Emails between Kenneth Wainstein, Valerie Caproni, Robert Mueller and Others re: Preparation for the Director's Up-Coming Congressional Testimony Concerning Abu Ghraib Prison and Guantanamo Bay

<p>Preparations for The Director's Senate Judiciary hearing on 5/20/04 Concerning the Treatment of Prisoners, i.e. Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo.</p>

Friday, May 14, 2004
Tuesday, December 14, 2004

((MSG012 RTF b6 -1 b7C -1 From WAINSTEIN, KENNETH L (DO) (FBI) To Caproni, Valerie E (OGC) (FBI) cc MUELLER, ROBERT S III (DO) (FBI), PISTOLE, JOHN S (DO) (FBI), KALISCH, ELENI P (OCA) (FBI) Subject 101G UNCLASSIFIED NON-RECORD Val, Paul Martin of the OIG called to say that they received a letter from Cong Wolf requesting that the OIG send a team to Gtmo to do a study of the handling of pnsoners there Paul told Wolfs staffer that Gtmo was a DOD facility and that the DO.) IG would riothave jimsdiction He wants to follow up.with a letter saying same, but wants to be accurate about DOJ assetslthat are or have been at Gtmo He has queried Criminal, Division and BOP, and is now asking us Would you please call him to clarify his request Then: let's discuss Thanks Ken UNCLASSIFIED Kt47#4ii507**, 116:00.;-*§ NetWX,IlipTIASOIEUD. DATE.11.422catrly..615WDNE“.6LB/JAcA 4i... 415: DETAINEES-1481 DOJFB1-002094 it. I Special Counsel Office of Cong ressional lAffairs b2 -1 SENSITIVE BUT UNCLASSIFIED SENSITIVE BUT UNCLASSIFIED SENSITIVE BUT UNCLASSIFIED I; DETAINEES-1487 II: DOJFBI-002100 ((MSG017 RTF ?age b6 -1 b7C -1 b6 -1 tFrorti. I (OCA) (FBI) b7C 1 iTo Caproni, Valerie E (OGC) (FBI) 'cc 'MISCH, ELENI P ' (OCA) (FBI).I Subject' RE Directors Briefing Book - Senate:Judiciary Heanng 5/20/04 SENSITIVE BUT UNCLASSIFIED NON-RECORD thanks , b6 -1 b7C -1 Special Counsel Office.of Congressional Affairs b2 -1-I. ----Original Message---Froni Capron', Valerie E (Div09) (FBI) Sent Thursday. May 13. 2004 11 24 AM I(Div00) (FBI) b6 -1 Tol PC 'MISCH, ELENI P (Div00) (FBI) b7C -1 Subject' RE Director's Briefing Book - Senate .ludicrary Heanng 5/20/04 i I Ai;:T4IvF.JRNAiqaccalvrA..Tioe .1 l ' . SENSITIVE BUT UNCLASSIFIED. pAt#.4Iaa42c.t:Wpy::..141/JA..1611-.7-v.-415.1 - NONRECORD I. i. II „ I .' b6 -1 I was just•talking t.bout this Attached is a rough cron of what I know so far about GTMO I b7C -1 I am still working on sins ing out t e facts about High value detainees, 1 e the article in todays NYT 1., I 1 I --Or.igi nal Message-----. b6 -1 From, I.(Div00) (FBI) b7C -1 Sent Thursday, May 13, 2004 9 51 AM To Capron', Valerie E (DivO9),(FBI) Cc KAL SCH, ELEN ,P (Div00) (FBI) Subject (Directors Briefing Book - Senate JudiCrai:y Hearing 5/20/04 SENSITIVE BUT UNCLASSIFIED t¦JON-RECORD 1 Valerie -las you know, the Director is testifying next Thurs (5/20) before Senate Judiciary in a general Oversight/Patnot-related heanng He's asked for briefing imatenal concerning interrogation issues, including those discussed in the attached article from today's NYTimes My understanding is he wants -information concerning our role in interrogations at GITMO and in Iraq and Afghanistan Eleni advised 1 that you pad this information Please foward briefing material - or information that can be formatted into briefing material Please call me if you have questions Thanks, I ! b6 -1-I I­b7C -1 DETAINEES-1486 1 ,44G • DOJFBI-002099 WVISG016 RIF-Page 1 II b6 -1. I b7c -1.I .: ..1 I From 1. IOGC) (FBI) b6 -1 To Capron', Valene E (OGC);(FBI) b7c -1 CC . •.1 Subject • Prisoners i , I believe these are thefinal versons ' 6 k HEREIN-.'JNCLAS t' I PI Et. tkrk.74: ,.11.,03-2r114 BY 51519 ttl43f.t7AC • 4-r.r.r-'41S1. DETAINEES-1485 DOJFBI-002098 {{MSG015 RIF Page 21 1. Lj) b6 -1:. b7C -1 Asprev ously discussed., attached are draft questions for FBI personnel, to include the LS PIs review and forward any comments/recommended changes b6 -1 b7C -1 b2 -1 UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED DETAINEES-1484 ' /41 DOJFB1-002097 b6 -1! b7C -1 I 1 'From). 1(INSD) (FBI) b6 -1 .To COrorn, Valene:E (OGC) (FBI) b7C -1 cc MCCRAW, STEVEN C (INSD) (FBI), (MM) (FBI) Subject RE DRAFT ABU GHURAYB QUESTIONS UNCLASSIFIED NON-RECORD Val Understood Thank b6 -1 b7c -1 1 .Original Message--- From Capron', Valerie E (Div09) (FBI) Sqnt Thursday. Ws,. 13. 2004 3 15 PM Tc)-LNK) (FBI) b6 -1. Cc MCCRAW, STEVEN C ). 1(Div10) (FBI) b7c -1 Subject RE DRAFT ABU GHURAYB QUESTIONS 1 UNCLASSIFIED•-t" 4 \,41.51; NON-RECORD . b5 -3 b5 -3 b5 -3 VC I I •.i .OrICIMal MeSSaa ----, b6 -1 From). f(NK) (FBI) b7C -1 Sent` Thursday, May 13, 2004 2 02 PM To Capron', Valerie E (Div09) (FBI) Cc MCCRAW, STEVEN C ) I(Div10) (FBI) b6 -1. b7C -1. Subject; DRAFT ABU GHURAYB QUESTIONS UNCLASSIFIED NON-RECORD Val DETAINEES-1483 tz03 DOJFBI-002096 1. 1 . t ({MSG013 RTF Page 11 b6 -1. i.1.k.....) i. t. ; b7C -1.! ; 1. From . I (OGC) (FBI).: i b6 -1. b6 -1 -1 To Capron', Valene E (OGC) (FBI), Curran, John F (OGC) (OGA), I(OGC) (FBI) b7C b7C -1 ,CC. 1. Subject EC Humane treatment of prisoners i I I I , i Valerie see attached ' . . • :444#k044#00000#'4"...4 $ERgIO;P:900.1.0$Zg#1). ....., 1 1' DETAINEES-1I82 /4q r2r DOJFBI-002095 pi i uric vvpIr. b6 -1 b7C -1 (Rev 01-31-2003) FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION I I' • .. „ . „...... .. . . .. . . . .. .... ... . :::::::=1:7ASSITI. et) NER NIN I Z. 0;--41 1 DETAINEES-1488 • DOJFBI-002101