FBI Interview of Investigative Analyst re: Conditions at Guantanamo

Transcript of interview with FBI Special Agent who previously worked as a Case Agent tasked to participate in detainee interviews at Guantanamo Bay. The Agent purportedly never participated in any aggressive treatment, interrogations or interview techniques employed on detainees inconsistent with FBI or Department of Justice policy/guidelines. The transcript notes that the Agent did walk into an observation room at Camp Delta and, "noticed a detainee rubbing his leg due to possibly being placed in a stress position." The detainee was shackled in order to stand in a "baseball catcher" position. It also notes that a detainee #63 was interrogated with "special interrogative techniques" and had been admitted to the base hospital for hypothermia.

Friday, September 10, 2004
Thursday, October 29, 2009

'FD-302 (Rev. 10-6-95)
- 1 -
Date of transcription 0 9 / 15 / 2 0 0 4
I I Special Agent '(SA) r Counterterrorism
Division, FBI Headquarters, EOD:'I I ,was contacted' '
regarding his knowledge of ,, , (G™9),' ,After being advised as to th,e· identity of the interviewing
Agent and th~, purp·ose of, th,e interview", I I provided the', '
following ,inf9rmation to thirteen sp~cif~c special inquiry ,
, questions,~ " " , ..' :,
·1 I de~cribed' his 15 month TDY assignment 'at G,TMO ~s , a' Case Agent tasked, to participate in detainee i'nterviews.", Durifig ,
~~i~tenQre,1 Iwas ~art, of ~n iQteryiew team which consisted
f,FBI investigator'(s) i Department, of Def'ense, (DoD) .
investigatqr(s), an~.a translator. Investigator(s)repr~senting:.
DoD,:were, from Army Criminal· Investigativ.e Division (CID), Air
Force Offic,e of Special Investigations, (QSI)', and Naval Crim:inal " , 'Investigative Service '(NCIS). ' . . :h,:e, ,,71..'fJt.~~::::. ~~.'-.. ' . ,1"'1'!\~'Il!.~' -... .;'i:1r.('t~'~t:~I"'.:; .. "":..,.."' :,,,,,. ~al:EJf.Sfta::L~S0:~g.W.~1?~ifp: nrfg'~""-tffew~§1~a:nd:St:Qrr.:;:~: \ " '~{)~e~§::po'Rg~'t?~:($W~'it:'ff&>~:i~M~fl'~}i;j~.;:'1 , '
. . . I I never participated in any aggressive t'reatment,
'interrogations', or interview t~chniques 'employed .on detainees at
. ~TM? inconsistent with FBI 'or D.0J fOlicy/g';lidelines,. HQT,.~eve.r, . , dur1.ng the summer of 2002, I _ walked lnto a Camp Delta .
observation room and noticed a detainee' in an interview room . r'ubbing. hi,S leg due to possibly being 'placed in a stres's position.
,The detainee was wear{ng leg irons and.was handcuffed with'cuffs, , 'cha~ned t'o· 1.1is waist', -I I advis,ed the cha.1,.ns were adjusted to
force the detainee to stand in a "baseball catcher~ position. - Th~
detainee was.beingtquestloned by two military officers. I I
'was unable to proved the ,names 'of the military officers or the :name
or num:er Of the deta j :Te,. I I verbally .reported this incideI?-t
tq _ ... J (JAG TJSMC PS1erve) . I Idid not have
any s~ stantive contact wit~lregardi~g this matter. ~ ____________ ~' , I
I I advised that during the, fall of'2002, detainee,
#63 was' being held'in the Navy Brig at Camp Delta. According to. ~ ____ ~ ____ ~I the FBI questioned detainee, #63 for approximately two
mORths with negative results. The military then-moved t.o Camp X-Ray. General I I requested perm;ission to
Investigation on 09/10/2004 at Vienna --:...--..:.......:..........:......----
Date dictated .:.N:..:.,/.:.A=--______ _
F~# 297-~Q-A13~7~69-A
by SSA I b6
This document contains neither recommendations nor conclusions of the FBI. ,It is the property of the FBI and is loaned to your agency; ; ... .... _..:&' : ........... _ ...... _ ..... -_ .. -_ ... "'- 1.- .3.:_ ....... :1 ....... .J • ~ ... "lI • •• o:.~ • . _. _ • ••• ACLU-RDI p.1
DOJOIG 006278
'FD-302a (R:ev. 10-6-95)
Continuation !>t:FI;>-302 of --L-_____ ---ll--_____ ..:..-____ ', On 0 ~ 110 12004 , Page: ,:,_::.2_...:..
" :
, utilize ,"sp'eci~l 1nteJ;rogati ve techilique.s~/' on ,detainee:, #63. b6
... ,I I sta'ted the FBI and DoD investigators had no' further cpntact'
,with, i'~etainee:' #63, 'once he ,was ,transferred, to' Cain:p X-ra;r.
: ' "" 'DUX::i~'" ' er 2002, Lieuten~ntr" , i ~ur~e,' .U'.8,
, Navy, informed that detainee, #63 had been admitted to ,the
.', base hospita1 or hypothermi'a:: "During, a,. daily staf,f meeting, "
',I I:i~qui;r:ed" c;bout detainee #63 'being adm~tt~d to the hospital
" ,for hypothermia. Lieutenant Colonell Jadvisedl Jthat
I detainer #63 was r;'ot ,diagnosed with, {lypoth,ermia. I. ,. 1 told "
1 Jthat deta1nee'#63 had lqw blood pressure ,along ~1th low,
body' core, temperature" ' According tol I no additional
information was :provided' to "him reg~rdi~g, deta;j.:nee #63.
~~_~I'desqrib~d his understanding of,DoD,authorization
,for the permitted. use of harsh/aggressive interrogation', tl2chniques h7C"
::'?ts ,"very, unclear'( . ,I I advised he b,ecame aware of DoD .
'authorized, techniques via me,eti'ngs ' with' Ge,neral Miller.
I Ihad no substantive' contact with Military Poiice'
or ,other U', 8. gove'rnment personnel at GTMO rega'rding detainee'
conditions:or treatment and was unawar~ of any specific allegations
of misconduct' or mi$treat~ent by U.S. personnel 'alleged ~y , '
~nterviewe~s or 9ther~. I 1 stated he had no' pictures,videb, a~di0, ,notes, or, other documentation whiph depicted br described aggre'~s~ve treatment, ,inte,rrogations' or',interview techniques' - employed at 'GTMO or knowledge of anyone: e:J-se who has in possession of sucp items, '
..;... ,
, I
DOJOIG 006279