Fay Report Annex: DOD Interview re: Conditions at Abu Ghraib Detention Facility

Interviewee's Procedure 15 interview is an addendum to his prior interview (Interviewee's title and length of assignment are unknown).
Interviewee stated that he observed a detainee hooded and handcuffed to a railing. When he inquired about the detainee, a Military Policeman (MP) told him that the MPs were short handed and the MP "often had to 'park' a detainee somewhere if they could not immediately return him to his cell."
The second incident he recalled was a detainee, was sleeping on a mattress on the floor in the hallway, handcuffed and covered with a blanket. When the interviewee inquired, he was told the detainee defecated on himself.
Recalled the evening of a shooting in the Hard Site that LTG Sanchez gave a blanket approval for "somewhat harsher interrogation." Stated that during this time an Iraqi Police Officer was taken into a shower room where an MP threw a bucket of water at him "to wake him up."
Interviewee also recalled an incident where a detainee had a gun in his cell and had to be taken by force. During his interrogation, the MPs used a particular MP as intimidation, telling the detainee to answer or the particular MP would return. The MP, at one point, put his hand over the nose and mouth of the detainee (cutting off his airflow). Also, the MP used his collapsible nightstick to push and possibly twist the detainee's arm causing pain. Interviewee added that when the MP walked out of the cell, he told the interviewee he "knew how to do this without leaving any marks."
Interviewee recalled dogs were authorized and used in the facility.
The interviewee also recalled an incident where a detainee was in isolation and one or two MPs and a male dog handler with a leashed, but unmuzzled, dog approached the detainee's cell. The detainee was handcuffed to the cell door, while the dog was allowed to jump up at the cell door, bark and snarl at the detainee.

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Sunday, May 23, 2004
Wednesday, March 2, 2005

23 May 2004
SUBJECT: Procedure 15 Interview
On 23 May 2004, MG George R. Fay andell.11111111.011. interviewee UM During the interview, began to incnmmate himself and MG Fay stopped the interview and read his rights for failure to report, failure to protect a
detainee and dereliction of duty. equested a lawyer. He refused to
any further questions on advice of his counsel.
The following is a statement on whatoIIIIIIrovided prior to his rights being read:
After reading about and seeing ictures of some of the incidents of possible detainee
abuse on the internet wanted to mention some recollections of matters he
observed while assigned at Abu Ghraib.
The first pertains to a picture on the internet of a detainee with a hood over his head
handcuffed to a railing on the top floor. (He was not able to identify the detainee in the
picture). laln/Observed a similar incident on one occasion wheninnlawas
in the area to pick up a detainee for interrogationeMnibbserved a detainee hooded
and handcuffed to a railing. L U sked the MP what it entailed and was informed
that since the MPs were short banded they often had to "park" a detainee somewhere if
they could not immediately return him to his cell. 01111111111111110did not remember the
identity of the detainee or the 'MPOINIOnerlid not report this to anyone as the
explanation by the MP was plausible and this was a common practice due to the shortage
of MPs.
The second matter pertains to a picture on the intemet of a MP 010.111111standing
next to a detainee in a hallway. The detainee (reportedly) had a brown substance spread
over his body. 1111.4.10.nce observed a detainee we commonly referred to as "shiny"
because he would often defecate in his cell and throw the feces around, at time throwing
it at the MPs. (This particular detainee appeared to act very strangely at times and might
have had a mental condition). On this particular occasion at nigh _ saw him
sleeping on a mattress on the floor in the hallway, handcuffed and covered with a blanket. 111111111. asked the MP what was going on and was informed that the detainee had defecated in the cell, covered himself with feces and thrown feces around the cell and at the MPs. The MPs had to take him to the showers to clean him up and clean his cell —
that was shy he was sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Againg111111111111.1
d not report this, as similar matters were a common occurrence with this particular detainee. A similar situation could have been the precipitation behind the photo on the internet.
The night of the shooting,0101111.1was sent in to help with guarding of the Ir i
Police IP M re o lkin to one another.
were there as wel .

DOD 000733

was the senior person on site. The
''rived to the Hard Site, interrogators had been going on for 3-4 hours already. The dogs were being used at the time as well. There was one cell the dog went into. The dog barked but was not close
interrogator was but
enough to hurt the detainet.11111111011 1id not remember who The dogs were

111111111111,does remember that the interpreter was authorized before but by this time, any approval had to go through LTG Sanchez. Duringsense of urgency to conduct simultaneous
this particular incident, there was a
interrogations of the police that had been identified as being involved and word circulated around that LTG Sanchez had given blanket a royal for somewhat blusher interrogation methods for the police interrogations. d not see any written blanket approval and do not remember any one individual specifically telling me that we had a
blanket approval — it was just accepted by all of us). During this time, there was an IP who was taken into isolation and into the shower room to keep him away from the other directed to go back in with
IPs. He was left there for about half an hour. of to the cell, the detainee was falling asleep and one of the
the T. Wh MPs, a bucket of water to wake him up. emipsked if this was necessary, he said ted that the IP was falling asleep and had to
keep him awake. The IP was given a blanket to keep him warm. The third matter also pertained to11.1111111. It occurred after the shooting incident, possibly two to three days after, where in a detainee had a gun in his cell and had it had to be taken by force. There was an informant (one of the detainees) who bad tipped MPs to Iraqi police smuggling weapons and other contraband into the detainees so after the shooting incident, the Iraqi police were rounded up and put into cells. As this was done, the informant pointed out which of the police were involved and which were not. In this particular instance, was working with a civilian interro ator
rillobserved interrogating one Iraqi policeman and alternated
ween coming into the cell and standing next to the detainee and standing outside the cell. lipapparentl y using the MP as an intimidation tactic with the detainee and would tell him to answer questions or be would bringliplirack into the cel:. At one point
imuiput his hands over the nose and mouth of the policeman, cutting off his air flow and not allowing him to breathe, this lasted for a few seconds. At another poin used his collapsible nightstick to push and possibly twist the policeman's ann causing some pain. When r alkezi out of the cell at One point he commented to me that he knew how to do s wt out leaving anv marks. Whet lade that statement I wondered why he would y such a thingell111.1id not report the mama to anyone for two reasons. FirstilWas an interrogator who knew the IROEs ane vas a SSG — therefore, both should have known what was allowed and what was not. Second, it was commonly understood that LTG Sanchez had given blanket approval for somewhat harsher interrogation methods not ecified) for use against the Iraqi police as a result of the shooting incident. never heard some one tell him this specifically. The interpreter withillwas upervisor w
The last maner concerns treatment of a detainee who was accused of shooting an Army Colonel in the head (just walked up to him on the street and shot him). The detainee was in an isolation cell and one or two MPs and a male dog handler with a leashed but unmuzzled dog outside the cell. The detainee was handcuffed to the cell door on the

DOD 000734

The dog was
inside and the dog was allowed to jump up at the door and bark and snarl. on the leas at all times and was not allowed to get close enough to bite the detainee. did not report this because it did not seem to be abuse. did not remember the identity of any of the personnel involved.
111111111.11mentioned these incidents at this time only as a result of reading and seeing pictures on the intemet bringing the matters to mind.
Investigating Officer

DOD 000735