Fay Report Annex: Statement of Civilian Contractor (Titan Corp.); Interrogator re: Detainee Interrogations at Abu Ghraib Prison

Interview of a civilian contractor with the Titan Corp. assigned to Abu Ghraib prison as an interrogator. The gentleman recalls several incidents of detainees being inappropriately treated before, during and after interrogations. He specifically mentions incidents where detainees were stripped and humiliated.

Saturday, June 12, 2004
Wednesday, March 2, 2005

For use of this form. see AR 190-115: The proponent szeo of he Deplet7 Met of for Personnel.
DATE TIME FILE NUMBER 21 Jae CI II•44Abu Gbralb. listbded Inr

GRADE/STATUS Cr•••¦ 41, ". 1.4• Or
at Abu Gbraib, Iraq
Irani to make the following statement under oath:
some o t e ings we talked about yesterday. The people I suggest you look at
As these two gentlemen, I have looked at their files. I sat next to an interrogation ing one day, where he was breaking a tables and chairs in the room with the detainee reputation for breaking the tables in the room.. Look into file 155215 now. One of the first times I interviewed him at the beginrung of Jan 04, he showed me a
He is my detainee ­large bruise to his left forearm that was about six to eight inches long, and he stated he got it from being grabbed and being thrown around. He had a bump on his forehead over his left eye that he related he received that from being thrown into a wall. He said that the interrogator grabbed him and threw him down. He is
evasive and deceptive, but when he is talking about how people have treated him, I tend to believe it based on the stuff that I have hear een. Evidently the people who talkin o him before was w eking him were very hard on him. was the person working him befor I think his
number 1s155800. I woul oo at the interrogation on 12 Jan 04, of is detainee, and talk to the interpreter of that helped interview him. He should be able to give you more info working his brother at the time. His story is very forth corning and very cooperative. Talk t as working another detainee who is the brother of my detainee; this person related to a ce, I think the number is 0 bout this incident. Pull up the fill on this detaine After the first
interview: ays to put this guy in isolation because he is not being forthright in his information s a youn inte Bator, he is very excited and motiv and he believes everyone here should be Token. and interpreter he might have info. as seen a lot of stuff that goes on is an interpreter with Titan as well. He has stated that he has witnessed s me of the interrogators Del ru I do not know if it was abuse. There is another inciden as involved in where one of her detainees, she wanted to degrade him; she strippe made him walk back. She was moved into Bn Ops, and taken out of the interro w mo e about that. I would really look at the files for the detainees o as the
detainee that was allegedly taken and thrown out of the c icle handcuffed. I believe the incident was witness
oy leave in the states and is getting married. You would have to go through Titan to
get rs in was sitting in the vehicle sandbagged, the interrogator who I think might have
bee grabbed him and threw him out of the vehicle to the ground, the interrogator
then yel s at im for all on the ound, and then started dragging or pulling the detainee by the cuffs. This
information came from We were doing an interview and he provided this information out side
of what he was interpreting.
Q. Do you have anything to d to this statement?
A No.il/End of Statement/II

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