Emails between DOD Officials re: CID Report: 0068-CID389-80663

Emails discuss Harrington's allegations of detainee abuse.

Saturday, May 29, 2004
Tuesday, December 20, 2005

)11,?Altal wci) -G3 OPS EOC Org Account From: LTC 3/2 Infantry Brigade XO Sent: Saturday, May 29,2004 12:24 AM To: _COL 3/2 Infantry Brigade CDR Subject: niJ-CID389-80663 Sir- Initial CID report on the Harrington allegations of detainee abuse. Bottom line - unable to substantiate the allegations, at least so far. VR NNW Original Message From: MAJ 3/2 Infantry Brigade Provost Sent: Sat r 9, 2004 8:59 AM To: TC 3/2 Infantry Brigade XO Subject: : Initial 0068-04-CID389-80663 511ANNIMEM 9/P Planner, 3/2 SBC " 521 s6caarmy.smirmif Original Mes From: W3 CID SA, Forensic Science Officer Sent: May 29, 2004 2:49 AM To: W4 CJTF7-Operations Officer; L Chief of Staff; W3 CJTF7-22ND MP C (MNB-N) Provost Marshal; WO1 (CID LNO); SG (MNB-N) PMO SGM; '; 'USACRC (E-mail)'; NB-N) SJA OIC; W2 (CID LNO PMO); IMO E-mail) (E-mai ; et CID1 (411111111111111pCW2) Cc: ry Brigade JAG; Pd11111111111111110 MAJ 3/2 Trirantry Brigade Provost; COL 3/2 Infantry Brigade CDR Subject: Initial 0068-04-C1D389-80663 Initial 8-04-CID389-80663 ) issassam. (W( CW3, MP SPECIAL AGENT IN CHARGE 75TH MP DET (CID)(-) LSA DIAMONDBACK, MOSUL APO AE 09334 DNVT 1 VI I- DOD-044804