Emails between Gregory Suchan to Linda Watt re: Establishment of JTF-170 at Guantanamo

These emails concern the coordination of the State Department’s resources in transferring operations of the Joint Interagency Interrogation functions to a new command that will be headed by MG Dunleavy. The new Joint Task Force (JTF-170) will also be responsible for the “worldwide management of interrogation of suspected terrorists detained in support of US military operations”. There is a discussion on the flexibility of the US for allowing foreign government access to detainees, especially at Guantanamo.

Tuesday, February 19, 2002
Monday, November 22, 2004


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Subject: RE: establishment of jtf-170 at guantanamo
Linda: Thanks. I haven't seen the ExOrd but I am sure our staff assistants and the task force will get it up soon. As for foreign access (at GTMO, at least), I think the policy is pretty much locked in at senior levels and is unlikely to change without a really good reason. I will have to see what the cable says about the mobile teams — so far at least, we are talking only about detainees in Afghanistan and Guantanamo and we have a pattern that seems to have achieved some grudging acceptance. Other topics that you mention are part of the broader policy that SNVCI is working on, but in which we all have a high degree of interest.
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Subject:eestablishment of jtf-170 at guantanamo

greg - i have just reviewed the execute orders from cjcs and cincsouth for
the estqablishment of the new jtf-170 at guantanamo. these were released
over the weekend and provide for the transfer of the operations of the joint
interagency interrogation function from the current jtf-160 to the new
jtf-170, which will be commanded by mg dunlavey. jtf-170 will also be
responsible for the worldwide management of interrogation of suspected
terrorists detained in support of us military operations, so this is a
significant expansion of the current mandate. supporting law enforcement and
potential war crimes proceedings is also part of the mission.

i see a number of state dept equities in play here:

foreign government access

consultations w/ host govts on deployments of the "mobile detainee
review and screening teams"

repatriations - who, why, when, where, and how

• coordination with other govts on war crimes policies

public diplomacy/information ops
public affairs

myriad legal questions

the cjcs exord called for a position in the jtf of an 'osd special assistant
for policy matters". state dept liaison with this person will need to be
both formal and informal.

the list above is not meant to be all-inclusive; it is based on my first
reading. i suggest that you ask the working group and/or whoever the right
people are to take a look at those exords (state was on distribution) to
think about what we may need to do to stay in the loop and to make sure
foreign policy concerns are dealt with early and often. i will do my best,
but think this may get beyond my capacity to cover effectively along with
all the other balls that are in the air, especially when a new cinc gets on
board and we hit the road even more often that we do now. even helping me
to define what will be done at the washington level in existing or new
channels vs what i need to worry about down here would be a great help.

all the best,

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