FBI Memo re: Contacts Made and On-site Assesment of Guantanamo by BAU

FBI memo re: Contacts made by BAU team during 05/23/02 on-site review of Guantanamo.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2002
Sunday, February 5, 2006

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NCAVC GTMO Assessment
L On-Site Assessment On 05/23/2002 four members of the B AU (Unit Cluar IBAI,1 West Unit Chief[ 13AU East; Supervisof y Special Agent (SSA)4 I BAU West, and SSA) I BAU E&st) traveled to GTMO. The following is a summary of the contacts made by tne HAD team during the on-ate review at GTMO I b6 -1 b7C -1

Bnefing by Acting Assistant Special Agent in Charge (AJASAC)a 1FBI on-scene commander, who provided a sizinary of the GTMO open ions and introductionsto appropriate personnel

Bnefing by SA) klvjiami Division case agent who provided an overall summary ofthe operations at ki 0, detailed desenptton of the interview process, tour ofthe FBI Comm and Post (CP), and introduction to appropriate EKE, =hwy. and other agency personnel

Briefing by LI Colonruled States Mane Corps (USMC), who provided a summary of the Department 0 tense 010 1, operations at GTMO and a sutra:ay ofthe Tiger team concept of interviewing detainees b6 -2

b7C -2

Briefing by Colone1=United States Arm y (USA), who provided information regardmg security personnel and procedures, and a tour of Camp Delta, including the

interview rooms, a cell block, the maximum security cell block, and the shower and
exercise areas,

Tour of the amp Delta medical facility and explanation of the routine and emergency medical services available to the detainees.

Tour of the exterior of Camp X-Ray and the associated interview rooms, and information regarding the procedures and problems associated with that facility

Tour of the exterior of the townhouse complex bcuig renovated for possible futurehousing of cooperative detainees.

Observation of three separate detainee interviews and interaction with the Tiger teams conducting the interviews

Briefing b• Defame HUMINT Sc-vias (DHS), regarding the DoDinterrogators an the interview process.

b6 -2

Bnefing by Colonelr"."--7USA, regarding the overall operations at GTMO ,Joint Task Force (JTF) 170, and spectfic issues relating to the training of GTMO personnel

13nefing by I Polygraph Examiners, U.S Army Military Intelligence,oelYgniPh testing that has ban conducted on detainees to date, as well is plans for fu taro testing.

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NCAVC GTMO Assessment

Briefing by two Foreign Language Specielugs (Interpneters), one ofvixen was a name Arabic speaker, They provided information on how the mterpretive process works in the interview rooms and how the interpreters interact with the team members. Additionally, the interpreters were able lo provide cullers' insights into the detainees, as well as observations regarding the detainees' current &minutes sad solidarity

Bnefing by Captams=and) nUSA, who provided details regarding the JTF b6 -2 160 guard/security functions at Camp Delta The briefing included information about the

b7C —2
dally routines, as well as the intelligence re ports that are prepared regarding observable
detainee activities and interactions

Briefing from a member of the Counter Terrorist Center (CTC) regarding their mission,the interview process, and their interaction with the Tiger teams

Meeting wuh General Dunlavey, USA, commander of the GTMO project, in which the Gen eral was bnefed on some of the BAU team's initial observations.

In addition to the above-named personnel, the BAU team solicited information from various other sources encountered during their slay, including Military Face (MPs), Military interrogators, agents from the Criminal Investigatn e Task Force (CMF), FBI agents, analysts andothers, who were able to provide not only procedur al information regarding thew specific area of operations, but unrquc insights and opinions, which proved extremely valuable to the BAU assessment team.
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