FBI Memo: Military Liaison & Detainee Unit Name Check Request

<p>Cable from FBI requesting Savannah ITC to check for the real names and aliases of a list of detainees who are in consideration for repatriation as per a Department of Defense request.</p>

Tuesday, May 4, 2004
Tuesday, December 14, 2004

(Rev 01-31-2003) FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Precedence: IMMEDIATE Date: 05/04/2004 To: Savannah ITC At tn: From: Counterterrorism CT ORS / ML& Contact: OS b6 -1 Approved By: b7C -1 Drafted By: Case ID #: 315N-HQ-C1406946-M Title: MILITARY LIAISON & DETAINEE UNIT NAME CHECK REQUEST Synopsis: To request the Savannah Information Technology Center (SITC) conduct an FBI records check of names previously provided by the Military Liaison & Detainee Unit (ML&DU). -1 Package Copy: Forwarded under separate cover to ! 7C -1 SITC, is a Microsoft (MS) Excel spreadsheet containing tne names of 75 individuals located at the U.S Naval Base, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (GTMO) Details: The ML&DU requests the S.= query FBI databases to determine whether the 75 names provided under separate cover have been mentioned in a criminal or terrorism investigation. The aforementioned names consist of detainees located at GTMO and will be considered for repatriation. The results of the name checks will support the efforts of the ML&DU in providing a recommemdation to the Department of Justice relative to each detainees:; status for repatriation. Pleas provide the 75 name search results to Operations Specialist (OS) I k7BIHQ, ML&DU, in a MS Excel spreadsheet compatible tormat. b6 -1 b7C -1 INEORNATIaM =TAMED HEREIN I8,-JiNtiAgSIFIto DAT& 09,2O-2006 Ht-AME16157s/pc:gicrA 047cy741$2 DETAINEES-858 gbl DOJFB1-000667 To: Savannah ITC From Counterterrorism Re- 315N-HQ-C1406946-M, 05/04/2004 LEAD(s): Set Lead 1: (Action) SAVANNAH ITC AT SAVANNAH, GA The ML&DU requests the SCTO conduct an FBI records check (i e ACS, TECS, and NCIC) on the 75 names provided under se arate cover tol I Please provide the results to OS I r=1/1v, m1,6,1)6, in a MS Excel spreadsheet CO patioie LuLmau. b6 -1 b7C -1 • •. 2 DETAINEES-859 DOJFB1-000668