Fay Report Annex: Statement of Major General Walter Wojdakowski, Deputy Commander V Corps re: Operations and Detainee Handling at Abu Ghraib Prison

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This statement by Major General Walter Wojdakowski described Abu Ghraib prison environment and general roles of Sanchez, Karpinski and Pappas. There is no specific mention of abuse, and the document is very difficult to read due to poor image quality.

Monday, May 17, 2004
Wednesday, March 2, 2005

1:-or use 01 ow, fofm, 'goo AH 1W-45:the proponent agency Is 0OCSOPS
30 1.; Title S U3:21.3ecticn 2951: E.0 9397 thitc:i Novernaer 22, 194:3 ;E:311;,) -foie 10
AUTHORITY: inforreati,NIrtikei Lk. aer.....notti,
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PRINCIPAL PURPOSE: -r ..•,1 ¦ .¦ 171t rt.
an iidlox;.hAlfaiternvie n -,oa ns icIentification ;t.) faeiiiiate it social ,octinti; hLirnbor IS titi , :d i":! ,1....ROUTINE USES:
L.:,sclosJle t.: 1 Vt,, ,r .,-. -. 4-: ¦ :31set;Uri1r 11J 1 -, tet 1 t, valantaf , -
D1SCL °_SURE. 4 1. NUMPt
2 CiATE t'r -VrritiffLIDDi 3. 'TIME
' 1.0CA'il0t4

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7 GEADC/FTA"...i'T 1, 1f, • . NAME t.101.)1. 17 1k MG
Wf.,,i),NlioWsKi WALTER 1

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A 1.;;\11',F-k
,(NT "itt l'AAKFF THF F01.1.OVV:Nr.1
W.,:ilakw% ski
ss...." (nri)s becamee CTIT.-7, 1 became ihe
¦ 3 V C.(.11)... 0:1 li Jillie \Olen V ... Tlia- ii.tfi.Oth M!' Iirwa.le w;Is placed TACON is CITY-7 on 15 ilaw 2nifi lly Ittly. tl"-
()n ? Septernbc .; 200.1, I lx.timric Ili,: th:71111%; C(.1111nalideE 1:
i)cpun.. Camtnmirder tin-1.iLt.) SA NCH E2'
1'..()Otiltiiiii it. ii:n ire 1-ii !,Iii: in frail --ii.

l',..13.t1111: net:1)11011 . 1 1 11)C ijea;:s). tii:rers ar:d. The stimi.;t base that was in All.IFJAN. Ktsi
t It l. itunts foam Al2IF.TAN and ru:eduid :I' move i , lizii
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CANIP VI.:71 ) ()R1) ."1 -1)1.111(1tli BD!. into our great ,.eetan
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. 1.(2, KiA:ZP:Ni\ 1 .n..-.: kt.--: ' v.1. t ,:nineinn ..:
and in Itite AuguQ she rt:o ¦T..1 :11:: 11)F Ili,r":- hi
Ihl- i.:)Uni, ;I) hi) -.
.,ii....a......'d in ... '.. ,
1.1,..- v.:"ilitii Input to lie: f.)1:',1?.. She seas rated lily BO 1)1.A,!..1()T.41).
ti.ijnii. \-i„. 1.,,r,: . i ,i, e 1 re,., I-. 11,- l i(1 K. Al I'INSE i :Ind Aid i'.
fin all detention iaciliities in lrt.,t!. Sint.


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,r);(33nti ii.ulliority trit.:1 forces made available ftir taski%. iiiinhe.:.i.s.
L is'aeii: %ca.: ,V70'.'-, ii' (1 . 11:-7 - itil .:r.:c :1 i.vetsiciii 'A. I.,
e..isn'.:(1. I kept ahreast ii: ii!) iht
tl-e e.'.ell t(iii einil hie". I 'nit:coo:in:id 2...nit.-: tit nan.iheni. lc ...2...n v 1" , ..ec;)rriplish niis:ii.inT,

ISA fi. 'initiate thrze times a week with eommanciers 1 intilucc;e.enarint. tirilyaeics in C '.1 . 1T -7 ii.iy I. 'Henn ei Taunt -HI Saieilli.i (TC-ghtly AC.SAT iipdieue wi'll In.
..TG Sanchez. he'd a ni T Siiiiri VIP ii sai it:: I ..t.ceile. el. ,: :it; KAI(1)INSKI yen.. ildinii t.o .d.inited.
A:, IL':.: deputy commander, I was responsihic it ovriiscit
Net i.-W: eirtinati...1...1. hei ihe .. , ...11.11.11 .:: riDli.. . ....cic 11-.1. iiiL:ILli...i
(1..)11 ,..:., .inc..

tii..tret.;re itee....1; with Mal Gharaib extensc.i.:Iy :Li in.i.
10. Hill i-nlrei, IL. :t
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III EDT: Ce .. in tilts' nticrrmb. I,. 1,-,:iii ,
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c. W11:1 suprK)rtin,,; Abu (A rat:) and otner :I.:I:10:0n
"•)(0,..i li:1'...;"2-:slit.:1-
,III': ic , :t.il '....:`, Nit,: 1`..:::CiL.L1 - % ¦,_'.• 0 .: 1, -.1 0"
,..-21 -..
: w;Lsi 311. alTI SI IA. ;.1./i. r:N.P1',A .. -
:.,:iir......., :.•... -..r:P.A.', ,I":triic,1 ::.,n1m:In(!"-: :ire 25..-i. I... 1 .,11 .. 2(:ti' ni , .rn (201. PARRISH.
-7 thii,Itighout IR,.o..2. His mil was ,:oleittienini

.....i; i iel....ii '(I .. ...inf.,,, 1I- --I ....LI i. - i i;: l.:. - i- suri,.c.1.5 C i 7
,,, k. i7,-,i, ,-,. 1),..1..:tra.:-.rit ,I.1!)., Inteno4ation, :11111 lfurre:e1 ..,-...,,,...-,...-
s.,-,-. ;_ iiiii .n,-; ., i",1 i;,...,,hr.,..",...., in, ,I ; .; _,,. i ....Li:Li:tiee
1 ",, ccia iuctcd in ,,,,,,,) ..,,eat,,,,is when (-01, pApp.As ,,,,,,
l ) Drat:0e., irehnirotainiin in.t. i :-.o..ns w.......i..: i... : 11 \yr: needed a .a..nt..a: lacility where we t.'utild hold de:aim-xis ;rid searca, tiaili,
, ,.1. "e...il '..i. hairelikeia cc)furriariier. -

(;...: ,._II,. ha.' ..t. W11V. ctnniint Iron,
in the cen:. al to...Li:eon ..1 tn.: Sunni friittrgh. tnici most deteeritia.ts
it `.1 -..:.:-orr,-.4,L:.1 ..H:-.......is IL. r....'ti 1..--ei.l1I.' 1:c .1! ....:iticit. res.iiirees We tiaiii..i:iantly tede-"ollitci:
,in i Aia: C:ii ail) wa s ti,... k.',.) ,....4i ri.:::.''.:.
il a , .....1 ...a 7....._. i.o.T....r I t.-.:1 -' ) "). rc:1 t­
'r ILO I,;l '-; :MI th1 1,11NViint 1)11;.:T;Infig 1',ISC C:!rni)
, 0,

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11:,-,...., aeti cor0.1-.Lition ..1.1l--u tThrsit.
Ali-TIN: :';sIA I'', wit1 .:: ore;ind hi ye: all 11:101/4 tall of RIM' Ii (11d1 I .,
.11t1.1.1 ;111c1":1:
w.1:1;.11 11,111‘1 10n.L. ain ei-ereiliorai: hut some 01 us lc:sources ...ere
c:rt..Trier wt.‘,..:1.. , :...il t:austi. it ru11;7,1 LT
Airputi to un lot ::(..171171L::1..11 hll.lirlt..:::, Cilinp 1:11,-,:.1'W , T1(i sl Ill it m ni
ILL' -(.111)C ¦ . 'nut :••7.
Dehr1elin2 GchIci
: Abu (;t!ritit , Atli: Git ,..al-, ‘.¦.iw, :iko the I.)::),Ni! I I IL-C 1111 -:t.s:JoIll1 ill:VV11 , 12dilt ,,.)II, s'stpro: -inicitp,:u1)::-., iii)F aid tti:: 1: _,....c::: ..,) w,•;kmc v:....-.., l:, kieltainee It' .ri'.
-.;,rd un :he process of handiv
-.„: sl,,fr
,111c1; 'tillll p.11;.: Multi •_
1.1r) SANC1117. was e.sit....errit-al e:nd had ; ,,riii.i.ii et'neetaiions (•ia
icieased 1Ic nave nplicii tositueition,
lie inoialeet ih-ei, ..,:ie ,iii,..,.c-i up io il.a: tiii:c iliici, :. w
(Ai: tritellwence operationc lieleit,..geitinn tTerii:.1tr.IS and wic ad participated in imprnsii -1 111:s r2.1-. flu Lsped ine !i.e.-ir:t.lie.: . 1-...!-'.. eli-tc.) Quick's. nli-"nOty v..sno ii.- ....I villiic and we.: is not. Ile
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t. :.,..-1:1'.r.rr , C ,•,1'.;' It-_I , i'll.', -,'-':/-".'.,..! _I WI_II:; 111.:11k..( --`'il,Uf:: C.'_Ifie!.!.1iite. 1.11'... illtUil: Of the 11,:i_:i . ¦ ,ini...ii..:".. l's'esk.i • 1.. 1.1:1!•.`' N‘.1),( -: s;, , i.y h•II,L-ho, L ::1 , ,P. 5) st.--ii The Rules el Impact:men: :4 ¦ '.. ROL, no: tn.
it.T;11 sy.,ien: l , i;' tcli.,-,irq, ;:etilinetis -it 11.1pecilp:: .:hi-
:.R(30 un ine.:r roptittunii. hi.; ac mai)I .1,- n"--i ;en:Le:her eve; 'scull:5 .11.A.
Mic;;T:Talloll :.:1CS; ¦ v.rtr -;•iihilsiled t7orn the 11:11:1 Ci'
,.:1 200 r:::- L:TL In ;a tarit. in lr.e..). I 1:',0 renternIvr :;:•.:.cta il

n ale't tectiiirier it - see ru. --11.1 1Cd fr .,rieing. the need tc, i.t-d.it al. Likdainee...no al: 1.r.eilic v,-iir i tir.Hx..ei and AP oi.i: ei; cut.f ...,, i,',,tweno,-iinivii..lo...i ,iii-i .iiiitlly c na
l'P.Ac..(7' lc' ::::::itrin‘...tnticrs ri:rat i
r. ,,.:ht rule:, ". 111 1,2 ¦ 1,CLICr.! I l::: process was ti:tiit . int. 1) . con:pick. detahed, U.:(ttough ania Mete ss,... i_.:ceit c:Ic;:t In dcvelopa: the ane. ctn . stariordinaie urn's, rains....1...ng: ¦ . comn:th: 1: include.' ex:era:1;T IiiFL .il revit:w fiti )idni.:uoti wit!: .1 . F-NT IA)N1
13 fiV.H!P.I.
7/1f t . :17,1;;;VG '5 Te.71.14 ,7: 7
-n.;L:sTATEm:N7-. p, Gr A;;Jitfpr:?
1 H.,- 1; 41S Or ....j¦4 pKrc1 M ,z,JG
Th'E LI('TTC,.•/ Cr" EAC, :1!);) ," /0P./,!..i. 1'
ui'.e • L
DA rORM 223. DEC 199 8
AGO 000546
DOD 000634

Carlisle Barracks [AI EL)
-I A KE ki
ae"'STATEMENT (C,rmtirtoaa') ()rclerit. );es. FRAGOS Wc1:: complete briefing:: to our Commander. We would disiributc changes through Fragmentary
pertinent Jinbrmatini.classified to protect and control information flow. but they were written for commanders who could extract
I did knim jhU1::
and pass on•to their soldiers. The 1;RACI0S were not wnttcn to be distributed directly to every sodier. yes. oine prisoners who were getting to Ahu Ghrnih withom the proper taming and screening being accomplished by our inrwari
mitts. We had to tolerate some of this because. giver. it choice. we knew it wail better mi sort out detainees at our central
We knew we had some challenges in the iictitirirr: than forward in hostili area whet e people were routinel);
us places throtign CENTCOM and the Army. We requested more Inicrie , ,ar ii and that is why we requested assistartcc from earic ,,
.-{11MINT suppdrt. The CO I believe expressed this shortayr. to Me Arrny ;Jed I know the C2, BC, FT did as.
Intt•rtireters iuid 1
COI., PAPPAS never came to me ami toid me he euuhin t de the ph due to his personnel sharta.ges. bot we continuovy wcrlied
to mc aiynit DeTS:',1111et shortattn and we redsirihnien
personnel in the best possible way. BC }ARPIN:Ski did complain
peisonnel within C3 IF/ to ifthiress iier concerns '[he MV; !till to relocate some detainees to CAMP BUCCA, to testier,
c'wuuI had s in it it:y discussion. about the risks when

Wt: il
overcrowding and WI , seaS ¦ 1(11:1!lriTt:
ares: of dr mission. Subordinate stait ollicets and commanders provided specifies on the criteria reintitti
couttil, riot know the exackinterviewine requirements

Lvirs in any
timttn!ti the ("2 sail I de,
hire ei.tritractors and hr
I t,iit 'etc nu; corn:mitt:tiers zu,o primary staff toid file a coriiractiT ;I itc ,'sti..2 ..• J!. ;.i nit to.: I 'Iii not have th Ric
or G.:inn-actors.
:1/0'.1.1C1 ATerV;S:gy
ii ' _•In() ;_
V.(A1:11! in a detention facility, hut I did heat about i; ft. ri
C.x con::errini?: en t )(3A :".:curring
:0th vas told An lilv ,,sug;tii;,n was in':

krif..vd( 0I [ wiss foc.i.lsccl on CrIT-7 operations iuml did ant flak:. tilL'
scant-m , a Transfer of Authonty was cormiticted betweek I it
0 ,.•:i ,.;1":zp wrrs; 31-..out mv uge1lon 171 (Jr I February.
VJ-:1-11 and mysell ,e-'
would itl,e In add 1,) :Lc sialeitien:'

t mete eIse
ii inc CiTF-7 Command Group. neither invscilt Vi ),TC,
Utiil ii
eun N.iv, wz1;imil it 'The iliitreatrtierit of any Jet:um:L. And, we quietly and force funk; !tis.'et:Ii ...".. ateLl :my ar,J
v_ :y.:1.11i1L.:::?,_i

"r Itnetiu-rdiTd 111-;I:nr.
\e-t_ t• -00 s't _
Hi:C;IN;z_PAY / :_t,J0'EtijD7 ON r,v,:;:
I• IflidAl f ) 105 It07-7 01\1 OF 1.4;2i-I PAGE
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1C-)_ 17 _My•ci_rvtAV
HGAN;ZATIC.r1_i.nr•RFS ,-
,•, • Arbrvi,3tcring Oat r)
ti ( 'N4). eiZ . 11Cl I_I -311
:* r; Ao-mnisr•—•
115.^r v, •
PACV az. FORM 2323, DEC 799D
DOD 000635