Fay Report Annex: DOD Interview re: Conditions at Abu Ghraib Detention Facility

<p>Interview intended to &quot;clarify possibly conflicting statements concerning detainees being stripped naked and held in cells in the 1A area.&quot; Stated that stripping detainees &quot;might have been an interrogation tactic that could have been attempted, but would have required advance approval.&quot; Also stated that he/she heard rumors of detainees being given and wearing women's pink underwear.</p>

Friday, May 28, 2004
Wednesday, March 2, 2005

p.s ,y OV MEMORANDUM FOR RECORD . SUBJECT: Interview of Purpose of the interview was to clarify possibly conflicting statements concemi naked and held in cells in the lA area. Statements b detainees being stn. fleeted that detainees in 1A were often place there for tended to extended periods of time• s merits b . ight have • en e one who designatd tated that. contradict this.. which detainees would be stripped an.n cd. --, A Co,1015-1025, 28 May I conducted a telephonic interview o. 519th MI Bn, Fort Bragg, NC. A call was placed to his cell phone, from my extension at Metro Park filliaria I introduced myself and indicated the charter of the Task Force under the leadership of MG Fay and that it had been directed by LTG Sanchez. I did not provide the actual purpose of the interview, but explained that 1 was attempting to gain additional information concerning possible abuse or humiliation of detainees at Abu Ghraib. 1111.11111Tived at AG circa 25 July 03 and departed just before Christmas 03. He was assigned at NCOIC of the screening section and as such conducted the initial screening of incoming detainees, to ascertain potential intelligence value and/or determination that segregation might be required for security reasons. His section would select to which Camp or area they would be confined (Vigilant, Ganci, 1A, etc). Screenin would thcn ould most have MP escorts move the detainees to the determined location. . often accompany the transfer, carrying paperwork. A handoff was ma e to .s at the receiving end an.digwould then carry paperwork to ICE/Operations. The paperwork would have a ration as to why certain detainees were placed in 1A as opposed to other locations (priority intelligence value, possible threat to handlers, hard to control, etc). Operations would review and could overcall.original site determination if necessary. There was no SOP or established .s whentliprst started working there. He developed procedures 4.them up the in.operations where they were reviewed and accepted by .From an interrogation perspective, there were no set rules about clothing or nudity until the formal IROEs were established. From a MP perspective, detainees were to be issued jumpsuits when available, otherwise they work the civilian clothing they had when they were brought in. .commented that sometimes the MPs would strip search a detainee as part of a secure inspection or response to a tip that the detainee might have contraband or a weapon and could pose a threat. This was a MP, not a MI decision. .at this made sense from a security standpoint (less likely to be a threat, less like y to attempt escape if not clothed, etc.); however, stripping and/or keeping a detainee without clothing did not make sense from a professional interrogation perspective (would be contra to establishing trust and confidence in getting the detainee to cooperate). AGO 000244 DOD 000332 illli said he would be in IA on a random, irregular basis and did not see or hear of any detainees being stripped and kept without clothing for periods of time. He said it might have been an interrogation tactic that could have been attempted, but would have required advance approval. He was not aware of any requests, but was not fully knowledgeable of all that went on in interrogation operations. He added that stripping a detainee as a control measure might have been a tactic used by the MPs as a control measure or punishment, but he was not aware of any particular instance. He commented that there was general gossip floating through AG that some detainees had been issued pink underwear because that was all that was available in the supply system, and that some detainees wore pink underwear under their jumpsuits. He could not name any specific individual who might have told him that, nor did he ever see any detainees with pink underwear. id not see or hear of any abuse or humiliation of detainees, nor did he see or hear k o any unauthorized photos or videos of detainees. 131iNIFX GG 15 AG0000245 DOD 000333