FBI Interview of FBI Official re: Investigation of Possible Detainee Abuse at Guantanamo Bay

Telephonic interview of former Guantanamo Bay (GTMO) interrogator. The interrogator was assigned to GTMO for two months, February and March of 2003 and stated that during that time she did not witness any incidents she believed were inconsistent with FBI or DOJ guidelines. She did, however, witness two separate incidents where the treatment of detainees was "questionable." In both incidents, the detainees were chained hand and foot in the fetal position and laying on the floor of the interview rooms. The rooms lacked furnishings and the rooms did not have food and/or water, also, the temperature of the room was either "extremely" hot or cold; on one occasion, loud rap music played in the interrogation room. The interrogator believed the detainees were kept in these conditions/positions for 18-24 hours and longer, at times the detainees urinated and/or defecated on themselves.

Thursday, September 9, 2004
Monday, January 1, 2007

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, Boston Division, SOD:

was concerning her knowledge of anyaggressive treatment, interrogations, or interview, techniques atGuantanamo Say, Cubs (GTMO). After being advised as to Oe identity-of the interT4eting Agent end the purposeof'the'

interliew:=1111provids4 the following infarmatiOn to thirteen
specific siaaril—inquiry questions:
1111111 described her two month TDY assignment at GTMOas an interrogator of detainees. During February and March2003, was teamed with two different Pavel Cribinel InvesfTWITIVe Service (NCSO) Agents and several contracttranslators for detainee interviews, 1111111 initially worked
with one =IS Agent for roughly the fa:it—eras weeks of her


ant, thea a' second Agent the last five weeks of the TOY. noted a slight work overlap between the two MCIS Agent's
u zng their training transition. The primary questioning

:aspen:ability Tar the interro ations was alternated each

interview between the Agents.

also noted the interview

assignmentfor the translators the spoken


.daily based on
language of the detainee.

ve w tness d or was aware of any A arassive


am ad on

vie r,I


• c lir47/aTt - ad no kr:Su/r a ge or understanding of
Department of Defense (DOD) authorization for the permitted use

of harsh/aggressive interrogation techniques. Furthermore. was unaware of DOD authorized interview.techniques.
had no mubstant contact with Military Police

at GTMO regarding detainee

onditions or tea neat an- was u ware of arty specific
allegations of misconduct or mistreatment by U.S. personnel W O

alleged by interviewees or others. IIIIIIIPstated she had no(
pictures, video, audio, notes, or o az ocumentation which . 61C-I
depicted or described aggressive treatment, interrogations or

interview techniques 'employed at GTMO or knowledge of anyone .

else who was in pessessiop of such items.

ImmigWoon 09/09/2004 Washington, D. C.
it (telephonically) Filet 297-HQ-A1327669-A •omicumw N/Ato — I . .


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217-HQ-A1327669-A . •
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.. 1111111rwitnessed the oonsevences of perhaps:
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ilatsitionabla trgataypt of fiet.Sthlti*different sotcasions.•
The-two oseparata7incidegt* Occurred•at the nterrogatioa,

trailari named "Delta Camp." However, was unable to

r=eap the specific.detes or provide soy w edge of the two

deiiiises' identities: In bothlacidents; the detainees'wers

chained'hhnd and pot in the fetal position and laying on the
floor of the interview rooms. he rooms were without • •• . furnishing;, to, include any chairs.glitalso.re'called the • room weXe.without evidence. of any foo or water. . Parthermete,
the temperature control rooms was regulated to be either
extremely cold or hot, noted' one occasion. where t

'excessive lood.rap mus c p ayed , in the detainee's• interview
room believed the detainees were kept•in such
condit ohs or periods of.time more than le -24 hours, and

longer. The detainees had urinated and/or 'defecated on .

themselves. . . .


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