Emails between DOD Officials re: "EDF Visit 6 May"

Original email describes a visit from [redacted], a committee member of an Islamic human rights organization. The email also references a conversation between the author and [redacted] discussing alleged abuse cases that took place at Abu Ghraib.

Friday, May 7, 2004
Tuesday, December 20, 2005

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Subject: EDF Visit 6 May Importance: HighM
Sir--Very amicable visit today, only one Committee member showed up (Mit/Islamic Human Rights Org). No direct references to history at Abu Ghraib, couple sidelong references. No issues Me three the IZP beat up, he was thankful for the medical attention and initiation of an investigation by the Police. Fundamental issues remain length of detention (we're getting better; he seemed pleased), property control and claims, and alleged abuses. Specifically there still appear to be shortcomings in linking up released detainees with their property (in today's case confiscated ID cards and personal papers--can't be compensated for) and the ongoing perception that to file a claim invites retaliation or incarceration. I think we mollified him on these points but we will continue to hear this and need to stress accountability. With regard to alleged abuse, he referred to primarily two things (my categorization, not his):
'Abuse' at the time of capture/processing - Continued theme that while life is good at the EDF, detainees are subject to being struck immediately after capture, and other actions deemed inappropriate. Specifically one man stated he was punched and urinated on by a soldier, another that he was stripped naked with a bag on his head. Mr Mas realistic (b)(&)(1 about the truthfulness of detainees, and simply asked that we look into it. Thorough physical exams ainrumentation are paying off as we were able to demonstrate that others who displayed wounds either had them before capture or incurred them during capture - no harm no foul.

'Abuse' incurred during interrogation - This aspect will continue to cause us problems, as some of our interrogation techniques aren't real defensible given the Abu Ghraib fallout. Examples include application of cold water or ice, loud music, sleep deprivation, and being placed in 'a metal box' (CONEX). More to the point, I have seen media reporting--not formal message traffic--that MG Miller has asked for and received restrictions on these techniques from LTG Sanchez and that they now require GO authorization (also includes the use of 'stress positions'). We are checking this, but we will continue to be asked about these practices as long as the Committee visits, and I think we need to weight their relative worth. Obviously more to follow.

All-in-all an extremely positive visit, marred only by the timely delivery of a Chicken Cordon Bleau lunch to the detainees while Mriligwas interviewing them... The 'ham surprise' in the middle helped bring home the point that while we don't always do everything right, we are trying our best.


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