FBI Interview of Detainee at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay

FBI interview of Camp Delta detainee. Detainee recounts beatings and torture he experienced and witnessed at Sarpooza (AKA Sarposa) prison in Afghanistan. Detainee is shown pictures and told of the extent of the attack on the World Trade Center. Detainee was also shown pictures and asked to identify Camp Delta detainees.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003
Tuesday, December 14, 2004

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U.S. Department of JustIce Federal Bureau of Investigation

I" Rcpiy. I'I"J'" RLILt 10 rile No
December 16, 2003
b6 -3,~
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b7D -1
b7F -1

b6 -3,4 b7C -3,~ On I Iwas ,crenn Qwer at b7D -1 Camp Delta, U.S Naval Base, Guan~anamo Bay, Cuba. _ _
b7F -1 voluntarlly prov1ded the followlng In!Ormat10n.
was asked to look through sevpr~1 of rhe Camp Delta deta1nee p oto 1D books. He ldent1 fled r 1 as \ lorlsoner at the SarDooza Drlson 1n Afqahnlstan.1 I
b 6 -3,4 b 7C -3,4 b 70 -1 D 7F -1

I He also stated that I 1 was beaten and tortured at t hp~.:!rpooza prlson He related that he heard the beatlngs thad I recelved Further " I revealed to I I I that he I I was beaten at the Sarpooza pr1son
b 6 -3,4 b'7C -3,4 b'70 -1

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b6 -3,4 b7C -3,4
~~~__~~____~~~~~__~~~~~__~~~~~~~__~~~__~____~~~b70 -1 d1d not have any other pert1nent 1nformat1on to relate regard1ng
I b7F -1
I Iwas allowed to v:ew a photo book of the_events of se;tempe, II, 2001 The magnltude of the tragedy was explalned to b6 -3,4I J He became very emot :.onal and stated that he had no
b7C -3,4
1n ormat1on regard1ng the attacks aga1nst Amerlca. He stated that

b70 -1
he was unaware of the extent of the tragedy. He had only seen one b7F -1
photo of the attacks agalnst the World Trade Centers He stated that hlS 1mpr1sonment seemed trlv1'AJ cpwpaied to the traged1es that others suffered 1n the attacks . Jlnd1cated that he would

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.:,.L~ I~.. c··:·G.~~:\.:ICN :'OtJ:;'I:'(R:
DA::E 1::9-30-20-). E-" t::~S'1!'::-:HiEC=::"j',! C;-:::':-41.51

DOJ FBI-0017S7