Emails between DOD Officials re: Status of detainees

Emails discuss the current status of 36 detainees captured in March/April 2004 and their status. [Names redacted].

Sunday, April 25, 2004
Tuesday, December 20, 2005

ath (6)ko) -G3 OPS EOC Org Account From: MIIIIIIITMAJ 3/2 Infantry Brigade S2 Sent: A• ril 2 , 2004 11:54 AM To: L TC 3/2 Infantry Brigade XO Cc: LTC 3/2 Infantry Brigade DCO . LTC 3/2 Infantry Brigade DCO; AJ 3/2 Infantry Brigade Provost . CPT 3/2 Infantry Brigade TC (MNB-N) C2 OIC; TC (MNB-N) Provost Marshal; C T 209MI CDR; CPT 209 MI PL/HUMINT Subject: RE: detainee list All, please see updates to the below. also - need some discussion / claification / guidance from MNB N: • 14 Day Guidance. What does 14 days mean? Is that the day a detainee must be out of the detention facility? Is that the day a determination as to interrogation status must be made? Is that the day packet must be sent up to Bde/TFO? • Requesting Extensions. It takes anywhere from 3-7 days for a packet to makes its way from the detention facility through both boards and back down to the detention facility. With the exception of detainees that we determine of "No Intel Value" and low-level CF threat, we are probably going to have to start requesting extensions for detainees approx on day 8?? thanx majaille Original M From: AJ 3/2 Infantry Brigade S2 Sent: da Aril 25, 2004 9:57 AM To: TC 3/2 Infantry Brigade X0 Cc: LTC 3/2 Infantry Brigade DCO; LLTC 3/2 Infantry Brigade DCO; MA] 3/2 Infantry Brigade Provost; 3/2 Infantry Brigade JAG; TC (MNB-N) C2 OIC; IMOLTC (MNB N) Provost Marshal; CPT 209MI CDR; CPT 209 MI PL/HUMINT Subject: detainee list CPT1111.rovided the below info for the 'over 14' detainee list there are 36 on the 'over 14 days' list. here is the status: • 18 are awaiting board results • 7 for insufficient data from units - and interrogators has requested RFIs (for example - 626 conducts raid - extras ned into the cage - but without interrogators having knowledge of what the detainee has done) farial MAJ 3/2 Infantry Brigade S2] 3 answered • 5 or einterrogation VTAJ 3/2 Infantry Brigade S2J two more complete and one sent to MPs for board review • 1 needed a turkomen linguist AJ 3/2 Infantry Brigade S2J done • 1 x new intel was developed an nee ed to be reinterrogated • 2 x currently providing intelligence / informant I know this is a snap shot it time - but think it provides an entirely different perception than the current one expressed at the meeting the other morning. my recommendation is to track the entire process from receipt of detainee until departure. i recommend that MNB create the format with the understanding that whatever person has the packet in hand, will update an online tracking mechanism. yr nn File: Detainee's Inside the 14 day Window.xls » 1 023071 DOD-044794