Emails between DOD Officials re: Images and videos of abuse at Abu Ghraib

Emails reference an attached document entitled "Tasking Summary #10 (12 May 04)." The document summarizes the investigation activities of the CID. The summary mentions CID's possession of CDs and videos relating to Abu Ghraib detainee abuse. The summary also mentions there were a total of 61 criminal investigations of detainee abuse, of which 28 involved detainee deaths.

Friday, May 14, 2004
Tuesday, February 14, 2006

1.1111.11 Mr Army G3/AOClb)(.6)-7_ From: MAJ PMG 10)02) -2-(. Sent: To: rid 2004 6:44 AM floNiriallamr PMG (Jo)(,b) -/- Subject: FW: Task Summary #10 - (12 May 04) Attachments: Tasking Summary #10 (12 May).doc (6 )0.) --1­- owanother one for the book MA HQPINIONZC) ")")-Strategic Planner/Integration Pentagon RM.", Comm: DS111 Clo MO -2-Email to: H (b)LL' ) Z- - -----Original Mes From: OL PMG ea )( 6 ) - Z Sent: Wednesday, Ma 12, 2004 2:56 PM To: COL CIRC G3 LL)a) -7--Cc: AJ PMG (6)(12 ) -7.- Subject: Task Summary #10 - (12 May 04) Taskihg Summary #10 (12 May).d... (L)tb)- 2_ COL, MP XO Office of the Provost Marshal General SN: (6)00-2--FAX: Penta on Room L6)1_ 17) -z_ 1 OPMG Document FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY EXEMPT FROM MANDATORY DISCLOSURE UNDER the FOIA TASKING SUMMARY #10 DTG 121500MAY04 Subject: Investigations Agency: CID POC: COLI ()07) --2 (6) 1. Significant Activities — RFIs • Two CID personnel accompanied OCLL and OSD to the House and Senate for the purpose of detailing the origin and subsequent consolidation of images and videos pertaining to the Abu Ghraib detainee abuse (see attached EXSUM). • Learned later this afternoon there is a third CD and spreadsheet detailing the description of each image and video. Appears OSD copied, categorized, and developed, a spreadsheet on their own. Summary of Reported Violations • 35 Criminal Investigations of Detainee abuse in facilities o 25 Detainee deaths o 10 Investigations of soldier misconduct • 26 Criminal Investigations of Detainee abuse outside of facilities o 3 Death investigations o 5 AssaultS o 18 Thefts 2. Current Operations Seven Day Focus (Close Battle) • Investigations Continue • Reviewing all 35 cases from Theatre • Crosswalking MG Taguba 15-6 for criminality — Assist as Required 3. Future Operation Long Range Focus (Deep Battle) • Review assets and re-prioritize, if necessary, to expedite open investigations FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY EXEMPT FROM MANDATORY DISCLOSURE UNDER the FOIA OPMG Document DOD-048121 TASKING SUMMARY #13 Issued 140800 MAY 04 and due 170700 MAY 04 Version 2 Updated at 141500 May 04 OPMG: Task 4a. Ref the NDRC. Are there any reports on Off? If so, when and how frequent? If not, should we initiate reports to ASD-SO/LIC? Task 4b. Delineate all executive agent responsibilities (specified tasks) IAW 11 9t 8 and identify what the Army is supposed to do, what we did, and when we did it. -/` ( 6)( Task 4c. From M les: Co Task 4d. Provide copy of slides and remarks MG Ryder will use to brief ss. Detainee Ops and 190-8, but this a Suspense is 170700 May 04. Task 4e. This is related to a JAG and IG requirement to review DoD Dir for ;6965)..1 Task 4f. This is also an OSD tasker due at 170700 May 04. 015.918 DOD-048122 TASKING SUMMARY #13 Issued 140800 MAY 04 and due 170700 MAY 04 Version 2 Updated at 141500 May 04 CID: Task la. Provide information requesting disc's received directly from CIA to COIAIMPIto tasking can be executed via proper channels. ( 10)(6)--z_ Task lb. (0(5) (") 1 r-7 0 1 Q v A.lis' 1. DOD-048123