Emails between Valerie E. Caproni, Marion E. Bowman, Patrick W. Kelley, and Others re: Combatant Status Review Tribunal at Guantanamo Bay

<p>Emails between Valerie E. Caproni, Marion E. Bowman, Patrick W. Kelley, and Others re: Combatant Status Review Tribunal in Guantanamo. Discusses status of the tribunal process for four enemy combatants; one e-mail notes disappointment &quot;when the Taliban combatant was docile and cooperative -- I was hoping for some action&quot; [Mentions/refers to the Secretary of Navy and the FBI Senior Agent].</p>

Friday, July 30, 2004
Tuesday, December 14, 2004

(MSG001 RTF • Page 1 b6 -1 b7C -1 b6 -1,2 Fro GC) (FBI b7C -1,2 To Lurk) (1) cc ..;aproni, vaiene t (OGC) (FBI), Curran, John F (OGC) (OGA) Subject RE Combatant Status Review Tnbunals i UNCLASSIFIED NON-RECORD I Lets discuss I know you need some time to gel ready family wise Given that only 2 are b6 scheduled j departure date of August 9, couldn't we hold off until then? How does uled beforeiyour projected b7C -1 CTD/MLDU feel about thisi I I . , 1 I I , , 1 On mal Messa e-1.-- , i i From (OGC) (FBI) b6 -1 Serit ri av, , 04 11 09 AM ' ; b7C -1 To I I(OGC) (FBI) Cc 1 Cdproni, Valene E 1 (OGC) (FBI), Curran, John F (OGC) (OGA) , Subject FW Combatant Status Review Tnbunals I 1 UNCLASSIFIED 1 NON-RECORD I Do you want me to leave earlier? From CTD) (FBI) Sent ndav, July 30, 2004 10 21 AM I To (CTD) (FBI) ICTD) (FBI) b6 -1 CTD inrzni 111 J(CTD) (FBI), b7C -1 c CIU) (1-14 CTD) (FBI)I (M , (WF) (FBI), (Al I (FBI ) (FBI), (FBI) (MP) , FBI) I , SubjeCt C nlUdIdIll WI Review Tribunals , The SECIDEF signed the execution order yesterday afternoon, 7/29 * 1 b6 -4 b7C -4 *1 The first tribunal will be this afternoon, 7/30, at 3PM The first detainee isl The second tnb'unal vviIl be on 8/4( when the SEC DEF will be in GTMO The second detainee is yet to be determined ORMA3/.:11. :•ii-‘2071:n/NE D UNCLASSIFIED , UNCLASSIFIED D8TAINEES-17,17 /-)/ DOJFBI-002303 b6 -1 :b7C -1 b6 -1 'Fr b7C -1 T cc C) (FBI) OGC) (FBI), Curran, John F (OGC) (OGA), Capron', Valene E (OGC) (OGC) (FB) ' ''1 Subject FW OMC - Military Tribunals ; UNCLASSIFIED NON-RECORD FroM CTD) (FBI) Se To 1 CTD) (FBI) Crir) (FBI)( (OGC) (FB)) ( ((FBI) ij b6 -1 c CTD) (FBI CTD b7C -1 (M (FBI)(me) (FBI) (WF) (F ) (FBI) SF) (FBI) JN) (FBI) Subject OMC - Military Tnbunals I i i •I 1 Per the JTF, jtist to confirm what was released in the media this morning — the first four detainees will have their initial appearances before the'Milrtary Tnbunals here in GTMO during the week1 of 8/23 i $ 1 1 : • The actual tnals are anticipated to start approximately six weeks later UNCLASSIFIED ' I ALL INFORKA...tION CONIAINEF: RE FEIN ' g . UNCIAE£IPS:iD 1:41.514 11-ta-utr4:ey 635797:Pi/V:.-S.eliig:a*cv-41s1 1' DETAINEES-1719 I ' ' n el DOJFB1-002305 1_' b6 -1 b7C -1 , 1 ({MSG002 RTF I 4 I 1 t I Froin I(OGC) (FBI) To !Capron', Valerie E (OGC) (FBI) Subject RE Combatant Status Review Tribunals I 1 ,1! , UNCLASSIFIED NON-RECORD 1 , i i 1 i 1I reviewed 6 faxed summanes yesterday each with about 8 source docs —they were all relatively easy 1i , 1 ---iOnginal Message-- '1From ICaproni, Valene E (OGC) (FBI) Sent Friday. July 30,2004 1.1 59 To 1(0GC) (FBI) Cc Curran, John;F (OGC) (OGA) I Subjeet RE Combatant Status Review Tribunals I 1 I1 , i UNCLASSIFIED NON-RECORD b6 -1 cc b7C -1 b6 -1. OGC) (FBI) b7c -1 I Page 1 Not exactly starting DUI at a 50/week clip --I-0 From Se To Cc apron', Subject FW (OGC) (FBI) 1,1 09 AM (OGC) (FBI) C) (FBI), Curran, J hn F Combatant Status Review Tribunals b6 -1 b7C -1 (OGC) (OGA) UNiCLASSIFIED NON-RECORD Dclyou want me to leave earlier? -'Fro Se To nom! Messaae-L1-- CTD) (FB ) OGC) (FBI) (CTD) (FBI) ) (FBI)I (CTD) (FBI)," I b6 -1 CTD) ;(FBI (MM) (WF) (F (FBI), ) (FBI), (MP) (FBI) I Subject Combatant Status Review Tribunals , CTD) (FBI)11 KC) (M IMI (FBI b7C -1 The SEC DEF signed the execution order yesterday afternoon, 7/29 DETAINEES-1718 DOJFBI-002304 18 7 '3.E 4ifEll' 1{(MSd017 RTF ,Page 1 :7‘ -N, ,'ti''' , 1 1 I b6 -1 I I b7c -1 b6 -1 I Fro (OGC) (FBI) b7C -1 To , apron', a erie • C) (FBI) cc KELLEY, PATRICK W (OGC) (FBI) Subject Gitmo ' ' SENSITIVE BUT:UNCLASSIFIED Referral/Direct NON-RECORD • WO, I don't think I embarrased you as your personal representative in the Secretary of the Navy entourage I heard the bnefing for the Secretary' on the status of the Combat Status Review Tribunal process( ) 111 nd the as mira in c arge of the operation praised the FBI as the model of cooperation FBI senior agent was in the room (I know hi well from his HO time), he said that FBI on-scene presence and dedicated assets—pnmanly him and b6 -1' ere the reasons FBI was able:to turn themiaround quickly bl b7C -1 Got a tour of Delta like you and, despite the fine ocean view, agree that it is not the place to vacation SaW about one half of a tribunal heanng and was disappointed when the Taliban combatant was docile and cooperative-II was hoping for some action , it gotiback 7 30 last night-12 hour evoltuion Thanks for letting me go - b6 1 b7C eneral Counsel I'b2 -1 HEFEZPI' u.iic.LAszik#z .Exttei till ERE . it'OT HE RNI4E. SENSITIVE BUTUNCLASSIFIED I I 4 1,51 5t:CRE?' DETAINEES-1720 72;0 DOJFB1-002306