Emails between Valerie Caproni, M.C. Briese, and Thomas J. Harrington re: List of FBI Agents Who Have Conducted Interrogations at Abu Ghraib Prison from Oct. - Dec. 2003

<p>Email between Valerie Caproni, M.C. Briese and T.J. Harrington re: Names of agents who've been TDY'd to Iraq. Email also mentions a need to know the names of all agents who conducted interrogations at Abu Ghurayb, Iraq during October 1, 2003-December 31, 2003.</p>

Wednesday, May 12, 2004
Tuesday, December 14, 2004

({MsG002 RTF Pege11 b6 -1 b7C -1=•= ' From daproni, Valene E (OGC) (FBI)=; To BRIESE, M C (CTD) (FBI), HARRINGTON, T J (CTD) (FBI) cc=; Subject RE RECORD 315E-HQ-1404383 ; Is this the final of the draft spread sheet Tom gave me on Monday? We ibIl i need to know the names of all agents who have been TDY'd to Iraq and the names of all agents who conducted Interrogations at Abu Ghralb from 10/1/03-12/31/03 Thanks) Valene =Original Message-- Frorii BRIESE, M C (Div13) (FBI) Sent' Wednesday, May 12, 2004 8 38 AM=, To Caproni, Valene E (Div09) (FBI), HARRINGTON, T J (Div13) (FBI) Subject: FW 3:4itr4T44.4aer , pn:;14."9:4:2004. RECORD 315E-F9-1404383 Valenel i attached is a spreadsheet of the Interviews bogducted in Iraq Let me know if you need more 1=1= . ; Chni. 1= 1 =Original Message--=. =. Frorril= 1(Div13) (FBI) b6 -1= Sent Monday. May 10. 2001 10 47 AM =' ' b7C -1 Tot= (Div13) (FBI), BRIESE, M C (Dtv13) (FBI), BATTLE, FRANKIE (Div13) .= i 1 (F I), BATTLE, FRANK Subject: RECORD 315E-HQ-1404383 FYI, 1 As requested, attached is the spreadsheet regarding detainees interviewed in Iraq .=. .= I Any Problems or questions, please don't hesitate to call . Thank you='= , DETAINEES-1680 /680 DOJFBI-002265 . 1,({MSG002 RTF Page 21 ' b6 -1' •I" b7C -1 ,' b2 -1 b6 -1 b7C -1 ROM Multiple DECLASSIFI *ley=-• *, EMPTION 1 S OFORN FROM Multiple D -FROM Multiple 'DECLASS! MPTION 1 SEC ORN DETAINEES-1681 /(9S 1 DOJFBI-002266