Fay Report Annex: DOD Interview re: Conditions at Abu Ghraib Detention Facility

Memo contains notes from a Procedure 15 interview of official conducted by George Fay and [redacted].
In the memo, the interviewee stated he arrived to AG in early November 2003 as an interrogator.
Stated he had no knowledge of detainee abuse, however, he was accused by [redacted] of throwing a detainee off a truck. Also, discussed seeing photos depicting naked detainees "bunched up together" and identified [redacted] in the photos. Also "recalled a time when detainees were wearing female underwear."
Also, interviewee attested to using dogs.

Non-legal Memo
Thursday, May 6, 2004
Wednesday, March 2, 2005

06 May 2004
SUBJECT: Procedure 15 Interview of
a 2004, MG Geor e R. Fay and al11.11MMIllainterviewediNt
On 06 Ma
as read his rights (abuse of detainee, violation
o interrogation rules of engagement, failure to report that abuse and violation)
which he waived. (DA Form 3881 provided). The interview was completed and a based on the information'',
sworn statement was written b .rovided. etumed back on the 7th of May and based on counsel form his lawyer, refused to sign the statement. I have included the DA FORM 2823 zind a memorandum for record on what "......eid.
11.0111111avas notified of his rights and waived his rights plus made the
following statement.111111MMarrived to Abu Ghraib in early November 2003 as an interrogator. When of his rights and waived his rights plus made the following statemenellifirst arrived HE set HIS living area, a few days later, of his ri hts and waived his nghts plus made the following statement.
eceived a briefing on the Interrogation Rules of En
and I signed the IROE. They were also posted on theme
not recall training on the Geneva Convention but

training during the interrogation school at Fort Huachuca. elt HE un•-i, ••• •_• • -_Convention. HIS immediate m HIS civilian supervisor wa was in a 'ger Team and worked with a an't recall their ames. Maybe their names were id not remember all the translators WO
HE sed most of the translators. Some males some females. Whenj,_ rrived, COL PAPPAS was in charge of the MI unit._ I ra by don't remember what he did._ was so t ere._ • id interact with the MPs when we needed to move a detainees. never spoke to them about interrogation procedures it was basically sma = k. If we wanted to deviate from the Interrogation RuleS of Engagement we had to request it and get the request signed by higher. Interrogations were conducted in the booths, Hard Site, in one of the rooms down stair used for storage and the shower room.. These were all in Tier 1A. Interro•ators also use• a room above the MPs office in Tier 1B. Before the mortars_ as interrogating in Tier 1A. After the incident with the hand un _ was given the mission by
ate the Iraqi Police. This ab in ter did for about a week.
would brief COL PAPPA_ on results._did see the use o dogs during interrogations. (tall male with a beard, civilian) used them during an interrogations after the
DOD 000717

incident with the Iraqi Police and the handgun. ted he knew one needed the approval b LTG SANCHEZ efore usin dogs. id not know if ad approval. aid he di use ie o s once or twice but bmitted a request through
no gave it to_ en rt went to COL P PPA and approved by LTG_he dogs never hurt anyone_was interrogating._ d recall a time when detainees were wearing female underwear._s interrogatingsom e who was wearing the panties. There were a lot of people present; _llPs, JIDC and ICE personnel._ d not remember their names. never witnessed r had knowled e of any detainee abuse other than the time was accused by Linguist of pushin a lin i off a truck. The case was unfounded the were fal!.e allegation._uit when the investigation began. had no knowledg e of any photos being
taken or photos with detainees being abuse. have no
knowledge of any video of detainees. MI to ask
MPs to "soften-up" detainees or give detainees
was then shown some photos in which HE identified_ P and

111111.Linguist on several photos. The photos were o naked detainees •unched up together._ Is•entified in a photo with naked detainees all bunc e• oge er. ung around the Hard Site all the time.
en saw three photos of HIMSELF an The first photo
a a etainee a c air. HE was in front of the detainee an as on thg side. id not recall this photo being taken. didn't rea ize someone had taken this particular photo. aid he never asked the detainee to sit in the position he was in. couldn't recall when the photo mi ht have been taken. Id not know whereiliais now. said that believe she quit after she went to work with 180th IDF. hey were just friends and nothing

beyond that.
MI Investigating Officer

DOD 000718