received during, hiS arrest, ,transpOet, and detention. He said the prisons . Hhe'declined to say' how he knew-in Egypt are better than here. But the difference. He denied ever telling previous interrogators' that; b6 -4 he had been•tortured before by Egyptian authorities: b7C -4 b7D -1 Accdrding totIG before he was arrested; he _b7F -1 belieVed'in the. humane treatment of Iitisoners in -the United States. interrogators. But he found his assumptions about'treatment in thd U.S. 'system to • be incorrect, Iielbelieves.the United .States extends no•rights to Arabs. He doubts anyone whoo -itterviewe him will be honest with,him:- Be.believes the ,I.I.S.•intelligence'agencies override decisions ofImilitaryand that Jewish people control the American media. •I • RESPONSES-21O DOJFBI 3766 FD.-302a (Rev 10-4-95) b 6 -4 b 7C -4 2.65A-MM-C991D2 SUB AA 40 - b7D -1 b7F -1 - -of FD302 Oa 04/21/2003 ,Page The interviewers explained-totII that -he was . • b6 -4 . detained during a time of war and that he" fallunder a military 1,7c _4 • ystem of justice: ' This is why he is•not pein afforded the same b7D -I rights as people-who tate civil tribunals: asked what . b7F -1 would be donewith him. •He was told he• wil- either be tried or . • • released:-•He 'said•he. believes he will be returned.to Egypt. He was told -the 1.Tnited. -StateS is not following the dictatesg -of the -. EgyptiangoVerriMent, •ti-14t thepOssibility -of political -asylum was mentioned in his file, and, that his. fate was not certain. . The. interviewers are.trying to determine who is -linked tdthe Talibah - to Al-Qaeda. . . and la6 -4 saidfhe . knowS how both the CIA and the FBI. b7c -4 operate. He pws how they do.things-, and how they try to obtain b7D information. He would not say 11.OW -he knowe these things ' • b7F -1 He then, asked, if '. the intention is tatUrn:hiM .back .to: Egypt, whynot just turn him. over'no-w?. :He Was toldthere-aretoo many unanswered questions: td let him goimmediately. ;14e said. he believes froM the interviewers' :point ,of view, . , he is -either •Iassociated with the Taliban and4l;Qaeda, Orhe was.just.caught it the net r so why not get as. Muoh'intelligence:from hint as possible . As- :soon as the interrOgators get all they can from him, .,they will hand him over to. Egypt "on a platefi.. This conversation .was followed by.a -discutsion Of how- b 6 -1 -- bItrust could be developed between -SA' 1 -wIe at Camp c belta-long-endugh to: have repeated. meetings, andI.. ,An b6 -4 offer was made to -hold more trequent . interviews. In this way, lo7C -4 perhaps some trust could be deVeloped acid i I b7D -1 comfortable opening--up and-roviding-his complete history, 'which b7F -1 could-help himicomplete the process at 'Guantanamo Bay. seemed willing to address this proposal,: He then asked w at.time • it-I - 'was-and asked if he could say hie prayers. The interview was ,I ended with the underatanding.that.another interview would Occur in two weeks, at which time this proposal-could be discussed 'again.. RESPONSES-211 DOJFBI 3767