FBI Interview of Detainee at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay

<p>FBI Interview of Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba detainee. The unidentified detainee recounts being imprisoned at Mazar e Sharif prison with Uzbek, Pakistani and Arab prisoners. Recalls two Americans being present, also recalls being in the middle of crossfire, where there was shooting and a grenade was launched; he was shot during the event.</p>

Tuesday, December 16, 2003
Tuesday, December 14, 2004

?,1r&-{7S"" U.S. Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation In Reply. PI~ Refer 10 r.ie So December 16, 2003 b6 -3,4 b7C -3,4 r----------------------------------------------,lb7D -1 . b7F -1 b6 -3,", b7C -3," On ...I_~---------___--~-__--""L.....:;a~t Camn b70 -1 Del ta, U S Naval Base I Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Ipro~~ded b7F -1 the followlng ~nformatlon \ -3,4 b6 b7C -3,4 b7D -1 c::r-rlT"Pri t"hrlt" he r IPvpr nppr· no c; Ie ")\\1 ;'! TIPI IP' IP 7F -1 ~____~__~Istated he saw two Amerlcans at Mazar-e-Sharlf. r---------~I stated one of the Amerlcans wore a black lean outflt, b6 -3,4 nad darK halr, and appeared to be ln hlS 30's.! Istated he dld not remember what armament ~he Amerlcans were equlpped wlth. b7C -3,4 I I it:ted he knew they were Amerlcans because b7D -1 they spoke Engilsh. lstated he could not descrlbe the b7F -1 other Amerlcan, but t at both were wearlng dark cloth~ng ALL n;FI:;Rr.J\~tci-~ CON~iLI~SD HEREn, Ii' !J~,CL';;;SIFZB" D."=E C·~-::O-;:OJ.; £,' b15i!':-~H"'EC':::":i'l C;-~:'-4151 Th~s document conta~ns nelther recommencatlons nor concluslons of the FBI I~ lS :he property of the FBI and lS loaned to your agency. lt and !ts contents are not to be d1strlbuted outslde your agency DETAINEES-2025 DOJ FBI-0017S2 b6 -3,4 b7e -3,4~1______~~lstated the fl~St group that was led out of b7D -1 the basement at Mazar-e-S~ar~f was the Paklstanls, ther. the b7F -1 Arabs, and that the last group was the Uzbeks Istat-Qrl be was brp1Jght out and sat down on hlS kneesl Istated he was outslde about 15 or 20 mlnutes when he heard a grenade go off behlnd hlm, near b6 -3 4 the basement entrance I Istated he heard some people panlc bie -~,4 and some people scream.l )dld not see anythlng, and Just biD sat there because he dlct not feel llke he was In danger. -1 Approxlmately two mlnutes after the grenade went off he heard biF -1 some shootlng, and saw men shootlng from the wall. Some people behlnd hlm began to shoot the prlsoners.1 lstated he dld not turn around or look left or rlght because he did not think that he could because It was dangerous b6 -3,4 Istated he was placed approxlmately 100 meters b7C -3,4 from the ~b-a-s-e-m-e--n~t-.~I~------~Istated there were about 100 Uzbeks, b7D -1 some to hlS left and rlght He dld not know the natlonallty of the prlsoners ln front of the Uzbeks. b7F -l r-------........... --------~ shot I stated he was ~~----.........,----""'!"'"--... stated he lald out h-e.....,.f l-e-I""'a-.... ....... b6 4 l~n--~t.... .. a-n-a~c-r-a-wled for -3 ~~~~~~urs to the basement, because lt was the closest ' stated that people were shootlng lnto the b7e -3,4 strongn..-o...-a...,-a-n...... there were no other bUlldlngs for coverl Ib7D -1 stated he crawled to the stalrs of the basement, and was then b7F -1 carrled away.' Istated ~here were lots of wounded men, and he heard lots OI VOlces but dld not understand the language. b6 -3,4 b7C -3,4 b7D -1 b7F -l I ~--------T---------,~---------------------------------------------b6 -3,4 wlll be ~tervlewed agaln at a later date b7e -3,4 b7D -1 b7F -1 2 DETAINEES-2026 DOJ FBI-001763