FBI Email re: Response to Steve McCraw’s Email on Detainee Abuse and Maltreatment at Guantanamo Bay

This email is a response to a Bureau wide memo sent by Steve McCraw to illicit information from FBI agents who toured through Guantanamo Bay to report any suspected or witnessed abuse of detainees at Guantanamo Bay. These FBI agents who toured through Guantanamo: 1) dated July 9, 2004; 2) dated August 2, 2004. Both emails describe interrogations of detainees at Guantanamo. The July 9, 2004 emails stated that the author had witnessed 14 interrogations and one (1) involved tactics that were "while not overtly aggressive, were clearly not consistent with Bureau [FBI] interview policy/guidelines" and stated "To my knowledge, there were no FBI personnel involved in that interview". The email of August 2, 2004 states that "the lights had been turned off and a strobe light was flickering on and off, and loud rock music was being played. I estimate that this went on for 30 to 60 minutes. I was told by quite a few FBI personnel that tactics such as this were quite common there at the time This was the only such event that observed directly".

Monday, August 2, 2004
Monday, January 1, 2007

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•. I was situated in the obtervation booth to between -, two interview rooms, 9bseMhg an interview whith included at least-one FBI SA, and- posSibly a .colleague of his from . ane pf the.Other agencies with irivesitgative personnel assigned there at the time The booth was quite chOwded because there were. ; .-
, several individuals present who were observing an 'Interview" in the room on the other tide of the booth: that room, tide detainee was seated in-a ahair and was secured -in the same method as I'd :seen for all of :.
.the- other detainees, snackled at his feet so that he could not leave the room. However, there wasn't much :on becaUse thelights had been turned off and a strobe light:
-t Was.fliaicering on and-off, and --rood estimate. that this went on for.30 to 60 minutes. was told by quite a
.:./Oud rood music was. being played. I few FBI-personnel that tactics such as this were quite common there at the time This was the only such event that Labserved directly_ •
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Re: Group e-mail message from Steven Q: McCraw :received by me an Friday, July 09,.
2004_ . I.
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As a member' of the National Center for the Analysis of Violent.Criene (NtAVC) in•the. Critical fricident -Response Group (CIRG),.1 was assigned to a tourat GTMQ from July-2 -24, 2003:- While there, 1 provided-interview/interrogation advice to FBI. SAs who were i d
nvolve in ongoing interactions with detainees. I -directly observed 14 interviews with 12 detainees. -During one of theSe. interviews (I am not sure which one at this time), fcbserved treatment of another detainee by a different interview team included tactics that while notoverly .
-interviewpolicy/guidelines. To my aggressive, were clearly not consittentwith Bu'reau
knowledge, there were no Fei persOnnel involved in -that -interview. I do not recall at this time ­
the identities or agency affiliations of those who were involved in that interview. •
Starting next Monday, July 12, 20 04, will be in travel.status in San Diego, California, and
Arichorag„,(!04, .1 will be. away for two full weeks, returnin
g to my office cn Monday, July
26: My directIPleplichir
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