FBI Interview of Detainee at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay

Summary of FBI interview. Detainee talks about privilege/discipline at Guantanamo, "reward" system and classification of detainees based on behavior.ÿ Describes spending time in an isolation unit. NYPD Detective present during interview.

Monday, November 25, 2002
Tuesday, December 14, 2004

P.)·J02 (R~. 10+95)
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Date of transc:ription 11/25/2002
b6 -2,3,4 b7C -2,3,4
I~~~__~~~~~____~____~~__~ was interviewed at Camp b7D -1
Delta, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The interview w d bYb7F -1
FBI Task Force Officer Det. was
The results of the

erv~ew are as 0 ows:
__----......Iwas asked if any changes had occurred in the detainee camp over the weekend. He said that he was
b6 -3,4
given a paper by the guards indicating that there would be
b7C -3,4
four basic classes of detainees with regard to privilege/discipline issues. An isolation unit would be b7D -1 utilized for serious violators of camp regulations. All b7F -1 rewards and punishment are to be based on camp behavior and cooperation with investigators. Rewards that may be given to detainees inclu~e CQ~d water and the ability to store food in their cells.L _ ~ees these new rules as a positive
I . step in solicit~ng t e cooperation of the detainees.

camp b7C -3,4 ~w~~~'t~h~n~u~m~e~r~o~u~s~~~~-=~~~~~____________________________~____-, b7D -1

b6 -3,4 b7C -3,4 b7D -1 b7F -1
t·p_TEl: 11-(;-200-1 Al.L l:!\FCRI'I.':l:C·S C:llle,,:rXE::
CL';:;El:n:::D a::: ~15:'~"111i::;)'::E': ... d:::. C.;-:'.'-~lS1 H:::F;Bl::; :1::; -n.:CLAaSIF7E::: Ex:n: ;:£';S::N; :;..;.: (e) IfilER;: S:-l::.m·j OTK:::r..NI:E !:1£C1:J',as!. .. ~ .:m~ ll:"C..-;:02!
"' Investigation on ---=1::.,:1:.1/-=2::..,:5::...1/-=2:...;0:...;0::..:2::.-_11 Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
b6 -2 Date dictaled
File 11 265A-MM-C99102
by Det ., S!C~E;7_C_-_2________________________
This document contains neither recommendations nolcon:~ions of the FBI. It is the propcny of the FBI and.is loaned \0 your agency;
it and its contellU are nol \0 be distributed ouUide YOlir agency.
.• _. _._ -_ ..._ ~:.-: ___0"::' _ . _ ., ..... _ ~ _ _.. :.., -. DETAlNEES.-3U.7

DOJ FBI-001682

, "'..
FP-302a (Riov. 10·6-95)
. .~
b6 -3,4 Ib7C -3,4 Conllnuation ofFD·)02 of ~ ~b 7 D -1 . On 11/2512 a a 2 . Page _...;2=--_
______!"==========================~b7F -1______________________~ b6 -3,4,5 r­b7C -3,4,5 b7D -1
••-,j , b7F -1
I. ~'II
The interviewer probedl I on his guilt or innocenfe based Of the facts of filS aecalnment. It was mentioned that if_ _was truly innocent, he should have no hesitation answerin an estio~s posed by int~rviy~e~;5 If. ~nb6 -3,4 the other hand, was gullty of some crlme,l_.... _ . j b7C -3,­should admit his e s) and move ahead with his ~ e 1n the b7D -1· hopes of one day being released from custody. I I 7 1 volunteered that he has not been overly enthusiastic about b~inqb F­iptervTewed during Ramadan. With 10 days of Ramadan left, I I
I jpromised that he would be willing to answer any questlons
that this interviewyr nose: :" him, without an "R.T.N." response,after Ramadan ends.l • _jwas told that no promises could be made to him at this tlme W1t regard to when he is called for his next interview.
b6 -3,4,5 b7C -3,4,5 b7D -1 b7F -1
, .

... !' .' .:... ___ ._.•_ ..•.. _. :..... . ....... :.! .. _ .... _.'to. .o. ." -.:,:

fD.30la,(R~", 1().4.95)

b6 -3,4
b7C -3,4 ~-------------------------b7D -1 Continuation ofFD·302 or L______________b_7F..---l---.On 11/25/2002 .Page J...
b6 -3,4 ....

-------------" b7C -3,4
b7D -1
b7F -1
b6 -3,',5 b7C -3,4,5
b7D -1
b7F -1
lwas asked if he ever thought he would be b6 -3,4 going hom~e~.~rt~e~a~s~k~e~a the interviewrr ;: be wa:ted rbe t~uth and b7C -3,4 then said that ~he other detainees_ _ _ f b7D -1
I land this he ps to eep h~m s~rong. He was never as re ~g~ous as he is now. He has been heavily b7F -1 influenced by the other detainees around him.
I ~as reminded of his answer to a questionposed dur~~~n~g~n~~~s-=p~r~evious interview relating to if he had ever met USAMA BIN LADEN. When the interview told him t)lat he (the b6 -3,4,5 interviewer) would like to meet 'and interview UBL,L ... I b7C -3,4,5 smiled broadly and seemed genuinely pleased and intr1gued. He 1~7D-l then asked the interviewer if he would also like to meetl .
I Iwas aske~ aaa;: ~.: he had ev"'e-r--m-e-t"'b7F -1 UBL. While not directly answering it,t L' it would not be unusual for someone to have me
He denied that anyone from the Middle East having met UBL would achieve celebrity status considering the ~~~~---~ sympathizers and followers they both have.
The interview was then concluded.

, \.
-_!.-..... .)... .. _....-,... .. _ ... " • "l.
DOJ FBI-001684