Fax from William J Haynes, II to William Taft, Scott Muller, John Bellinger and John Yoo re: Response to Human Rights Watch

<p>This fax contains a response letter to The Human Rights watch Ex. Dir. Kenneth Roth addressing his points made in an earlier letter to Sec. Def. Rumsfeld about releasing Taliban armed forces from Guantanamo since the war in Afghanistan is over. The letter justifies the detention of &quot;terrorists of global reach&quot; and states that if detainees are transferred, the US obtains &quot;appropriate assurances&quot; that they will not be tortured.</p>

Monday, April 7, 2003
Wednesday, June 14, 2006

HPR-07 -2003 13:52 DOD CIENERRL. COUNSEL 703 6937278 P.01/02 FAX TRANSMISSION GENERAL COUNSEL DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE 1600 DEFENSE PENTAGON ROOM 35960 WASHINGTON O.C. 20301-1660 Fax: (703) 693-7278 To: Hon. WW Taft - (202) 647-4180 Date: April 7, 2003 lion. Scott Muller -V03) 4ii2-1959 Pages: 2, including this cover Mr. John Ballinger - (202) 456-9110 Mr. John Yon - (202) 514-0539 From: William J. Haynes U Phone: PLEASE CALL (703) 697-6028 IF TRANSMISSION IS ILLEGIBLE OR INCOMPLETE THIS PAG4TDOUL =amt." ParvitEGED coratorzom DiPOUTATICE‘ 1INTENDED ONLY ?OP. ?HZ not MTh% ADDRESIO4S1 NAMED OtOYS. YOU AU NOY IRE =Wow kEapDalf Ortuls WSW= Oft ME &MOYER 01 AMY AISSAONSUILE POR DELIVEREIG IT TO Inn MENDED RECDEDrY. YOE, WO IMEZDy NOW= ltUer ANY DISSEAMAIUDY OR CtrYDIO OF THIS PACZAULK ti STRICTLY VROLEarnal EP YOU RAVE YLCIVEDUE15 FACS1m RED? E2E0E,YULASEDOUDIgnIN NOMESEYTELIEmONEANDIOVUUY THE OREANALFACSDAILE TOW AT ME AYOYS ADDSMS VIA INC U.S. ?OVAL MACE MANE YOU. COMMENTS: Copy of response to HRW. WJH aGGIMMUROMENGOr. 638' DOD JUNE DOD055888 APR-07-2003 13:52 • DOD CiENERAL COUNSEL 703 69.Sede P.E2/02 GENERAL COUNSEL. OF THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE 1600 DEFENSE PENTAGON LE..39 WASHINGTON, D. C. 2030i-1600 April 2, 2003 azweruts-cotnam. Mr. Kenneth Roth Executive Director Human Rights Watch 350 Fifth Avenue, 34' Floor New York, NY 10118 Dear Mr. Roth: This is in response to your December 26, 2002, letter to the President and other letters to . senior administration officials regarding detention and questioning of enemy combatants captured in the war against terrorists of global reach after the terrorist attacks on the United States of September 11, 2001. The United States questions enemy combatants to elicit information they may possess that could help the coalition win the war and forestall further terrorist attacks upon the citizens of the United States and other counfries. As the President -reaffirmed recently to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, United States policy condemns and prohibits torture. When questioning enemy combatants, U.S. personnel are required to follow this policy and applicable laws prohibiting torture. If the war on terrorists of global reach requires transfer of detained enemy combatants to other countries for continued detention on our behalf, U.S. Government instructions are to seek and obtain appropriate assurances that such enemy combatants are not tortured. U.S. Government personnel are instructed to report allegations of mistreatment of or injuries to detained enemy combatants, and to investigate any such -reports. Consistent with these instructions, U.S. Government officials investigate any known reports of mistreatment or injuries to detainees. The United States does not condone torture. We are committed to protecting human rights as well as protecting the people of the United States and other countries against terroristsof global reach. Sincerely, William aynes 11 is TOTAL 12 ,02 ...guntasausswasmoor 639 DOD JUNE DOD055889