FBI Interview of Guantanamo Bay Detainee re: Conditions at Camp Delta and Treatment of Detainees

FBI Summary Notes indicate that the detainees are upset with the way they are treated by the guards. They are upset because they are being held as prisoners without being charged with a crime and that they should be charged or released; The guards are treating the detainees like animals; and some guards are a little rough. The detainee states there is a hunger strike in place and talk amongst the detainees that an unknown number of detainees are going to commit suicide for the purpose of protesting the treatment at Camp Delta and to protest keeping innocent men at Camp Delta. The interview ends with the detainee stating he has "respect" for the FBI interviewers.

Sunday, October 13, 2002
Tuesday, May 17, 2005

FD-302 (Rev. 10-6-95)

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uinte iewed at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba by

AwasuSpecial gent (SA) uFederal Bureau of Investigation bi er of
o present during the interview was Linguist

b6 -1,3,4
who translated u

b7C -1,3,4
was advised that the purpose of the interview was to b7D -1 in ormation'about the current hunger strike going on insideu
of Camp Delta. Being aware of the identity of the interviewers and

b7F -1
the purpose of the interview,)u)voluntarily provided the
following information:

The mental condition of the detainees is to the point
where the detainees are all participating in a hunger strike. The
detainees are upset with the way they are treated by the guards.
They are upset because they are being held as prisoners without
being charged with a crime or released. The detainees think
America is intentionally keeping people in custody for no reason
other than an attack on Muslims. The detainees are_going to strike
by not changing their clothes, not eating food and not drinking"
water more than absolutely necessary. If one person starts a
strike then all of the men will follow.

In the last six days, has not taken_more than b6:3,4 three ounces of water per day. He has not eaten in six days: He
b7C -3,4
has not changed his clothes in a week He wanted to be charged

b7D -1
with a crime or released. In it would not take this long to investigate the innocent people • b7F -1
According to the detainees, some of the guards are
telling the detainees that while they are sitting in a cell in
Cuba, American Soldiers are having sex with the detainee's mothers.

According to the detain su

m of the guards are physically

b6 -3,4
cruel to the detainees.uhas not personally heard these

b7C -3,4
comments from the guards. e as not seen any cruelty by the guards. However, sometimes the guards are a little rough with him b7D -1 even though he is cooperative.
b7F -1
The detainees are extremely upset with the treatment they
receive from the guards. The guards are treating the detainees
like animals. The guards treat their dogs better than the

uantanamo Bay, Cuba




b7C -1
DOJ FBI 003269
nvmafftENMMe7991The detainees feel the guards treat their dogs better

2 b6 -3,4

Qm ""Echg1T-Eilg u 10/12/2002u

Onu 1u

b7C -3,4

, Page
There is talk amongst the detainees that an unknown u

b7D -1

number of detainees are going to commit suicide for the purpose of

b7F -1

protesting the treatment at Camp Delta and to protest keeping
innocent men at Camp Delta. These suicides will cause the people
in the Middle East to solidify their anger against America. He
does not know who is in charge of this event, when it is to occur
or the people who might take their own lives

was resting on his bed one day when a
contract worker began asking him questions'uI The man
asked him his name, u

other personal information. I with b6 -3,4
the answers to his questrq-ub7C -3,4

Iman said thisu
information is valuable. u'thinks this information is

b7D -1

given or sold to family members, or others, in

b7F -1

hereby letting them know about the condition of the detainees.
has heard other! detainees talk about
spec u.ng o them inl

1 u

'provide the detainees with current world
news. I u'about the two United States

Marines recently killed in Kuwait by a man whose brother was in

b6 -3,4 prison here at Camp Delta. They also told the detainees that the

b7C -3,4 Unite States is gathering troops and its allies for an attack on
'claimed Pr told CNN News that all
Iran. u

b7D -1

'were terrorists.udoes not want this flow
ana excnange of information to stop,u

b7F -1 e exchange of information
will make more people throughout the world aware of the conditions
at Camp Delta and that America is detaining innocent people.

detainees see the guards as babies, especially

the "big American guards that fill the doorway." This is because

b6 -3,4 the guards are supposed to be strong', yet they walk around with a .

b7C -3,4 "camel" (a backpack water storage device with a drinking tube
attached) on their back sucking on the tube of water all of the

b7D -1

time. A strop man is able to go without water for long periods of

b7F -1

time. suggested that the water be kept out of sight of
1 the prisoners an have the guards walk to where the water is kept.
The detainees look with disfavor and lose respect for women
guards who are wearing or putting on lipstick in front of them.

b6 -3,4b'realizes that detainees do bad things to the


guards that cause the guards to get mad. According to the


detainees, if the guards want to be thought of as strong, they

b7D -1

should not get angry and take their anger out on the detainees,

b7F -1 even if the detainees give them cause to be angry. A strong man
does not need to show meanness to a weak man. The detainees are
wearing handcuffs and chains and the guards and interrogators are
not. But all men are human and should be treated with respect.
"To be a human means respect."

The water issue would not apply to the interrogators if

they and the detainee are sharing water or tea out of respect for

each other.

. SEtR6 DETAINEES-3916 /
DOJFBI 003270


Continuation of FD-302 of I1
use force or coerc10414WiCat,b


uit fingers, they get stronger." "If you cut off their forearm,.Page it will not work, they will just get stronger. "If you cut off b6 -3,4
b7C -3,4

they get stronger." "If you cut of their arm, they get stronger."

b7D -1

While! was making those three statements, he was making
three chopping motions with his left hand on top of his right hand, b7F-1
right forearm and right arm.

is telling the interviews this information so

b6 -3,4

they will notify their superiors of these problems and possibly

b7C -3,4

avoid a situation that will cause problems for America and its
b7D -1 relationship with

b7F -1

Numerous times during tile intervigw, when asked a

b6 -3,4

question by the male interviewer, u!would look directly at
the male interviewer, answer the question and with the palm of his b7C-3,4
right hand and touch his chest near his heart. This behavior wasu

b7D -1

also demonstrated several times during the previous two interviews.

b7F -1

He claimed the hand gesture to his heart was the highest form of u
respect he can show the interviewer. He claimed he was going to
"write" the male interviewer's name on his heart and the female
interviewer's name on his right upper arm. He claimed he respected
the interviewers.

The interview was terminated.

DOJFBI 003271