Emails between Army Officers re: Message from Coalition Provisional Authority Ministry of Justice Representative: List of Detainees

E-mail discusses the compilation of a list of all detainees at Camp Bucca separated by offense. There are twenty-three (23) pages of detainee names sequentially listed by prisoner number, but all names redacted. ACLU RDI 1217 contains the twenty-three (23) page list, but is heavily redacted.

Saturday, August 16, 2003
Sunday, May 15, 2005


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Upon the commencement of my current mission
ission, I had contacted Camp Bucca and asked MAJ
to provide me with a list of all criminals there broken down between major and minor offenses. I received 40 pages of lists in response to this request. My plan was to cross check these lists against the work I did here to see how much of a dent I could put in their population, as
they are the largest holding facility we have.
After making sure that none were listed as MI or CID Holds, 84 of these prisoners (all of whom had been in custody at least 4 weeks and a few for as long as three months were boarded and
recommended for release.

rn 9660

DOD 007622

111111111011111.m. COL CFLCC/3A-FWD-SJA
1LT C5-18MP115S1
Saturday, August 16, 2003 6:21 PM

Message From CPA MOJ Representative LTC CJTF7-800TH MP BDE SJA
Before I start providing what will be a long list of prisoners' names, I am including as an attachment tothis message a printout of all of the prisoner files I have reviewed since I undertook this mission. There are 23 pages of names listed sequentially by prisoner number. After you clear out all of the prisoners on the lists for the past few days and are wondering why a particular prisoner is still in your custody, you can check this directory and a simple coded answer will be
listed. The codes are:
1 ­
2-Prosecution of criminal charge deferred, prisoner approved for release
Prosecution of criminal charge declined, prisoner approved for release

3-Serious criminal charge, needs further investigation to determine how to proceed
4-Serious criminal charge, referred to court for prosecution
5-Charged offense is in reality a crime against Coalition forces

6-Probable Enemy Prisoner of War
7-Probable Civilian Internee
I hope you find this usual while

am out of touch back in CONUS. I have also kept a hard copy of my importantmessages
, log
and other paperwork so ifyou need to follow-up with anything, just call me. Here is that attachment. Sheet.xls

As for my
final list, it follows these comments. As with my last two messages, the prisoners listed here all had their initial 21 day or 51 day reviews. Based upon the fact that there was no existing file that could be located for any of these cases, as the Reviewing Officer I had to conclude that probable cause to believe that the prisoner committed an offense
was not established. I/ANV para 3.C.4.3 of FRAGO 006M to V Corps OPORD 0303-343, I therefore had to authorize the
release of all of these n oners.
DOD 007623