Emails between DOD Officials re: CID Detainee Summary

Emails include a PowerPoint slide entitled "CID Detainee Summary Briefing for the Director of the Army Staff," The summary discusses detainee abuse and deaths, highlighted among the deaths are the deaths of Abed Hamed Mowhoush, Zaydun Ma'mun Fadhil, Habib Rahman, and Dilawar. Also, included in the information are the Iraq and Afghanistan normal death rates, for instance, it states that the overall death rate for Iraqi citizens is 5.8 in 1,000 persons/year.</p>

Friday, August 20, 2004
Tuesday, February 14, 2006

_ Mr Army G3/AOC (OLID) From:: MAJ PMG Clo)U, )-z-Sent:: 20, 2004 9:57 AM COLO -7-- To:: r PMG Subject: RE: AR190-8 (UNCLASSIFIED) Classification: UNCLASSIFIED Caveats: NONE (6)(4) -HeilliNdon't need to come, boss wants to wait until after Kern report MAJ (b)Uo) -NC:MA, OPMG (DAPM-ZC) Strategic Plan tion Pentagon R Comm: SN 222) -75 CIAO' Email to: ----Original Mess From:_ r PMG C6)W Sent: _' 2004 8:19 AM To: PMG (42)t(,)- 2_ Subject: AR1 111111111 favor if you get time and send Co 2, quick note explaining I will be over there later this afternoon. I it, but will help with any perceptions I'm trying to sneek out early on a Friday. z_ Classification: UNCLASSIFIED Caveats: NONE 016314 .1 OPMG Document DOD-048473 CID Detainee Summary Briefing for the Director of the Army Staff 20 Aug 04 016315 1 OPMG Document DO D-048474 CID Detainee Summary CID FORCES DEPLOYED OIF 1: CID Grp HQs D 2 CID Bn HQs D 9 CID Detachments Protective Services Detachment OIF 2: CID Bn Has 4 CID Detachments D Protective Services Detachment 016316 2 n-pma nneliment DOD-048475 CID Detainee Summary All CID Cases in Iraqi Theater (1 Mar 03 —11 Aug 04) Iraq-US Crimes include all crimes committed by US Forces on Iraqis and all crimes committed by Iraqis on US Forces. 016317 3 OPMG Document DOD-048476 TotaVCID',Detarnee:Aduse'Case 016318 4 OPMG Document DOD-048477 CID Detainee Investigations TrWARITtalgAi Number of Other Cases Opened per Month El Number of Death Cases Opened pei Month 016319 C- 5 DOD-048478 CID Detainee Summary BAGRAM DEATH INVESTIGATIONS (377TH MP Co (USAR) / 519Th MI Bn) Background: Two detainees (Habibullah, Dilawar) died at Bagram, 4 and 10 Dec 02. Both detainees suffered blunt force trauma; the autopsy classified both deaths as homicides in Mar 03. Established Task Force at CID HO in Aug 03. Active duty MI and USAR MP Soldiers titled for Involuntary Manslaughter, Negligent Homicide, Maiming, Assault and Battery, Indecent Acts or Liberties with Another, Maltreatment of a Person in US Custody, False Official Statement, Dereliction of Duty, Failure to Obey a Lawful Order and Conspiracy. MP CPT titled for Negligent Homicide, False Official Statement, Dereliction of Duty, Failure to Obey a Lawful Order and Conspiracy. MI CPT titled for Maltreatment of a Person in US Custody, False Official Statement and Conspiracy. Total of 43 subjects (Habibullah Case = 4 MI / 11 MP / 1 Civ; Dilawar Case = 7 MI / 19 MP / 1 Civ. Same Subjects ID in both cases = 3 MI / 10 MP). Status: Pending legal review by SJA Task Force. Investigation anticipated completion date o/a 31 Aug 04. OPMG Dncniment CID Detainee Summary DETAINEE ABUSE AT ABU GHRAIB PRISON (372d MP Co (USAR)/ 325th MI Bn) Background: . MP soldier notified CID of detainee abuse and provided a CD. . Abuse occurred during night shift Oct — Dec 03. . To date, investigation has identified 12 enlisted (9 MP and 3 MI) and one civilian (Titan contractor) as subjects and 29 victims. Most senior person titled is Army SSG. . Offenses are: Assault and Battery, Indecent Acts, Indecent Assault, Dereliction of Duty, Failure to Obey a Lawful Order, Cruelty and Maltreatment, False Official Statement, Reckless Endangerment, Impeding a Legal Process, Obstruction of Justice and Conspiracy. Status: . Charges preferred against six Soldier subjects . DOJ pursuing charges against civilian subject . Case remains open to identify additional possible subjects and victims and to collect and examine evidence OPMG Document CID Detainee Summary BRIDGE INCIDENT - SAMARRA, IRAQ (A Co, 1/8th Int 4th ID) Background: Two Iraqis detained for curfew violations. Both forced from a bridge by Soldiers. One detainee apparently drowned. Body not found for 12 days, and because of security considerations was never examined. CID investigation initiated as a result of family posting incident on personal website. Soldiers and officers conspired to cover up the incident. Status: Investigation is closed. Investigation identified ten Soldiers as involved in the conspiracy and death. Six of the ten soldiers received non-judicial punishment and four remaining soldiers are pending court-martial at Ft Carson, CO. Offenses are: Involuntary Manslaughter, Aggravated Assault, False Official Statement, Conspiracy, Accessory After the Fact, Obstruction of Justice. Body exhumation may be reconsidered. 018322 8 OPMG Document DOD-048481 CID Detainee Summary AJOR GENERAL MOWHOUSH DEATH INVESTIGATION (66TH MI Co / 3° ACR / 5th SFG / OGA} Background: D Former Iraqi MG died on 26 Nov 03 at 3d ACR facility (FOB Tiger). Examination of body revealed evidence of blunt force trauma. D Autopsy listed cause of death as asphyxia due to smothering and chest compression — manner of death homicide. D Detainee died while undergoing "stress technique" interrogation by MI Soldiers. Three MI and one ACR Soldiers confessed. D Investigation also indicated MI, SF and OGA interviews of detainee on 24 Nov 03 involved physical assaults. Investigation confirmed those assaults. D At present, there are ten identified subjects (3 MI, 3 SF, 3 OGA, and 1 assigned to another 3d ACR unit). D Offenses are: Involuntary Manslaughter, Negligent Homicide, Aggravated Assault, False Official Statement and Dereliction of Duty. Status: D Investigation on-going in conjunction with OGA and DOJ. D Interim report to action commanders pending classification vetting by OGA. OPMG Document 016324 OPMG Document 10 r% n n nAoAon CID Detainee Investigations 192 investigations (93 (48%) Closed and 99 (52%) Open) Average time open 62 days Longest time open 609 days Shortest time open.1 day Median time open 34 days 52 Death Investigations (33 (63%) Closed and 19 (37%) Open) Average time open.93 days Longest time open.609 days Shortest time open.7 day Median time open.43 days 114 Assault investigations (41 (36%) Cldsed and 73 (64%) Open) Average time open.41 days Longest time open.335 days Shortest time open.1 day Median time open.29 days 20 Theft investigations 115 (75%)Closed and 5 (25%) Open) Average time open.109 days Longest time open •.427 days Shortest time open..1 day Median time open.67 days 6 Sexual Assaults Investicrations14(67%) Closed and 2 (33%) Open) Average time open.53 days Longest time open.91 days Shortest time open.29 days Median time open.37 days 016325 • 11 OPMG Document DOD-048484 f ‘. CID Detainee Investigations ACTIONS TAKEN TO ACCOMMODATE CASE SURGE I I • 4 Additional Agents Deployed to Iraq in Jun 04 • 21% of All Agents Worldwide Working Detainee Cases • 10 Addftional Agents Deployed to Iraq in Jul & Aug 04 • Task Force on Bagram Death Cases (8 Agents) • Task Force Established at CID HO for Abu Ghraib & Iraq Cases (11 Agents) Quality Control & Strategic Crosswalks • Designation of All Detainee Abuse Cases as Category 1 Highest Priority of All Cases Highest Priority of All Laboratory Work • Highest Priority for All Polygraphs 24 Hour Turn-around on Requests for Assistance • Weekly Updates to HO for Case Monitorship & Guidance BOTTOM LINE I I • With few exceptions, cases are timely _ Thoroughness trumps timeliness To give commanders credible products To withstand inevitable scrutiny To do what is right • Continue same approach that has been cornerstone since 1971 • 016328 12 OPMG Document DOD-048485 Overall Detainee Deaths : Detainee Deaths In Facility Off Facility : Natural & Suspected* Natural :18 0 Justifiable Homicide 9: 0 S Homicides & Suspected* Homicides 10: 3 * Three suspected natural deaths and eight suspected homicides pending completion of investigations. FOUO EXEMPT FROM MANDATORY DISCLOSURE UNDER THE FOIA 016327 1 OPMG Document DOD-048486 IZ and AF Normal Death Rates • Overall Death Rate for Iraqi Citizens is 5.8 in 1,000 persons/year* • Overall Death Rate for Afghan Citizens is 17.1 in 1,000 persons/year* • Increased for in-custody status, expected death rates are: ti • 7.0 in 1,000 Iraqi Prisoners • 20.6 in 1,000 Afghani Prisoners • CM World Fact Book 2003 "Preealentce of Imprisonment In the US Population, 1974-2001, August 2003 Report FOUO EXEMPT FROM MANDATORY DISCLOSURE UNDER THE FOIA 016323 OPMG Document Prisoner vs. Normal Death Rates -Expected Deaths for 7,600 Personss25 Using Iraqi General Pop Rate -Expected Deaths for 7,600 Personss30 Using Iraqi Rate Adjusted for Prisoner Status -Actual IZ Prisoner Deathss 32 FOUO EXEMPT FROM MANDATORY DISCLOSURE UNDER THE FOIA 016320 3 OPMG Document DOD-048488