Emails between Valerie E. Caproni Steven C. McGraw, Thomas J. Harrington and Others re: List of Agents Who Conducted Interrogations at Abu Ghraib Prison between Oct. and Dec. 2003

<p>Emails between m Valerie E. Caproni to to Steven C. McGraw re: List of agents at Abu Ghraib Prison October 1, 2003 to December 31, 2003. Heavily redacted.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004
Tuesday, December 14, 2004

' b6 -1 b7c -1 From Capron', Valerie E (OGC) (FBI) To MCCRAW, STEVEN C (INSD) (FBI) ccQ, Subject FW RECORD 315E-HQ-1404383 Steve,' This is ;the list of agents who were up at the prisoh dunng the period in question t need to reconfirm w/ director that he wants them interviewed Let's talk about general parameters that should be covered VC, ' QOriginal Message-- From BRIESE, M.0 (Div13) (FBI) Sent vyednesday; May 12, 2004 5 42 PM To 'Capron', Valehe E (Div09) (FBI), HARRINGTON, T J (Div13) (FBI) ' Subject FW II DEcriAggIErgn:137. ON 1.1-C14:=2DG 4 Eto:Timertzt RECORD 315E-HQ-1404383 Valerie, See attached Let me know if you need more Chns Messane----b6 -1. FrorniQ I(Div13) (FBI) b7C -1 Sent Wednesday, May 12, 2004 444 71 1(Div13) (FBI)Q I(Div13) (FBI), BRIESE, M C (Div13) (FBI) , Cc ,BATTLE, FRANKIE (Div13) (FBI) Subject FW MECRW4044342CETIC RECORD 315E-HP-1404383 1 As requested, attached is a list of all agents who;conducted interrogations at Abu Ghraib from 10/1/03-12/31/93 Q 1 ,Q' Any problems or questions, please call or email Thank 'you, DETAINEES-1666 /6, (pC0 — - b6 -1 b7C -1 ' SENSITIVE BUT UNCLASSIFIED NON-RECORD Spike, VC 2Original Message--Frorri BOWMAN, MARION E (Div09) (FBI) Sent Thursday, May 06, 2004 1 03 PM To daProni, Valerie E (Div09) (FBI), Curran, Sohn F (Div09) (OGA) Subject' Torture allegations SENSITIVE BUT UNCLASSIFIED NON-RECORD I The recent discInsiirec of mistreatment of nrisonei . s in Irani b5 -3 b5 -3 b5 -3 b5 -3 b5 -3 b5 -3 b5 -3 DETAINEES-1672 -{0.4SG004 RT,F It Page f b6 -1 b7c -1 li:Lte4RGOttNIC/11 1-(5) 'RECORD 315E-HQ-1404383 FYI, As requested, attached'is the most recent update to the spreadsheet regarding the FBI interviews conducted in Iraq ; Currently we are compiling the list of interrogators during the period I will forward the list when completed between 10/01/2003 thru 12/31/2003 b6 -1 b7C -1 Any:problems or qbestions, please don't hesi6te to call or email Thank you, FROM Multiple S . 'DECLASS! MPTION 1 SECQCON,NO FROM Multiple So DECLASSI MPTION 1 'SECRQON,NO .DQr FROM Multiple Q .DECLASSIF EMPTION 1 SECQON,NO D FROM Multiple So DECLAS PTION 1 SECRET DETAINEES-1671 b6 -1 b7C -1 From Capron!, Valerie E (OGC) (FBI) To BRIESE, M C (CTD) (FBI) cc. ; Subject RE FBI Iraqi Intervieirs • 1.:EteiRe,041 RECORD 315E-HQ-1404383 chris, nothing!was attached .A prior email from Tom Harrington said that you qUeried all the OSC to see if any had heard anything about abuse of detainees Did you do that via email? If so, can you have someone send to me (via email is ok) your request. and all the responses, pis VCI1 1 IOriginal Message---- Froni BRIESE, M C (Div13) (FBI) SentQWednesdav,IMayQ12, 2004 5 38 PMI, , b6 -1IToI (Div13) (FBIII I(Div13) (FBI), BATTLE, b7C -1I;FRANKIEI AR -N ON, T J (Div13) (FBI), Capron', Valene E (Div09) (FBI) I (Div13) (FBI) Subject RE FBI Iraqi IntervieWs VittX6'.dkiW'OratWbOVOttaie:444Iti tr=1:161615"a4bift -A*A52.0q4 91 'RECORD 315E-HQ-1404383 Valerie, I i Latest version Chris I 2Original2Messaae---- b6 -12 From 2 I (Div,13) (FBI) b7C -12Sent VVednesday,:May 12, 2004 1 50 PM To BRIESE. M C '(Div13 3/4 (FBI)!2 I (Div13) (FBI), BATTLE, FRANKIE (Div13) (FBI) 'Cc'2 )(FBI) 'Subject FBI Iraq i Interviews ; ;E#tteReetiicts RECORD 315E-HQ-1404383 DETAINEES-1670 • DOJFBI-002255 Page 4j !2 '' 1 I2 b6 -12 b7C -1 4 FROM Multiple DECLASSIF EMPTION 1 SE FORN , D - •2FROM Multiple "DECLASSIFI EMPTION 1 SEC FORN 1 DECLASSIFI t" • o XEMPTION 1 SE FROM Multiple DECLASSIF EMPTION 1 SE OFORN ;OM Multi. - _ • • DETAINEES-1669 /66 IQ DOJFBI-002254 Page'3' — • b6 -1 b7C -1 b6 -1 b7C -1 b2 -1 b6 -i b7C -1 1 I To Capron', Valerie E (Div09) (FBI), HARRINGTON, T J (Div13) (FBI) Subject FW --is) RECORD 315E-HQ-1404383' Valerie', • I attached is a spreadsheet of the interviews conducted in Iraq Let me know if you need more Chris 2bribinal Messaae l1 Front)l IDiv13) (FN) Set Mnndav may29nn41 10 47 AM To Il iDiv13) (FBI), BRIESE, M C (Div13) (FBI), BATTLE, FRANKIE (Div13) (FBI), BATTLE, FRANK Subject 3II:32LiwiNeitlalthE RECORD 315E-HQ-1404383 FYI,!l' As requested, attached is the spreadsheet regarding detainees interviewed in Iraq Any:problems or questions, please don't hesitate to call FROM Multiple S DECLASS! MPTION 1 SECR I FROM Multiple DECLASSIF EMPTION 1 SEl'OFORN DERIVED FROM Multiple Sources DECLASSIFICATION EXEMPTION 1 SECRET//NOFORN DETAINEES-1668 /CtsGg Q Q b6 -1 b7C -1 l(MSG003 RTF Page 2- I Q Original Message----1 b6 -1. Frorni2 I (Div13) (FBI)2i Sent Wednesday,; May' 12, 2004 12 19 PM , I b7C -1 . To I(Div13) (FBI) Su sect Fw 1 1 i:122214,142.21 RECORD 315E-HQ-1404383 ;2i ' ! I2, b6 -1. 'See request for additonal info on our i terviewee spreadsheet thanks, Tom I b7C -1 2Original Message-- FroM BRIESE, M C (Div13) (FBI) Sent Wednesday' May 12, 2004 10 37(M b6 -1lTol I(Div13) (FBI)2 I(Div13) (FBI) b7C -1lSubject FW RECORD 315E-HQ-1404383 Need more lOriginal Message---- From Capron!, Valerie E (Div09) (FBI) Sent Wednesday,' May 12, 2004 9 57 AM To BRIESE, M C I(Div13) (FBI), HARRINGTON,IT J (Div13) (FBI) Subject RE ' :1:plriggetrzciaCQ . , RECORD 315E-HQ-1404383 , IQ I i ' Is this the final of the draft spread sheet Tom gave me on Monday') 1 i ilWe still need to kriow the names of all agents ¦nrh have been TDY'd to Iraq and the names of all agents who:ccinducted interrogations at Abu Ghraib from 1011/03-12/31/03 i I Thanki,2 Valerie i ; 2Original Message-- From BRIESE,l(Div13) (FBI) Sent Wednesday, May 12, 2004 8 38 AM DETAINEES-1667