Fay Report Annex: Statement of Civilian Contractor (CACI), Screener, 504th Military Intelligence Brigade re: Detainee Abuse at Abu Ghraib Prison

This is the sworn statement of a military intelligence civilian contractor from the CACI company assigned to Abu Ghraib prison as a Screene in mid-December 2003. He states that he did not recall directly observing any abuse at Abu Ghraib. He states that he did, however, see a lot of detainees come to Abu Ghraib abused. One detainee reported an incident of rape and death that occurred in January at Asamiya (Adhamiya) Palace. The interviewee heard through interpreters that the dead brother was killed and hung by Iraqi police. He also stated that a detainee saw an American at the Palace with a flag on his arm.</p>

Wednesday, March 2, 2005

SWORN STATEMENT For use of this form, see AR 190-45: the proponent agency is ODCSOPS PRIVACY ACT STATEMENT (SSN) Title 10 USC Section 301: Title 5 USC Section 2951: E.O. 9397 dated November 22, 1943 AUTHORITY: To provide commanders and law enforcement officials with means by which information may be accurateiy identified PRINCIPAL Your social security number is used as an additional/alternate means of identification to facilitate filing and retrieval ROUTINE USES: DISCLOSURE: Disclosure of your social secunty number is voluntary. WANT TO MAKE THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT UNDER OATH: i 1. LOCATION 2. DATE (YYYYMMDD) 3. TIME 4. FILE NUMBER -Abu Ghraib Detention Facility A FIRS * NAME, MIDDLE NAME 6. SSN 7. GRADE/STATUS CIV 8. ORGANIZATION OR ADDRESS CACI, 504th Military Intelligence Brigade, Abu Ghraib i 9. 1411111111111 -1* When I first arrived, we were given the briefed on teb I arrived at Abu Ghraib in mid December. I was assigned as a screener. , understanding of the Geneva Convention, Military Policy and the Interrogation Rules of Engagement (WOE). I did have a general at Abu Ghraib. I did see alot of the detainees come to Abu CACI policy. I never witnessed or was awareof any detainee abuse Ghraib abused. There was a family who was brought in because they were supposely Fedeyeen_ I would always ask about their them to the medical facility to get checked. There was one incident health problems. If tehy told us they were beaten, we would take of rape wi brother. I wrote the report and sent it up higher. This. occurred in January at ASAMIYA I cently killed him and hung him. I PALACE. d Iraqi Police, was causing this. I hear is not know wh o . One of the indivudalheard this through interpreters cit not official channels yet. I do for operations, who had been abciatd1 he remembers one of the Americans had a flag on him wore fo military side, an wring screenings, Q. Do you have anything else to add to this statement? A. No ////////////////////////////////0///////////////////////////////End of State ment///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// I 10. EXHIBIT I 11 INITIALS OF PERSON MAKING STATEMENT PAGE 1 OF 2 PAGES DATED ADDITIONAL PAGES MUST CONTAIN THE HEADING 'STATEMENT TAKEN AT OF THE PERSON MAKING THE STATEMENT, AND PAGE NUMBER THE BOTTOM OF EACH ADDITIONAL PAGE MUST BEAR THE INITJALS MUST BE BE INDICATED USAPA VI 00 DA FORM 2823, JUL 72, IS OBSOLETE DA FORM 2823, DEC 1998 AG0000293 DOD 000381 AT Abu Ghraib DATED STATEMENT OF 4111111Ijll------ TAKEN 9. STATEMENT (Continued) AFFIDAVIT . HAVE READ OR HAVE HAD READ TO ME THIS STATEMENT . I FULLY UNDERSTAND THE CONTENTS OF THE ENTIRE STATEMENT MADE WHICH BEGINS ON PAGE 1. AND ENDS ON PAGE BY ME THE STATEMENT IS TRUE. I HAVE INITIALED ALL CORRECTIONS AND HAVE INITIALED THE BOTTOM OF EACH PAGE CONTAINING THE STATEMENT. I HAVE MADE THIS STATEMENT FREELY WITHOUT HOPE OF BENEFIT OR REWARD. WITHOUT THREAT OF PUNISHMENT AND WITHOUT COERCION. UNLAWFUL INFLUENCE, OR UNLAWFUL INDUCEMENT. (Signature of Person Making Statement) Subscribed and sworn to before me. a person authorized by law to WITNESSES: administer oaths, this day of at Ahu Ghraib Detention Facility (Signature of Person Administering Oath) ORGANIZATION OR ADDRESS (Typed Name of Person Administenng Oath) UCMJ. ARtiCLE 136 (at/wanly To Administer Oaths) ORGANIZATION OR ADDRESS INITIALS OF PERSON MAKING STATEMENT PAGE 2 OF 2 PAGES USAPA V1 .00 PAGE 3, DA FORM 2813, DEC 1998 AG0000294 DOD 000382