Emails between Thomas J. Harrington, Frank Battle, Arthur Cummings, and others re: Instructions to Guantanamo Bay Interrogators

This FBI email mentions disagreements between the DOD and the FBI on how to handle interrogations of detainees at Guantanamo bay. The FBI is advising DOD on techniques that were ineffective in producing reliable intelligence. Email cites example of DOD methods and notes that the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) wrote an electronic communication explaining FBI versus DOD methods of interrogation.

Monday, May 10, 2004
Tuesday, December 14, 2004


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{IR) (FBI) b6 -1

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From: I tOiV13) (FBI)
Sent: L..:oM~o-n""!'da-y-,~M~aY~10~,":2~004 12:26 PM b6 -1
To: HARRINGTON, T J. (Div13) (FBI ... _______. r--_.b_7C_-_1____-.

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Cc: BATTLE, F'NKI~ COh,n' cFR,,1 ~IR) (FellI t (Div13) (FBI):! rDlv13) (FBI~ FD'V13) (FBI); CUMMINGS, ARTHUR M. (Div13) (FBI) ......---------'
Subject: Instructions to GTMO interrogators.
~ECQRD 315N·MM·C99102
I will have to db some digg~ng int~ old file

Enforcement techniques) vs. 000. Both agreed the Bureau has their .way of dong business and DoD has their b6 -1,2 marching orders from the Sec Def. Although the two techniques differed drastically. both Generals believed they b1C -1,2 ?ad a :gb +g ?~C9i1PliSh. It was our mission to gather critical intelligence and evidencel I
I ~in furtherance of FBI cases. In my weekly meetings with DOJ we often o,scussed[ I .~and how the~ were not effe1eB~r ~dUC;n9 Intel that was reHabIe. I rSES).!~~ES~ I(now SES at the time) and SES ApPOintee) all from OOJ ) . nmma ivision attended meetinos with . e all agre were oing to be an issue In the military .. commission cases. I kn~wJ ~ro~ght this to the ~ttenuon 0L....,__~
Gpp :mr:jfiC eX~:~lr ~lJ"""lonce the Bureau provide DoD with the findings
b5 -1
.. ",4,S ..ere 6,,,n a so. _adline to use ourtraditional met~ce
:~~ =~'4,5 ~~~t~~~:~f/~t~~n~~~~et~fjd out of the )i~t~~e:;lJucCQ the OQi~~OwoUi
b7F -1 of the process. . . .. ..' .., ..................... I. ~I ) I went to GTMO on one occasion to specifica~ress theit:\foImationcOriiirlg f;'~;;:' I r-lvIte (000 3 Star Geoff Miller, FBI, CITFl........,Ptc)had aVTC with the Pentagon Detainee Policy Committee.

the VTC. er a oWln 0 pro uce no mng, Ina Iy VOl e my o~conceming the b1 Information. The conversa Ions were somewhat heated.' 'agreed with me. L.,.J1nally ad'tlltted tbe b5-1 Information was the same info the Bureau obtained. II still did not prevent them from continuing thei Ib6 -1,2.S methods". OOJ was with me at GTMOI ~ur;ng that time. b7C -1,2,5
Bottom line is FBI personnel have not been involved in any methods of interrogation that deviate from our policy. The specific guidance we have given has always been no Miranda, otherwise, follow FBIIDOJ policy just as you would in :tour field office. Use common sense. Utilize our methods that are proven (Reeo school, etc).
If you would like to call me to discuss this on the telephone I can be reached aq .._____....I1 b2 -1
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ji~~I!f::I.e; ~~~C~f.3~I?'~B!): It;-:-:E E!9I2M2004 r:~.T~!· ~!(r~2~-'(),:]'1 . !,~~F.li1: l'!l?!m OTIt~~I~I:-;~
~I.;~it~l ~!~;:il~ :~i.~.?~~.~el. ~~"'.~d';:jlJ~~~41S.~
ReASQff~ ''lj... ·:t:r
DOJ FBI-001373

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From: HARRINGTON, T J. (Divl3) (FBI)
Sel')ti MOndav , May ,~, 2004 9:21 AM
To:l _(Div13) (FBI) b6-1
Subject: RE: pis confirm b7C -1


We have ~is information, now we are trying to .~o ~VQpd did we eV:;;Qllt;tQJOIri;i09 in ftn EC, memo, note or bneting paper to our personnel our position that we were pursuing our traditional methods of building trust an a retaoonsnlp WI n su jedS: om
From: ~DiV13) (FBI) b6-1 Sent: on ay:ay~2 04 10:52 AM b7C-1 To: HARRINGTON I J, DlYl3) (FBI) Cc: Div13) (FBI); BATTlE, FRANKIE (Div13) (FBI); BOWMAN, MARION E, (Oi
SUbject: RE: pis confirm

BAU at the request of the then (GTMO Task Force, ITOS1) wrote an EC (quite long) explaining the bS-1 Bureau way of interrogation vs, DoDs methodology, Our formal guidance has always been that all ;:celCOQd:!ct ::emSPI;S in interviews in the manner that they would in the field.1 I b6 -2
, ___ ._ _ __ __ ~Iong With FBI advised that the LEA (Law Enforcement AgenCies) at b7C-2 I were no In e prac ce of the using' Imd were ~nlonresults
obtained from these interrogations werel i BAU explainedL-..,.jFBI has been
I \ successful for many years obtaining confeSSions via non-confrontational interviewing techniques. b5 -1

b6 -2
We spoke to FBI OGC with oUf cgncems I also brought these matters to the attention of DOJ during detainee meetings with .._____________....~xpress their concerns to b7C -2
, I ~as a. copy of all the inf9rmation regarding the, BAU LHM, .1 believe she ~as provided that to b6 -1 TJ Harrington, b7C -1
I may have more specific information in my desk at HO, I will search what I have whe~ I return (5/17),
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From: HARRINGTON, T J, (Div13) (FBI)
Sent: Monday, May 10, 20044:33 AM

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~.;RA:I~FRANKIE (Div13) (FBI);r-I----...I(DiV13) (FBI)I...___-.I
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L _ ..___
Div13) (FBI)
u ~e: : pis confinn

Please review our control files, did we produce anything on paper??? ----Original Message---­} From: caproni, Valerie E. (DIv09) (FBI) b6 -1
Se~09'2004 2:31 PM

To: . . (DiV09~ (FBI); HARRINGTON, T J, (Div13) (FBI)II.._____.... b1C -1
SE "REr~
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DOJ FBI-001374

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(Olv13) (FBll I(Div13) (FBI) b6 -1 SUbject: pls"'co"n~firm-----"'" b7C -1

I think I've heard this several times, but let me ask one more time: b1 I I.~ ,

Has there been any written guidance given to FBI agents in either GTMO or Iraq about~II ~, " ,.....Lu=:;;~~.I.."~'tI dear" b/c of the interrogation techniques being used by DOD or DH1--J
1-': 'I
b5 -1


DERIVEP FROM: G-3 FBI Cla!i~Jfi~tior!.Y_u.idLG~ dated 1f~-.EQtejgn_C_o.Yr:'lJ.erlntellig~n~In'Lestig~tion~ DE~$_SJFJCATION EXEMPTlQN 1 SECRETf/ORCQt-l,~P.fORN
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