Fay Report Annex: DOD Interview re: Conditions at Abu Ghraib Detention Facility

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Interviewee was assigned to AG on September 15, 2003. Interviewee provided a sworn statement in which he/she stated that at Camp Cropper, "it was well known that detainees who were brought into the facility complained of beatings from members of Seal team 5 and TF 20 personnel.
Stated that a Syrian detainee named Hussein informed him/her that a MP pulled a 9mm pistol and put it to the detainee's head.
Recalled recording possible abuse of another Syrian detainee who may have been hit by MPs, "cutting his ear to the extent that it required stitches."
Recalled an incident where she heard a dog barking and walked into a cell to see a detainee in his underwear on a mattress on the floor with a dog standing over him.
Noted seeing a barking dog in an interrogation cell and refers to this as a 'fear up' technique, and stated that a female colleague told the interviewee that she had stripped an uncooperative detainee and walked from the conex area to the Camp Vigilant area on a cold night of about 30 degrees.
Also noted it was "common practice to use sleep deprivation and sleep management with the detainees. . . .It was also common that the detainees on MI hold in the hard site were initially kept naked and given clothing as an incentive to cooperate with us."
Reported knowledge of incident in which interrogators made a female detainee remove her shirt. Added, "it was common knowledge that [redacted] used sleep deprivation and dogs while he was on his special projects, working directly for Col Pappas."
Reported hearing dogs being used on detainees and MPs referring to "doggy dance" sessions.
Also, described another incident in which two naked prisoners were made to crawl on the floor.

Wednesday, March 2, 2005

SPC 96B 366-94-4697 B Co, 321 MI Bn Dallas, TX
I understand my rights as read and told to me. I wish to waive my rights with the understanding that I can invoke them at a later time if I so desire. I was assigned to Abu Ghraib (AG) on 15 September 03, after staging through Kuwait and a short-term assignment at Balad and the Cropper Interrogation Facility at Baghdad
International Airport (BIAP). During my train up time immediately after mobilization and initial assignments in Kuwait and Iraq I did not receive any training or instruction in Interrogation Rules of Engagement (WOE), the handling of prisoners or detainees, or in
above. However during my assignment at thethe Geneva Conventi n sins to the .
y supervisor and I had conversations about the do's and
Cropper facilit
don'ts of what we were allowed to do and what not to do in interrogations. At the
Cropper facility it was well known that detainees who were brought into the facility
complained of beatings from members of Seal Team 5 and TF 20 personnel. While at
Cropper I did not see any instances of abuse or humiliation. These instances of beatings
After I was assigned to AG, as

were photographed and documented b part of my orientation and in processing, was given a pamphlet to read which contained detailed instructions and definitions of IROE. This was later modified through a new listing of 1ROEs that reflected various authorities required for approval. I had to sign a memo indicating that I had read and understood the WOE. I was assigned as an analyst workin in support of interrogations and later inte ted into a "Tiger Team' as in f the interrogate came shortly after wards. I role to be that as a raison officer, but he was very instrumental in
e ieve
getting better living and working conditions for the Soldiers (sports equipment,
computers, etc). During the first month or so I was limited to observing interrogations
and taking notes. Later on, as a Tiger Team member I took a more active role in the

interrogation of detainees. When I first arrived at AG, it was common practice to use
I do not know how it

sleep deprivation and sleep management with the detainees.
originated or who approved it, but it Just seemed to be common practice. It was also
common that the detainees on MI hold in the hard site were initially kept naked and given
clothing as an incentive to cooperate with us. The detainees in the tent area were clothed.

I am not sure how the decision was made or by whom to make it a common practice to keep some of them n d. I felt it was a MI decision, not a MP decision and seemed to in screening, who was on an ego trip. The section I was in
be made by seemed to h dle the "ash and trash" and we functioned more as secondary screeners to
determine intelligence value.
as brought to us by theMy first interrogation session was in Block ere the interrogators, andMPs and was wra ped in a sheet r the mortar attack, Ias the interpreter. out a week later, of o naked, but clothed in a
partici ate in m second interrogation. This detainee w
as the interpreter. Right
sheet. •d it in the shower area after this the secon version of the IROE came out — the detainees were no longer kept

diet and the
area. It was cold that night, maybe about 30 degrees.
other individual on the carpet over this incident and wanted both given an Article 15.

I do not know what punishment was
_indicated he handled the matter himself.
I knew about agiven, but know that both were removed from interrogation duties.
previous incident involving two interrogators from the 519 th that had been drinking and
went to get a female detainee from the 1B area and made her remove her shirt. The MPs
saw this and reported the matter. The two were relieved from interrogator duties. We
had a change interrogator rules after this — when a female detainee was interrogated, there

had to be another female pros used sleep deprivation and dogs while he was onIt was common knowledge th
his special projects, working recti for COL Pappas after the capture of Saddam on 14old the MPs how to treat detainees. I know that
Dec. .It would rot surprise me i
he had told the MPs that some o edetainees he was interrogating were "bad" -they

had used 1EDs and killed Soldiers. I do not know what he expected when he told the . MPs that, but he might have been suggesting that they yell at them, or such things. himHowever, he might have known exactly what the MPs would or would
d I
use a dog on one other occasion (other than the night of the shooting). were interrogating a female detainee and heard a dog barking. The female was really afraid of dogs and we had to return her to her cell. I went to see what was going on and
etaince in his underwear on a mattress on the floor with a dog standing over him:
tions to the MP, telling him to "take him back horneailk lamas upstairs MP wut I did not see an interpreter in the area.
detain was one o
ould come(Photo 19 t at I viewed is a picture of this incident) hod was sick,
i o our office at times, every other day or so, an
etc. He also told us about dogs being used whit ere close.
o the "doggy dance" sessions.
illited to
several occasion I] . I never
nterpreter. I was with him an as well
m o anything out of the ordinary wtule I was working with m. savill.nille.
liked by the interrogators and interpreters and seemed quiet and shy interestirig tacticsa lot, but was not abusive. He used the "fear up" tee 1 • I a lot and
thou ht all detainees were guilty.
amc to me one morning and said he had to tell me something. The night before
ad come into the office and took to the lA area t h w him something. When heas there and y were all
got there he saw two prisoners naked and on the floor.
yelling at the detainees and making them crawl around on the floc acne

t I would take
disgusted over the matter and left after a few minutes. told
aw me and I
and went to tell
care of it. I could not find,
ornethin but not what it was about ...
think I told him I was going to tell o
in private, as I did not wan
me and said he would o with mc. 1 s ke t.
hear what I was tellin I told bout the incident and that in the future if he saw any MI person in the vicinity of an ng like that, he should tell them to leave immediately. aid he would tell his NCOIC about it. He left and came back later and told me it had been taken care of. I did not tell MI about it, as MI was not in charge of the detainees, the MPs were. I felt that by telling the MPs a t i it would be fixed. I
Alla bout it would be
probably should have told allaabout, but felt that by tellin taken care of at the lowest level. In hindsight maybe I should have told someone in MI
AGO 0 00422

deprivation/sleep management had to be requested and approved.
naked and sleep
that the MPs had started to get more detainee jump suits and sandals flowing in

through the supply system, where before the supply had been somewhat limited. During
this time I became aware of incidents of possible abuse of detainees, reported to me
during interrogation sessions by the detainees themselves. The first involved a Syrian
s 9mm pithanamed Hussein. He informed me that one of the MPs who fledit to the detainee's head. The other detainee, an Iraqi nam
• ne of the interpreters for the MPs hit him, cutting his car to the extent that it an asked the MPs about it and w inf
itches. I saw the inj old me this while I was withfallen in his cell.
e d or not.
o document it in his interrogators notes. I do not know i
was o oriously bad in report writing. Another possible incidence of abuse occ
immediately after the shooting incident. I was scheduled to have a night interrogation
session with a detainee we referred to as "Trigger" who was given a gun in his cell by

e gun there was a shootingone of the Iraqi policeman. When the MPs went to seize d I were in aincident. For a time right after, it was chaos in the arca.
came in and in ey needed everymeeting in the mess hall and
available interrogator and analyst to assist and asked for "volunteers" (I figured the Army
sense of urgent to get information about thevolunteered me). He indicated the aid COL Pappas had givenincident and get it tonight.
ple of days laterally
us blanket approval for hars er methods for that mg t. A
allillsaid COL Pappas had instructed us to use whatever techniques we had to in order to get the required information that night. We got to the cellblock area later and saw that 15 — 20 of the Iraqi policemen had been stripped and lined up and were being interrogated. The MPs showed us the cell where the shooti had occurred. I heard a dog
a all interrogating one
barking and when I went towards the barking, I could se i
ad a team
of the Iraqi policemen and a dog was also in the cell. Latero
Is interrogationmeeting and then went to interro e IPs.
to emp oy e "fear up" technique. Isession as a training session wi n the vicinity, other than seeing
'd not see COL Pappas, in the mess hall earlier. The GTMO team did limited training for us — more discussions on interrogation 111111111111gaye a class on the role of the analyst in interrogations. A
team from ac uca came in after the GTMO team and gave us three days of classes, including Rules of Engagement and the use of sleep deprivation and sleep management. Our process for using sleep management was for the interrogator to request it in writing and submit the request with the interrogation plan. The memo. would stipulate sleep and wake schedules, meals, etc., and could last for no more than72 hours. Once it was approved, a memo was given to the MPs showing the schedule. I do not know how the
I suppose they went by the cells and yelled or noise to keep
MPs kept the noes — as done to them in
ommented that the MPs cou
them awake at the MPsaining, etc). I brought it up thbasic trainin no NCOs or officers
appeared to have no ROES of their own. The MPs TO
on duty at night.
old me that she had an uncooperativeShortly after the shooting incident
detainee that she stripped naked an a ed from the conex area to the Camp Vigilant
AGO 000421.

This was
about it. Within a couple of days I mentioned it t 1111! so di
e threeus were close and
more in confiding in a ' than reporting an in e1n
about the incident and
ater heard that I had told
confided in each othe
asked if I had specifically told about him. I think that mentioned that it was just three MI folks, but did not name names. After the capture of Saddam, our team was given special extended authority from COL Pappas to use harsher techniques. We would still have to request authority by memo, but COL Pappas would approve it. My team never did request any of the harsher methods. Other than what I described above I did not see or hear about abuse or humiliation of detainees. I did not see or hear about unauthorized photos or videos. The NCOs, .cularly the section chiefs, did not condone abuse — this was especially true o I did hear about one occasion in which an Iranian detainee was bitten by a dog, do not know the circumstances or who was involved.
oto 2 File Mark 4: The individual leaning against the wall next wimp
who was part of the 325 th, but worked for COL Pappas at the
is possibl
205'h Hea quarters.

Q: Is there anything you wish to add to this statement? A: No