Emails between Navy Officers re: Abuse Investigation

Navy Criminal Investigative Service Officer asks about two brothers who were held in Iraq stating that when he saw them they looked "pretty shaken up (shivering from cold and laying on concrete all night). It appeared they had gone through a few days of treatment as it was”. The emails ask whether there is an investigation into these abuses but there is no more information.

Friday, June 25, 2004
Sunday, May 14, 2006

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irarmirto4,:03 AM
RE: Abuse investigation
In light of the sensitive nature regarding the recent events at Abu-G, I had no choice but to inform
my chain-of­command someone had contacted me with questions regarding the abuse of prisoners I interviewed. As you can imagine, as an investigator yourself, lots of questions were raised. I'd (NCIS would) like to know what of inquiry your agency in conducting? Please advise when and if possible. Thanks,11111.11,
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Sent: Tuesday, 22 June, 2004 22:16
Subject: RE: Abuse investigation

My information, as best that I can remember is this. I think it was on New Years Day 04, CPA-Cl got a phone call from a TF-121 Intel Warrant (don't remember the exact rank or name). He said 5th group had some guys detained who were in possession of a computer and flash disk with CPA docs stored on it. A few of us drove out to the 5th grp focal and talked to their intel folks_ Eventually, that same day, I and another agent spoke with these guys with one of our interpreters, but did not interview them. The contact was less these than five minutes. We simply told them we would be back the next day to speak with them. When I first saw them, both were t the 5th grp local.
rviews lasted approximately 15-20 minutes,I returned the next day and interviewed bot . Both interviews
nothing out of line was done. Both brothers were cognizant, but seemingly very uncomfortable. A doctor came by and checked these guys just as we were wrapping up. These guys were pretty shaken up (shivering from cold and laying on concrete all night). It appeared they had gone through a few days of treatment as it was. One brother had a swollen foot the size of football due to diabetic issues and had to be lifted into the back seat of a Hum-V. 5th grp kind of dumped these guys on us, i.e., we really had NO involvement as to why they were brought in (I think 5th grp said the Polish Grom did the original hit). Our only connection was the computer files and docs relating to CPA. At some point, I remember 5th grp
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saying these guys were involved in IED manufacturing. They did have some docs in their possession to
support this claim, but IED's were not our gig or jurisdiction. We accepted these guys questionably. In
retrospect. we should have picked up the computer files and docs and left after speaking with the
brothers. About one month later, we tried to work a spin-off project to target an alleged associate of the
brothers, but were warned to step back by 5th grp Intel who were already targeting him.
Our names (mine) were added as a point of contact because we were hoping the Abu-G intel guys would
conduct continued interviews on the CPA associated docs and files. We were not set up to take
custody of prisoners, but were assured the booking process was easy. 5th grp intel prepared the booking
paperwork perhaps a little to hastily to get these guys out of there small detention yard. Army transported
them and we fell in between the Hum-V's on the way to Abu-G. This was.the only time (when I was there) that we booked someone into Abu-G. Hope this helps..„111111111
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Sent: Tuesday, 22 June, 2004 20:47
Subject: RE: Abuse investigation
Oh yes thelliMiprothers. I referred to them by their tribal name on an IIR I wrote on them.Definitely have some info, is it okay to send over N1PR?
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SenP11, 18 June, 2004 22:44 Subject: RE: Abuse investigation
did quite a few screening interviews in country. The names are vaguely familiar, but I"m unsure as to the cause of the round-up. Also, not sure about any agency investigations about this matter.
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Sent: Wednesday, 23 June, 2004 20:09
Subject: RE: Abuse investigation

I didn't save copies of my IIR's on any type of long-term media. You could have any Intel analyst in country do a
search in the HR reporting database using the brothers tribal name and/or searching "CPA computers," or something similar. I'm sure your intel guys at AbuG can do this. This is how 5th grp intervened in my efforts about one month after booking the brothers in to Abu-G. -I published an UR about a potential associate of the brothers and their analyst picked up on it and requested we stop targeting the associate. Also, the TFCICA (I think this is right) is in charge of publishing DOD IIR's in country. They are going to have a huge staff with access to all
lIR's. To be honest, the paper I wrote on the brothers was very short and reactionary only, the information was
already out. I've nearly written more (text) below than was contained on the original outside of potential names of
associates. That said, I know you need the original. Please keep me updated as to-progress of your investigation.
Thanks, OM
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