Emails between DOD Officials re: House of Armed Services Committee briefing

The emails discuss a necessary pre-brief before the personnel debrief the U.S. House of Representatives-House of Armed Services Committee (HASC). The attached and included document outlines of presentation by BG Swan, MG Ryder and MG Romig on detainee abuse investigations in Abu Ghraib.

Friday, May 14, 2004
Tuesday, February 14, 2006

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Subject: FW: HASC Briefing
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Gentlemen, here is a resubmission of last week's WARNO from OCLL for PMG/CG to brief the HASC (see attachment but same as last week). Requires prebrief to A-SA and Dr. Cambone, who must approve briefing plan.
It looks like we can use the "Investigative Summary" Chart, so I am updating with the latest info from CID today and
printing at Pentagon Graphics. I will try to see if we can put a chart together with velcro tabs so that we can change
numbers as situation develops.

If staff members have any new input to the Q&A document, perhaps reflecting new Q&As base off of the latest press
releases or new case developments, please send and I will update that document as well. (CO ecommends that we
track the latest press releases to stay in tune with possible HASC staffers.)


Just in case we are making correction to the PMGs formal statement and I will forward final draft to COLakor review.

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4. COLON is working with OTJAG/OCLUCID for appropriate prebrief scheduling.
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Reference the postponed (yesterday) briefing to the HASC reference status of investigations and disciPlinary actions---this remains a due out to the HASC. This call could come early next week, The way ahead is as discussed with A-SA, the PMG, and TJAG two nights ago. I have reattached the outline that we put together BEFORE the meeting with . A-SA. I think it still serves as a starting point for PMG and TJAG to flesh out (detailed outline?) and get to A-SA and then Dr. Cambone (I understand that A-SA will call Dr. Cambone once both PMG and TJAG are prepared to brief). Dr. Cambone must approve the content of what goes over. I suggest that this get done as soon as possible.
FYI--MG Ryder's chart is okay to use but I strongly recommend against anything other slides, handouts, scripts, etc. Intent is to keep things in broad categories and not discuss eaches. Again, CLL will scope briefing up front.


HASC Briefing "JAG PMG.doc (24..
2 2 OPMG Document 015890

Chairman Hunter (7 May HASC Hearing): "And we'll take one of the rooms here, so that members have a status report as this thing walks down through the prosecutorial track and the investigative track"
Intent: 15-20 minute briefing followed by Q & As
Introduction (BG(P) Swan)---informal remarks with a purpose to scope the briefing:
o Purpose and scope: Detainee abuse investigations (36) and disciplinary actions in detention facilities in the CENTCOM AOR.

o Reference other open investigations and assessments in context of framing our limited scope for this briefing (if asked about his assessment, explains his investigations purpose and scope—what he did and did not look at).

o Note: sensitive nature of information.

o Note: UCI caution leading to measured responses. Note: Regarding specific questions on disciplinary actions (beyond status and process), MG Romig has to defer to the joint commanders in CENTCOM that have that responsibility. MG Romig is an information provider.

o We will provide overview of 36 investigations but will start with Abu Ghraib.

IL Abu Ghraib:
A. Investigations – MG Ryder
B. Disciplinary actions – MG Romig.
III. Other Investigations (MG Ryder briefs a category and MG Romig
responds with disciplinary measures—judicial, non-judicial,
administrative, or pending.)

A. Rollup up by investigative category – death cases
i. Founded.
ii. Unfounded categories.
B. Rollup up by investigative category – non-death cases
i. Founded (i.e., assaults, sexual/indecent assaults, other).
ii. Unfounded categories.
IV. Questions. 015900