Emails between CID Officers re: Ukrainian Detainees Claims of Abuse (0116-04-CID789-83993)

Emails relating to an investigation into allegations of abuse of two Ukranian individuals detained in Abu Ghraib. The detainees were caught attempting to illegally smuggle oil and were sentenced to ten years in jail by the Iraqi court system before being pardoned and sent back to Ukraine. The allegations of abuse at Abu Ghraib were reported in an internet article dated June 23, 2004.

Friday, July 16, 2004
Sunday, November 7, 2004

Control Number (CID Ragulation 195-1) 0085-04-C=789 AGENTS ACTIVITY 8 Y ' TIME, DATE, AND AGIFT 1930, 24 Jun 04 7C.42 1 1: 20 1300, 25 Jun 04 74-fit`' ; 1:60 /pc°, j" 7t. it, 54)4 455, -4 b 9010415a 07 INV STICATIVI ACITIVITY BASIS FOR INVESTIGATION: About 1930, 24 Jun 04, this office was directed by CW3 101L-1 ,d,-.1 AOPS, 22nd MP BN (CID), Baghdad International Airport (BIAP) to initiate an Significant Data File (SDF) on a website that published a story pertaining to the abuse of two Ukranian Seamen who claim they were abused at the Baghdad Central Confinement Center Facility (BCCF). The seamen were identified as . 7Z F-lo bf,-6-Detainee 10.40 Ind i-c-9&.:1364. kr, to Detainee 7Ctrigo Coordinated with LTC 7G3 1u5 who stated these two individuals were caught trying to steal an Iraqi fuel tanker and were sentenced by Iraqi Court System. Further, they were given a 10 year sentence but pardoned and sent back to Ukraine. They were incarcerated at BCCF in the hardsite with other Iraqi Criminals. Tear gas was used on several occasions to quell riots. 04/ I eCa eller, 0/C/11',,..r0i;fed fie 0144e,//e• SA -.-00, 04 ;1471C 01 ‘41 It 4 1.)13 ,4 rd, Me'Se 5. 04)GC.,/f E.,Hee 744.7 evert bei,*41.r/C, /4Cid, ,/, 7/4 "03. 1CtOV 409e /1/11/4,sed A. 1,40 Selhilsi 4,4 lef / C°°1'454;"427.e'd 49/0110 Ao4p/ 14‘, case"le 4e r vti4e P 4e1L/0rf e ca/c) 4 74 144,'s ID TIMM 28 PRZIPIOU3 EDITIONS 01 THIS FORM WILL JIL USZD UNTIL =MUST= L, 9 1 Det 80 11% I low . CW2 MNC-I 22ND MP BNICrImInal Ids! From: 1C-1 bb -I CW3 MNC-I 22ND MP BWFS0 Sent: Wednesday, June 23, 200410:49 AM To: IC:1 ;IP I Subjeeb FW: Ukrainians' Claims of Abuse 'III :check this out to determine whether they were in the system. Mratioe-- ROM . b& A ac MNF-I DCG coAPAo Sant Wednesday. iune 23, 2004 9:25 AM Tcn • 1c4 -4ab -:W4 MNC-I OperatIont officer Cc -/C31/,11,3 , CPT MNF-I Detainee Ops; 1::64 ). CW3 MNC-I 22ND MP BN/FSO; SFC MNC-I 22ND MP NW OPS NCO; bt• -3 V LTC MNC•I 16MPBDEO.DCDR Subje± Ukrainians' Claims of Abuse CW4 14%/ bo-t Everybody who gels released from detainment Is going to claim abuse, and the time I assume there Isn't an investigation against somebody Is when It wit come back and bite me h the ass. Now the Ukrainians ; bb-3 rd "C -I b3 , who were apparently extradited back to Ukraine last week, say they were tortured at Abu Ghralb. Is there any investigations, past or present, on abuse allegations by these Iwo? Thanks. LTC 7t hg LTC IC-. 3 PAO for DCG (Det Ops) 53 7- . mobile IL'.1;40 3 5/23/2804 • 10 •b \' 1C-1 h6-1 CW2 MNC4 22ND MP BN/CrImInal Intel ¦.¦ -.- From: -7C-1 lab; MAJ MNC-I OIC DETENTION OPERATIONS Bent Thureclev, June 24, 2004 8:12 AM To: 76-1 CW2 MN 22ND MP BM/Criminal Intel Subject RE: Request for Information 18039 Both were sentenced to 10 years prison by Court Name Is speed differently. JEPW ltsN 'CAMP.14DRB {FIRST NAME iSECONDIN,U4E WHIM/UST NAME OTE OF CAPTURE T2. HOUR REVIEW DATE OF 72-HOUR REVIEW 115039 (FtELEASEDI.erbS.1104AUG03 Wee.124SEP03 1 vim, MAJ X*41 —odpinia ae^si gas From: . .1C, /.MNC-I 22ND MP 13N/CrImthal Intel Saab Wednesday. June 23, 2004 09:45 To: CC IL tr+ Subject: Request for Information Moo:tenor High Ma'am: Pm trying to locate any information on the following detainee .6 - V6 -ro Spell/AO. Supposedly he was captured and incarcerated at Abu prison with Mr. .6 e6--& ¦• ISM e2d. (below). - . File: 18038,pdf » I need to know where their daainee files are located, They've alleged they were abused while lficarcerate4 and we're going to have to initiate an investigation. Thank you! ResPecifidb'. //s// 1C--1.96 CW2, 111P Criminal Intelligence Coordinator INNTI 302-550-7L b4 *.Sarsing Amerkx and Mose who saw air gnat eaasayl" 1 • rage . or From Vol P71,-/ CW3 MNC-I 22ND MP BN/FSO" 1* Ira q ce ntcom.smil.mli Sent Thursday, June 24, 2004 1:25 pm To " 3hb-'5' '76 ?) az Subject FW: Request for Information bi4 his goes with the thing I just sent you. ---Orloinal Messaop From: IC I /04-1 .W2 MNC-I 22ND MP BN/Criminal Intel Sent: Thursday, June 24, 2004 1:11 PM To: -go Subject: FW: Request for Information FYI.- ----Oriainalpiessape From: 1e *(.db -is' SSG MNC-I OSA Det Ops Sent Thursday, lune 24, 2004 1:04 PM To: bb-/.':'.W2 MNC-I 22ND MP SN/Criminal Intel Subject: RE: Request for Information Chief 7G/b.f./ This detainee turned over to the Iraqi criminal system and sentenced to ten years in prison by the Iraqi Criminal Court. I am not sure quiet the route to go if you want his file. If you need help locating a contact let me know I think I still have a few phone numbers out there. SPC 3 t4,3 ---Orlainal Message From: bit-/ CW2 MNC-I 22ND MP BN/Criminal Intel Sent: Wednesday, lune 23, 2004 17:45 To: L. . •-) Cc: 113 (if V Subject: Request for Information Importance: High Ma'am: I'm trying to locate any Information on the following detainee •-/c.r & -.'Spelling?). Supposedly he was captured and incarcerated at Abu prison with Mr. ISN: 7‘61 3 (below). *N.s • « file: 18038.pdf » I need to know where their detainee files are located. They've alleged they were abused while incarcerated, and we're going to have to initiate an Investigation. Thank youl Respectfully, /./s// CW2, MP 6/24/2004 Page(s) /3 e Referred to: U.S. CENTRAL COMMAND 7115 SOUTH BOUNDARY BLVD ATTN: CCJ6-DM MACDILL AIR FORCE BASE FLORIDA 33621-5101 MS. JACQUELINE SCOTT (813) 827-5341/2830