Emails between Army Officers re: Talking Points on Prisoner Abuse at Abu Ghraib

Army email on Abu Ghraib prison abuse media queries and where and to whom such inquiries should be directed

Wednesday, May 5, 2004
Sunday, May 15, 2005

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61•1111111111, CC/3A-ATL-PAO DAC
Sent: Wednesday, May 05, 2004 5:28 PM
Subject: FW: Prisoner Abuse issue/media query referrals
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For your use as needed. Anything to Third Army should come to me or CO . •ok calls today from New York Times, Fox News, NBC (who will air something tonight about the Bucca Newsday \ and Reuters.
Original Message From aill1101.11111P MAJ OCPA Sent: Wednesday, May 05, 2004 3:30 PM Subject: Prisoner Abuse issue/media query referrals
Good afternoon,
Am vetting a POC list for the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse issue. I talked with Maj.41111band Maj.11111. from MRD, OCPA and they provided most of the following. Please respond if there are issues.
Recommend the following: "Questions about the alleged prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib should be referred to the following offices."
• Refer all media queries on Reserve MP training during weekend drill, to the 99th RRC PAO, (412) 604-


Refer media queries on Reserve MP training at MOB station, to 1st Army Public Affairs, (404) 4691111)

Refer any requests to interview BG Karpinski, to 1st Army Public Affairs, (404) 469.11111

Refer any requests to interview LTG Helmly, to OCAR-CSG, Mr.41111110 (703) 6011111111

Refer any general contract/info queries ref. linguists and translators (Titan Corp.) to INSCOM, (703) 428-

Refer any queries for active duty MP to TRADOC Public Affairs, (757) 788-111111.

Refer any queries on MI (Interrogation) training to OCPA (DA Public Affairs), (703) 69741111M

Refer any queries in reference to the alleged prisoner abuse case or the investigation itself, to CJTF-7
PAO, (914) 360-111111111111111b

For any other queries on this issue, media should be referred to OCPA (DA Public Affairs), (703) 697-

"If pressed for comment -- refer media to a number of quotes made by our DoD/Army I rship:
The actions of the soldiers in those photographs are totally unacceptable and un-American. Any who engaged in such actions let down their comrades who serve honorably each day, and they let down their country."
"The vast majority of the men and women in uniform serve our country with honor, and they uphold the values of our country as they battle enemies that show little compassion or respect for innocent human life."

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The images that we have seen that include U.S. forces are deeply disturbing -- both because of the fundamental unacceptability of what they depicted, and because the actions of U.S. military personnel in those photos do not in any way represent the values of our country or the armed forces.
-- Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld, Pentagon news conference, Tuesday, May 4, 2004.
"So what would I tell the people of Iraq? This is wrong. This is reprehensible. But this is not representative of the 150,000 soldiers that are over here. I'd say the same thing to the American people... Don't judge your Army based on the actions of a few."
The coalition takes all reports of detainee abuse seriously and investigates all allegations of mistreatment."
"We are committed to treating all persons under coalition custody with dignity and respect and humanity."
"Coalition personnel are expected to act appropriately, humanely and in a manner consistent with Geneva

"No. 1, this is a small minority of the military, and No. 2, they need to understand that is not the Army. The Army is a values-based organization. We live by our values. Some of our soldiers every day die by our values, and these acts that you see in these pictures may reflect the actions of individuals, but by God, it doesn't reflect my Army."
-Army Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt, deputy operations officer for Combined Joint Task Force 7
Public Affairs Specialist
Strategic Communications Division
"Ran•ers Lead the Way"

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