Emails between DOD Officials re: Detainee abuse tasking summary

<p>Emails reference an attached document entitled &quot;Detainee Abuse Tasking Summary.&quot; The document details the investigation activities of the Office of the Provost Marshall General.</p>

Friday, May 14, 2004
Tuesday, February 14, 2006

OFIFININ Mr Army G3/AOC (OLO" 2- From:w MAJ PMG (lo)Lt. ) " 7-- Sent:wallaFPP004 2:56 PM To:w 01111101111/11111.Mr PMG C 6)00) -7- Subject:wFW: PMG Daily Summary Attachments:wDetainee Abuse Tasking Summary PMG 14 May 04.doc 114.)(6) - 2-here is PMG submission 6 copies to LTCetc. Need to wait for CID summary 6 copies and take both same time. (&) 00' 7_ Lia)(10) MAJ_ HQDA, OPMG DAPM-ZC) Strategic Planner/Integration Pentagon RIM, Comm:_ DAM (6 )/6)- 1 Email to:_ @HQDA.Army.mil_(Io1b) - 2 ----Original Me_- (lo)(12) - From:wMAI PMG Sent:wFrid_a 14 2004 2:54 PM To:w COL UDC G3;_COL Army G3/AOC_(6)(17) 7.- — Subject:wPMG ally Summary Sir, for your SA; also they approved a 1530 suspense for CID/PMG today. thx Detainee Abuse Tasking Summary... MAJNIMINN (-1°) Lb) HQDA, OPMG (DAPM-ZC) Strategic Plannapation Pentagon RM Comm:_ DS,. fib Email to:_ ) 16 _( )/b )- 2-- 015014 1 OPMG Document DOD-048118 FOUO EXEMPT FROM MANDATORY DISCLOSURE UNDER the FOIA DTG: 141500MAY04 Subject; Investigations Agency: PMGw POC: ColalNMI P0)123) -1- 1. (U) Significant Activities RFIs o Determine if ASD SO/LIC requires OIF DRC reporting/information o Army provides other OEF detainee reports and information to ASD SO/LIC and ICRC upon request 2. (U) Current Operations Seven Day Focus (Close Battle) o Continue to provide OEF detainee reports to ASD SO/LIC as required o Coordinate with ASD SO/LIC to determine OIF reporting requirement, if any o Continue to provide OIF updates to the ICRC 3. (U) Future Operations Long Range Focus (Deep Battle) Review I/R policy upon completion of the IG report o Working with the G3 to infuse 31 E Correction Specialist into future rotations o Activating an I/R Battalion and I/R Companies in FY 05/06 o Recommended Army assign 31 Es to FS for UEx and UEy HQs staff to conduct compliance inspections o PMG is currently negotiating with EDS to add a full range of biometrics to the Detainee Reporting System (DRS) by mid-August 2004 criro-vr, FOUO EXEMPT FROM MANDATORY DISCLOSURE UNDER the FOIA OPMG Document DOD-048119