Fay Report Annex: DOD Interview re: Conditions at Abu Ghraib Detention Facility

Sworn statement regarding detainee abuse. The interviewee identified an individual in a photo stating he always carried a K-bar knife and stated that "the death of the detainee was from integration from MI. She told me it was listed as a heart attack but she knew th[at it] was something else." The statement also says that MPs had to give detainees women's underwear.

Saturday, June 5, 2004
Wednesday, March 2, 2005

1. Here is a verbatim copy of the sworn statement provided b en
I wasat 1325, 5 June 2004, at the US Army Detention Facility, Cam
not allowed to take a computer into the detention facility, therefo the sworn statement in his own handwriting. Following is verbatim, 'red quote from the
handwritten statement:
" 1. To the best of my recollection the individual in the BDD'us in the photo ill/ IIIIIIMIIIF72°° MP 3 rd PLT. Former Marine Corps, Inf._ Norman assigned toAlways had is
convey escorts. He was a friend and former team member
K-bar knife on him.

hat the death of the detainee was from integration from
2. 1 heard fro3
MI. She told me it was liste as a heart attack but she knew the is was something else.

old me that MI and OGA said that they were to keep doing what they
were doing to e detainees because they were talkling faster than ever.

was no one at the time I was there from MI. The
The ni ht of trhe 7 detainees there
photo tha3owed me I did not know the no MP's that was there.

I did not see or to my knowledge know of MI taking photo, making detainees wear
woman's underwear, abusing detainees, or use of dogs for interrogation. Other than
paragraph 3 1 don't know of MI telling the MP's to abuse or soften up the detainees.

6. I was assigned to the ABU Grahib around 1 Oct. 2003 to 4 Feb 2004. I went on leave from 9 Nov 2003 to 30 Nov 2003.
7. I was told that the MP's had to give the woman's underwear because that is all they had.
efence something else was the cause of death.
8. Referance to paragraph
Q. Did she tell you what is? A. She told me that he had been beaten.
9. Q. Is there anything else you wish to add. A. No."
AGO 000525
DOD 000613